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My HEA With Cherise Sinclair's BDSM Books

I have a confession to make... I don't usually read contemporary BDSM Club books.

I'm not talking about the books where the hero belongs to some kind of sex club you never actually see in the story. I'm talking about the full out sex club books where at least half the story is in the club. Those are the ones I don't usually read. No specific reason, I just don’t. And even more, I wasn't planning on reading Cherise Sinclair's club books. 

*Gasp,Outrage* WHAT?!

I know, pure insanity. What was I thinking? I love other contemporary BDSM books. I've read plenty of club books in historical settings, but I never really got into the contemporaries.

Until Cherise Sinclair.

Months ago I had downloaded StarlightRite (sci-fi) and Master of the Mountain (not set in club) to start me off and see how it went. Like a first date I enjoyed Starlight Rite and wanted to see more of Ms.Sinclair. One thing led to another and Master of the Mountain kept getting bumped down my TBR list.

Then My Leige of Dark Haven (very much in the club) went on sale right when I was between books. There is so much hype about these books. Have you read the reviews? Everyone loves them. I for one was intrigued and wanted to know what all the hoopla was about and so I figured I'd read it, why not?

I'll tell you why not! These books are ambrosial morsels of decadence so addicting one is not enough. 

Ms.Sinclair's strikingly intelligent writing with well drawn out characters and thoroughly stirring scenes of domination and submission have me hooked. She even has a word of warning in her Author's Note at the beginning of her books. If you've read my blog you know how I feel about warnings. I get all tingly inside. 

She might as well have pulled my hair and slapped my ass.

I tried to pace myself. I was even doing a good job of it until I hit book #3 of the Shadowlands. From there I went into a reading frenzy. I binged hard and I started checking Amazon hourly last Sunday to see if they'd posted #7 This Is Who I Am, yet. I had withdraw trimmers, it was ugly.

I've now gone over my book budget obtaining all of her books and my husband doesn't remember what my face looks like with out a kindle in front of it. Well, to be fair there may have been some breaks so he could paddle my ass in admonishment for ignoring him. 


But seriously, a U-Haul with my things will be at her place on Tuesday. I'm in love with Cherise Sinclair.

I can't say whether or not she writes an authentic BDSM club scene for today's clubs since I've honestly never been to one. This may be a utopian ideal of what club life should be. That is part of what makes these books so enticing. The other part as I mentioned before are her characters.

Cherise Sinclair writes savvy intelligent heroines that haven't been entirely awakened to their full sexual potential. Her heroes are the ideal mature Doms with an ingrained sixth sense when it comes to people and sex. They set an example of how BDSM with a new partner should be. They push boundaries while building trust, always offering reassurance but not too much.

I've seen other authors try to write the reassuring Dom with disastrous results. No one wants a wussy namsy-pamsy Dom, and I want my heroine to be reassured not smothered. We the reader need at least a little sense of being helpless. 

Writing an alpha male that takes complete control but extols virtues, a persona with mass appeal, and isn't in any way an asshole is tough. Nearly impossible. Finding the right mix is a talent that should be commended. I applaud you Cherise Sinclair.

I want to have Xavier's babies. 

If you've read Cherise Sinclair before you know she's fabulous, if you haven't you may not know where to begin. She has so many books it may feel intimidating. They all sound so good but maybe one will look more intriguing than another. I just happened to start the club books with My Liege of Dark Haven, which is actually more of a last or middle of a series type of book. (I know there are more to come)

My Liege of Dark Haven comes after Master of the Mountain, Dom of Dark Haven, Master of the Abyss and Doms of Dark Haven 2. And yes, starting with Master of the Mountain, that is their order.

I can tell you as someone who started the series out of order it didn't mess up the flow, nor did I feel confused at any point. There are plenty of characters from the other books in My Liege of Dark Haven, but it in no way put me off. If anything it made me feel more intrigued to read the other books. And read them I did.

