Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thank Goodness #SharingSilver #Menage #BDSM #EroticRomance

I've never been shy about my love for secondary characters. I adore them, and I need their story. If you are a series writer, I'm the fan you want to have because if I get attached to a secondary character I'm going to read their book.
Obsessive compulsive reader, right here

Every once and a while my favorite authors write secondary characters who are extremely lovable, but don't fall into that author's norm. The likely hood of those characters getting their own story is slim, unless that author's muse knows something we do not.

This uncommon occurrence happened to me, not once, but twice this past year. Cherise Sinclair wrote in the most delicious gay Dom, ever. She intrigued the crap out of me, made me fall in love, but I'm pretty sure all us fans of M/m are going to be left hanging.

Then Maren Smith wrote Travis and Trevor, the sadistic twins in Chasing Chelsea. I fell hella hard. As in, I-want-to-have-their-fictional-babies, hard. I was rooting for these guys to get the girl and I'd read the blurb. I knew it wasn't their story. That's when the sad face hit me.

To my knowledge Maren Smith had never written a menage. (if she has, please send me the link) I of course wondered if this show of secondary characters was a hint or tease for a sexy menage to come. When there was no word their story was in the works I was seriously disappointed.

But then Tabitha Black pulled me back from the brink of disrepair, and rocked the f#$@ out of Travis and Trevor's story.

Do you hear the angels singing?

I've never read a Tabitha Black novel before. She certainly has my attention after reading Sharing Silver. The book opens up to Sylvia (Silver) having a rough go of it. Life has been handing her the losing cards, but things are about to turn around 'deuces wild' style.

Sylvia is coming over from Australia to be in an auction at the BDSM castle, from Maren Smith's Masters of the Castle series. She's experiences some trepidation, but really, it's an excellent decision on her part.

From page one I loved Silver. I could easily be friends with this woman. She has a dry sense of humor in which I found delightful. She also took one look at wildly sexy Trevor and gives him a gloriously wrapped set down. Who doesn't love it when a sexy-and-he-knows-it type of fellow gets his just desserts in the form of a verbal smack?

The gentleman in question usually hates that. Nothing fires his blood more. I adore that the twins, who can normally get any woman they want, have to work for Silver's affections. And have I mentioned these men are sadists?

Yep, Trav and Trev are playful and sexy but they're also formidable sadists who are looking for their perfect masochist. They've been fill in Doms at the castle, helping women live out their fantasies for too long. Now they are more than ready to fulfill a fantasy or five of their own.

And boy do they ever.

Their fantasies involve more than a few of my favorite things. Not to mention dirty talk. Oh, how I love Trev and Trav's dirty talk. Silver has no idea how lucky she is when these two buy her off the auction block. All her wildest longings are about to be realized in glorious detail.

From orgasm denial to a bit of knife play, I was just as enthralled as Silver. I started this book already in love with Travis and Trevor, I ended it completely smitten with Silver, and this story. I'm a very happy girl.

I absolutely adored it.




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