Even the Doms of Dark Haven books which are anthologies featuring stories from Sierra Catwright and Belinda McBride, as well as Cherise Sinclair. I rarely read anthologies and I have some irrational feelings about shifters which is Ms. McBrides forte but I enjoyed them just the same. It was fun seeing how the ladies interwove their stories and gave a taste of what Ms. Catwright and McBride are cooking. Just that taste had me wanting more from both of those ladies.

Cherise Sinclair's most popular series readers love is her Shadowland books starting with Club Shadowlands. Each book is better than the last and I tell you now it wont matter where you start, you will want to read them all.

Breaking Free (Shadowlands #3) was my favorite of this series, followed closely by To Command and Collar (Shadowlands #6). After book #4 the plots take on a huge story line that is interwoven and continues through out book #5-7. I would suggest those in order.

No matter what book you start with, be sure to stock up on batteries and/or multivitamin and sports drinks for you and your significant other. Your tingly bits are going to be inspired. 

Spanking New Release!
 Shadowlands #7, Master Sam's story This Is Who I Am

I'm burning through it now. I had to pull myself out of a book fog in order to post this. FYI, I'm going to go out on a limb and say This Is Who I Am is set up in such a way a new reader could read it first and not feel lost.

I'm already eager for my favorite trainee Sally's book, which will be (Shadowlands #8). Okay, so I've been eager for her book for a while. I knew by book #4 if Sally got a hero it would be a twofer. I knew by book #5 who she was going to be paired with. ; )

I'm also a HUGE DeVries/ Lindsey fan ( from Dark Haven Series) so I was thrilled to see Ms. Sinclair is going to be giving them a book. I think I may get whipped for saying this, but DeVries may actually be my favorite sadist. He's so scary. I love scary. 

For more on Cherise Sinclair and all of her wonderful reads check out and you can also find her on FB @ Cherise Sinclair.

Thank You Cherise Sinclair!!!

* * * *

So tell me, who are your favorite Cherise Sinclair characters?

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The Loving Triad, 3 Is Not A Crowd

Last week we discovered there were 500,000 polyamorous relationships in the US as of 2009. That makes me smile just thinking about it. My favorite kind of polyamorous relationship depicted in literature is the triad. The triad is made up of three people equally involved with each other in a committed sexual relationship.

Tymber Dalton wrote the Love Slave for Two a m/m/f series. This is one of the most well known triad series there is. It's also one of my favorites (even though it's not always super hot) because Ms. Dalton's story focuses on the real world issues of being in a poly relationship. 

In each book the triad face new problems within the relationship as well as external issues such as spousal/non-spousal rights at the hospital, and legal battles with the family over their children. By the end of book two I was ready to buy my polyamory banner and march on Washington for polyamory rights.

Anthem sung by the Mamas and the Papas

Another really hot well known triad love story is Emma Holly's Billionaire Badboy's Club. This triad is formed with two wealthy men and a great gal. While that story doesn't delve into the legal ramifications of being in a triad, (they're billionaires, they can fuck horses if they want),

the story does go into the real emotional issues of the relationship with the full spectrum of insecurity and communication issues from all three partners.

Trumpets please, Dun  dada dunnnn!

I'm pleased to present to you two books that I recently read that I absolutely love. The Dom With The Perfect Brats (my first m/f/f) and Destiny Calls (my new favorite m/m/f).

I was going to do two separate posts on them because they are sooo fabulous they both deserve the spot light BUT, they are both triad books, ones a m/f/f, the other is a m/m/f, and they are both set in Boston. 

Boston Goes Bi a Triad Love Story

What are the freakin odds? I think they were meant to be posted together...

I'd never read a triad M/f/f  HEA until a week ago when I read The Dom with the Perfect Brats (Badass Brats book 3) by the author trio Black, Shaw, and Silverwood. I'm really digging these co-op author books. These aren't anthologies they are full flowing co-authored stories.

I've read m/f/f where the f/f is a secondary relationship to the m/f  and I've also read books where the f/f action was just a sensual fun time bonus for a scene or two. Never a full m/f/f HEA. Honestly the m/f/f menage and/or triad isn't high up on my fantasy list. There are plenty of m/f/f HEA books out there, but they generally do not appeal to me. 

I am bi-capable (I'll explain later)

I'm very rarely attracted to another women so it makes sense that I would rarely be in the mood to read a m/f/f book. This one caught and held my interest, so much that now I have to read the rest of the series. It's so good. 

The Dom with the Perfect Brats (Badass Brats 3), by Black, Shaw and Silverwood

Gemma is a badass, often sassy, tattoo artist. She's just moved to the Boston area for a fresh start. She goes into a local tattoo shop begging for work when she meets Godfrey Cross. Cross is big'n hot alpha and the epitome of Dom.

Izzy is a sweet free spirit from Australia. Izzy is also in the Boston area for a fresh start. When Izzy walks into the tattoo shop she feels an instant attraction to Gemma and Cross.

Although Gemma and Izzy are fast friends Gemma has never been attracted another girl before and is a little slower on the uptake. That's okay, they have plenty of time to figure out the whole girlfriends, girlfriends thing while perusing Cross together.

Cross has been a lone wolf for quite a while. He's had a string of subs but never any he's wanted to keep. He's had a rough life but seeing his best friends in a happy committed relationship has made him start longing for more. When Cross meets the girls he knows exactly what he wants to do with the two little brats. Too bad they're vanilla.

The strong attraction to both girls takes Cross by surprise but not as much of a surprise as when the girls decide they both want to date Cross together. None of them have any expectations of their relationship making the long haul. 

Can Cross convince the girls they are natural subs and vanilla is not for them? Can these fun, wild and free girls get Cross to loosen the uber Dom reins and find a little tolerance for two perfect brats?

When I began reading The Dom with the Perfect Brats I had no idea that it was third in the series but I never once felt lost or left out.

I loved the entire journey each character takes to get to the HEA of this book. All three of them have very different, very real emotional hang ups. The chemistry is hot between each pairing as well as all three of them together. There is lots of laughter, love and smoking hot at home BDSM scenes.

Cross is a now a favorite Dom/heroes of mine. I just loved him. I adored Izzy and I found my self able to really relate to Gemma. She hasn't ever been attracted to another female before Izzy but quickly embraces the fact that she's into another chick. I get that.

I've met a total of four women I've been sexually attracted to, all complete opposites, (I guess I don't have a type). Each time was very exciting like I had gained a new talent. 

Look at me I'm ambidextrous.

I've had many female friends through the years that have gone on and on about their love of females. Oh, girls are great. They're all soft and beautiful. I almost love making out with girls more than guys.

I was kind of jealous. Like, what was wrong with me that I couldn't get turned on by chicks? I felt liberated by being about to find a female arousing. This specific gift doesn't come around very often and I never know when I'll get hot and bothered by some random female but it's always kind of thrilling when I do. And that is why I call it bi-capable.

This was a smoking hot book, I can't wait for the next book in this series and I look forward to reading the first book in the Badass Brat series The Dom with a Safeword. 

Full Length Novel @ 112,000 word count.

Warning; This book contains a saucy tattoo artist with a love for the strap, a Dom who turns bratty girls into sex zombies, and a Big Evil Bed that's used to tie up unsuspecting subs. Contains BDSM, M/f/f and f/f sex.

Thank You Black, Shaw and Silverwood!!!

Link to BadassBrats at the bottom of the page.

* * * *

I don't think most people would find the discovery of being bi-capable half as exciting as I do. I wonder how freaky it would be for a gay person to suddenly be attracted to the opposite sex. I imagine a hetro grown man getting a chub and naughty longings at the first meeting of some other guy would be enough to freak him out for life.

In our next story that's basically what happens and my number one all time favorite fantasy plays out.

I've read a lot, A LOT of m/m/f and m/f/m but seriously this one may be the best ever. I soaked through my panties just reading the sample and it only gets better as it goes along...

Destiny Calls by Samantha Wayland

Brandon is sick of being in love with his best friend Patrick. Patrick and Brandon have grown up together and now in their thirties serve on the Boston PD together. Brandon is bi, sadly not dating and his arm is getting tired from carrying a torch for Patrick, a big 6'4 sexy wall of strait man. 

One trip to see a band at a gay bar and before Brandon knows it Patrick is claiming he is his boyfriend and laying on a convincing lip lock so scorching the whole place is cheering. Patrick figures, why not, if he has to kiss a guy it might as well be Brandon. What's the harm?

The kiss changes EVERYthing. 

Brandon is hurt and Patrick has new feelings and an arousal that was definitely not there before. On top of that Patrick was just getting geared up to make a play for their other best friend Destiny. 

Destiny has grown up with the guys and considers them the only real family she's ever had. Destiny loves Brandon and Patrick but isn't a forever kind of girl. For over a decade she and Patrick have had an on again off again fuck buddy agreement. She's been longing for on again but doesn't think Patrick desires her anymore. 

Then she finds out that, yes, Patrick still wants her but he's got some confusing things going on with Brandon. Destiny has always had a crush on Brandon but didn't want to ever come between the guys. It's never occurred to her that she could come between, beneath, on top of, both the guy at the same time. That is until she sees them kiss. Then that's all she can think about. 

Patrick wants a happily ever after, Brandon is freaking out and Destiny is a commitment phobe after my own heart.

This is one is a super hot erotic read but the plot also carries a well done suspense story line throughout that of course brings lots of emotions to the surface as well as bringing these three together. The love these three have for each other had me tearing up more than a few times. 

Is it possible to have a crush on a book? If so, I've got it bad. I want to have this book's babies. I adore these characters. I love this story and it may be a while before I can hear the name Patrick and or Brandon without instantly getting wet. 

Samantha Wayland knows how to build up to some explosive love scenes, sheesh! If you don't get so aroused, just reading the sample of this book, that you forget where you are for a second, you may need to check yourself for a pulse. 

She has another scorching triad book, With Grace, that technically comes before Destiny Calls that I haven't read yet. I'm all over it.

Full Length Novel @ 314 pages

Warning; This book contains the hottest, most mouth watering m/m/f triad loving ever. Multiple pantie changes may be required. 

Thank You Samantha Wayland!!!

For links to these ladies books and more of their fabulousness please visit their sites;

You can visit Black, Shaw and Silverwood,

and Samantha Wayland

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What's Your Kink?

Kinky? Who, me?

Honestly, I thought anyone who enjoyed sex was kinky. I was well into my twenties before I found out that there are what are known as vanilla people who enjoy sex and non vanilla people who enjoy sex. And the vanilla part has nothing to do with race.

Did you know not everyone enjoys being dominated or dominating someone else?! I for one was shocked. And spanking, yep, not everyone is into that.

A ton of girls don't like to be spanked, tied up, or having their nipples manhandled. They feel like certain sexual positions are demeaning and owning a vibrator is the most risque thing they've ever done in the bedroom, and that was by themselves.

I know. That's super f^$#ed up.

I talk to so many people that have done things way beyond my experience level--and read about so many things that are way more everything than what I do at home--that I often forget that I'm not even close to being vanilla. Sure there are tons people way kinkier than me. Hey, I don't even swing or go to clubs, but I'm still a low level kinkster at the least.

There is someone for everyone. A girlfriend recently told me this guy she was with kept switching up positions while they were having sex, and it made her feel like a whore.

Can we talk about this? I'm yellow.Yellow!

I hear that a lot. Girls complaining that something their boyfriend does makes them feel like a whore. That's a big sign he's not the one ladies. That guy has every right to be into something as you have a right not to be into it.

Most of those things that made my girlfriends feel whorish, my husband has done to me and I've loved it. No whore feeling. My husband loves getting me in all kinds of weird positions (usually ones I can't move in) then as soon as I climax he changes it up to another. It's one of the many reasons I married him.

I hope my girlfriend finds the guy that can get her there without making her feel like a whore. I also hope her switch hitter finds the gal that likes to be turned about.

Honestly, I think with the right person the things you never thought you'd be into may sound more appealing just because you are so into the person you are doing them with. That was certainly true for me.

It seems like everyone's got a kink or their own idea or 'normal'. Finding someone whose idea of 'normal' jives with your own is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Some people settle or aren't a hundred percent honest with themselves and/or their partners. Many times people evolve and change while in a long term relationship and that person and their partner just can't find their way back to each other.

My husband and I met in our early twenties and have changed quite a bit. We've grown in different ways at different time and haven't always been on the same page but we've always made our way back together. I haven't been single in eleven years and I'm perfectly happy with that. Not everyone is so lucky.

Dating is hard. One of my younger girlfriends just got out of a five year relationship. The last time she was really single she was twenty one. She called me complaining that being single was so boring. She didn't remember it being this way. She figured she'd be dating a different guy every weekend and having all kinds of fun sex.

Yeah, right. Maybe in the movies. In reality typically the guys you're into aren't into you, and the guys you want nothing to do with think you are their soul mate.

On top of that, over twenty five dating is different, I think now more than ever. Everyone over twenty five has got their own agendas, five year plans and/or extra baggage.

What is more, society and social norms are changing.

Sometimes I watch dating shows for the same reason scientist feed lab rats things and watch them kill each other. It's fascinating. You can smell some people's desperation and crazy through the screen. (For goodness sakes ladies, tone down the crazy.)

One show I was watching was out in California. I'm sure many of them are. You know if you are dating in a big city all the rules change. The singles options are endless and what's considered vanilla dating broadens exponentially.

This girl was on her third date, with this guy she was really into, when he dropped the bomb. He's married but in a polyamorous relationship. His wife had a secondary relationship with another man and him and his wife used to have a shared girlfriend that didn't workout. He was dating her as a secondary relationship, and also in hopes of finding a third for his primary relationship. Him and his wife wanted to find the woman of their dreams.

...I'd buy that book.

As of 2009 there were a polled 500,000 polyamorous relationships in the United States. I got that from Wiki facts. I have no idea where they took this poll but I think it's spectacular.

Polyamory itself is a umbrella term because there are so many variables. In the above case the wife and the husband wanted another women, but didn't share the side boyfriend. Some relationships the couples don't share at all. Sometimes it's a couple looking for a man to share, sometimes two men looking for another man or women to share. Sometimes it's more of a swinging thing. 

This polyamoury also includes polygamous unions of polyynous; a man with multiple wives and polyadrous,; a women with multiple husbands.

I have a friend that has been in a polyamorous relationship with his bff and his bff's partner for seven, eight years now. It came about quite by accident.

 I'm personally all about the polyadrous type of polygamy, but my husband keeps vetoing that one.

But she looks sooo happy!!!

With those kind of options I would think dating while horny turns out like grocery shopping while hungry. You end up with way more than you intended to get and you have no idea what you're supposed to do with all the extra.

How would anyone especially newly single ladies even know where to begin to navigate these kinky waters? Do not despair my single ladies of many varied sexual tastes. You are not alone. To you ladies I present, The Kinky Girl's Guide to Dating by Luna Grey.  

Luna Grey takes you through her friends dating mishaps inside the BDSM world. She tells stories from Maddie a sub and reluctant switch, as well as Suki a Domme who just wants to paddle men's asses. Their stories range from the mistakes they made just starting out to the mistakes they made as season pros or as Maddie refered to herself, a spinster sub. 

Peppered through all these tales are Kinky Girl Tips. Some of these tips are humorous and some are downright musts. 

At the beginning of Cherise Sinclair books is the a Safe Sane and Consensual reminder. I've always read this and rolled my eyes. The sane has always been a no brainer for me. I think everything through. Who wouldn't be careful and think things through? Who would ignore their instincts? Oh, right, everyone, including young single me. 

Reading this made me remember all the really stupid, really unsafe things I did and choices I made when single and horny. Sanity was not part of the equation on many occasions. 

I met guys online. I left parties with men I didn't know. I went off with men who didn't speak English, and ended up in places that were not good at all (without a cell phone, in another country). 

Did I ever set up a safe call?! Did I ever tell anyone the name of who I was with or where I was going? Maybe.Once or twice. Probably not. I'm amazed I'm still alive. 

Luna also talks about what it's like to date as a BDSM player and the trials of fetish wear. (I fear PVC and Latex!) I vanilla dated but found I had many similar experiences as these women. No crying transvestites or bull whips but other stuff...

I also I found it interesting that BDSM vanilla plain clothes dates are a 'getting to know you period' where you decide if your kinks mesh and if there is any kind of spark. If so negotiations for play are set up. In these negotiations you talk about just wanting to play or wanting more than just a scene every other week. 

Some people just want to find their Dom or Sub that is right for them. Some people are looking for a soulmate whether they be Dom, sub or vanilla and some people are looking exclusively for a play partner with no strings attached. 

I have to say, I had my own rules and guidelines of dating that were no nonsense and I love the practicality of the BDSM set up. I personally never dated a guy for more than three months if I couldn't see it going anywhere. I had fuck buddies, I knew I would never want a relationship with, I saw between boyfriends. I was always very upfront and honest if I was feeling a connection or not.

Why can't everyone be this honest? And that's what I got from this book. BDSM relationships are really honest. I think the BDSM method would have worked well for me when I was single. I may have even gotten into the spirit of fetish wear and gone to the clubs. 

Who doesn't look good in a frilly corset?

But none of that leather, PVC and latex. I feel suffocated thinking about it.

See? She's having trouble breathing and she barely has anything on!

Okay, maybe it was for the best I never went there. I was never really a joiner anyways. Plus, with my luck I would have gotten into an unhealthy 24/7 relationship with some nut job Dom. I really liked for a man to take the reins (all the reins) when I was younger and I made really poor decisions. Quite the combo. 

I think everyone should read this that is single. Even vanilla girls. I think setting up dating like meeting a potential play partner could save some heart ache. Vanilla people beat around the bush to no end. I just don't get that. 

I also think new Doms should read this book because it's an insight into the minds of the women they are going to be playing with. Luna talks about the many times communications are misinterpreted and these women end up in undesirable situations. Bottoms and tops. 

Being into BDSM, fetish, or just plain old some type of polyamory really requires a different mind set. All through this book Luna talks about fantasy vs. reality. You may have been dreaming about having a menage fling or relationship forever, but then find that the real thing wasn't nearly as fun or uncomplicated as you had hoped. 

You may be reading all the fabulous BDSM books with the hot Doms that make your panties wet only to find yourself feeling cold and detached by the real thing. 

No matter what, keep an open mind. Love can strike anywhere, but don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole. It's okay not to be into something you thought you would be. It's also okay to be into things you never thought you would be. 

Remember to keep it Safe, Sane and Consensual

Thank You Luna Grey!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wounded Clits and Broken Men

Did you know that this is International Clitoris Awareness week? I personally didn't even know there was a Clitoris Awareness week, this being the first one ever, but now that I do I'll be spreading the joy and rubbing out some time to appreciate my clitoris.

All joking aside, this specific awareness week came about after the discovery of cultures that mutilate and cut off the best part of the female genitalia. Some are coming of age ceremonies, where young girls that start their menses have their clit cut off, then their legs are bound together and they are put in a hut. If they heal and survive they are a woman.

The trauma of getting my first period while wearing a white skirt disappeared after this discovery.

In other places it's just a form of torture. All of this was on Oprah years ago, but I'm still surprised by how many people don't know about it. Every time I think about all the many places in the world without electricity, running water... Many places people live their daily lives knowing they could get taken and sold into slavery or just tortured and killed while their children are taken to be soldiers.

The women that have had FGM or female genital mutilation range in the millions. Millions. When I think about these things I don't mind paying my taxes and utility bills. When I think about these things I become thankful on a whole other level.

Okay, that's some pretty heavy stuff but there is good news. The Clitoraid group is a non-profit organization with doctors that are working to save and empower these women, perform clitoral repair surgeries when possible and spread awareness.

The work they are doing is amazing. The fact that these FGM victims have gone through so much trauma but can come through it and are willing, even eager to work towards having intimate relationships and orgasms is incredible.

For more on FGM and this organization's over all awesomeness please visit

Thank You Clitoraid!!

* * * *

The Sexy Broken Spirit

Besides clitoris week it's also the week of the emotionally scarred, oh so irresistible, heroes. I've got two erotic sci-fis and a historical romance with damaged men that will have you dying to wrap your leg around their heads, in comfort to their wounded souls. 

We ladies do love 'em damaged, don't we? 

First up, Clan and Conviction, the story of Gelan, Wynhod and Krijero. I'm quickly becoming as addicted to these Clan Beginnings as I am to the original Kalquor series. There was a bit of the plot I knew was coming, yet so much I had no idea was going to happen. Gut wrenching

The overall chemistry and interplay with all the guys is hot and great but it was the moments between Gelan and Krijero that really got me in my sweet spot. I don't want to go into it too much or ruin anything but the way Gelan looks at Krijero. Thud, I'm getting teared up, in both places, just thinking about it. 

If you haven't picked this one up, go a head and do so now. I'm not a fan of crime investigation, so it did take me a little longer to get into this one, but it's so good!

I haven't read a historical romance in ages. I don't usually mention historical romances but I read a really good one this week, that just so happens to have a damaged hero. Lord Of Wicked Intentions (Lost Lords of Pembroke 3) by Lorraine Heath is now out. 

This is the last of the Lost Lords and Rafe is the most tortured brother of them all. I'm two for two this week. This was a great story and it also made me cry. Did I mention Clan and Conviction made me cry? Yeah, these fellas have that effect on a girl. 

I started reading Lorraine Heath's books last year when I was sick and ended up burning through every book she has written that I know of. I enjoyed them all. 

Last but not least Corbin's Captive by Emma Paul is out now. As in, today is the release day, I just downloaded it and I'm wrapping this post up so I can read it, now. If you read Kaden's Breeder, you know that Corbin got betrayed, walked over and his heart stomped into the ground. I can't wait. I've been salivating for this book, so I'm ecstatic it's finally here!!

Go forth and enjoy! Happy reading everyone and please remember to show your clitoris much love this week!!!

You can visit Tracy St. John @

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A Not So Cliche FemDom

I had a completely new experience. I read a FemDom book...

I'm not into this particular kink yet when I stumbled upon this book I was genuinely excited. Ever since I read Promise by Allyson Young, which has some role switch play, I've been curious as to what it would be like to read about an actual FemDom love story that isn't with two women.

I've read the stories where a female sub of a man is a top to another woman. I've also read many main secondary characters that are FemDoms with a female sub.

I've been reading my way through all of Cherise Sinclairs books (which are rocking my world and I will talk about in a week or two) and they are mainly in a club setting. With her books you get the full scope of the BDSM club environment, with interaction with the other Doms and subs, and I've noticed a few of Dommes with male subs. 

I had decided I wanted to read about those intriguing Domme/m-sub couples but I had no idea where to start. Plus, I actually have some mental hang ups where FemDoms are concerned.

At the risk of sounding like a complete twat hat I'm going to be honest. When I thought of Dommes I thought of the cliché sadist dominatrix in head to toe patent leather with riding crop in hand, yelling in German. 

Well, okay, that is kind of their look.

I had to push past my hangups and misconceptions that I knew where wrong but I still couldn't wrap my head around. 

First, just like there are different degrees of male Doms there are different degrees of FemDoms. Not all the Dommes want to crush nuts and make all the boys cry. 

The softer side of the Domme.

Second, I've always understood a women topping another women. I could even understand how a man would want to be topped by a women but I couldn't understand, could never wrap my head around, a woman topping a man. Not to the level beyond play. Not without something being mentally wrong with her.

I know, that is super close minded and super hypocritical for someone that reads what I enjoy reading.

My head is fully wrapped around the concept now. I get it and the book Still got me there. 

Ann Mayburn's book Still (FemDom Military Romance) (Long Slow Tease 1) is incredible.

Our very typical alpha male Wyatt Callahan is drinking through his PTSD and generally making poor decisions since he's been back from the middle east.

Dr. Michelle Sapphire has been fighting her attraction to Wyatt since they were over in the 'sandbox' together. Besides emotional hang ups where any new relationship is concerned, she is completely into the BDSM lifestyle, she being a natural Domme to her core.

Michelle has been keeping her distance from Wyatt because of these things but that all changes when she's called at three am to make his bail.

Michelle gives Wyatt two choices. She will send him to the best facility there is for PTSD, at her expense, or he can stay with her for at least one month at her ranch with the condition he has to be her sub if he stays.

With nothing to loose and everything to gain Wyatt chooses to stay with Michelle as her sub.

Wyatt isn't a natural sub. He's a super alpha male. This is what makes this story so compelling. I went on quite the journey with Wyatt through this story.

The first half of the story Wyatt is really fighting his natural instinct to take over, and I kept waiting for him to take control. Of course he doesn't because he loves Michelle and is really getting addicted to her topping him. Yet at the same time he's having to come to terms with what being a sub is and what a full time relationship with her would mean.

I was so distraught that Michelle wasn't letting Wyatt's inner Dom out when of course the whole thing is about him finding his inner sub. I was surprised by how moved I was by this story. It really pulled my heart strings while at the same time got me out of a mental box I hadn't even realized I was in. Accepting Wyatt as a sub was really hard for me, but in a good way.

This is a full length read so don't expect to finish it in one sitting and prepare to be addicted. The story has a HEA but it happens with loose ends, since there is a book two Penance (Long Slow Tease 2).

In book two Michelle and Wyatt head out into the world and Michelle is going to expose Wyatt to club life which I don't think he's ready for. I don't think Michelle has prepared him for it at all and I'm dying, dying to read the second book and find out what the hell happens!!!! (I love Wyatt and Michelle)

Warning; This book contains graphic sexual content including, a  women who likes to take control in the bedroom, BDSM with the use of sexual toys, an alpha male with a healthy love of cunnilingus and cock rings and language that may be offensive to some readers. 

Ann Mayburn has a few other dominant heroine books (that I know of). A sci-fi with rave reviews called Breakers Concubine, that I almost read before this one. A paranormal fantasy Princess of Lust, a contemporary Scandalous Wish and a paranormal shifters Amber Wish

Ann Mayburn has an immensely wide variety of BDSM and romance books (all with positive reviews), from m/f to m/m to every mix of menage you can think of. With plenty of female subs as well as male subs Ann Mayburn has something for everyone. 

The settings of her stories range from historical westerns to deep space sci-fi, so if you can't find an Ann Mayburn book you want to read you haven't seen them all. 

I'm glad I went with the full FemDom experience first. Like I said before, it really opened my mind.

I'm not a FemDom. I don't have an inner FemDom and would have been crying and apologizing to Wyatt if I had been the one trying to top him. I think playing the FemDom is fun only when I know I'm going to get over thrown. 

Plus it's easier being a sub and if I had to choose between latex, leather or naked, I'd pick naked (wobbly bits and all) every time. You can't find a material more breathable than naked!

I still really enjoyed this book and there are women out there that don't just want to read about heroines wanting to get topped. I have friends that are toppers and switches that would love this book and more like them.

Kudos to Ann Mayburn for breaking out and giving readers a smorgasbord of well written erotica. 

Ann Mayburn did an amazing job of writing an alpha male sub and a loveable Domme not to mention an overall great love story. I'll be reading a lot more Ann Mayburn in the future and eagerly await the release of Penance (Long Slow Tease 2).

Thank You, Ann Mayburn!!!

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