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What Ever Happened To Jenny Penn?

We've all been there. We fall in love with an author or a book that has awesome characters with obvious loose ends. You know in your heart there will be more books and then the author disappears. They fall into the writers abyss. 

Writer's Abyss: When a writer sets up a book or books to be a series/trilogy, mentally planning to write more, only to have life happen, dealing a death blow to the muse. The former author then disappears down the rabbit hole, upsetting the fabric of the universe, and subsequently carrying down with them a chunk of many a reader's soul.

Some authors keep the muse but the muse takes them in a completely different direction. As the reader, this also sucks ass. I think this may be even worse than the writer's abyss because we the reader know the authors are out there somewhere writing. They just aren't writing what we want to read.

I've been seeing this a lot. Some writers get bored and switch genres. Lisa Kleypas went from writing fabulous historical romances to contemporary romance. I like my contemporary extra dirty so I didn't follow. Karen Marie Moning wrote delicious historical/ paranormal romances and switched to urban fantasy with romance elements. It was two years before I tried Fever series. 

I'm not going to lie. I was heartbroken and pissed off. When one of your favorite writers change genres, or disappears, it feels a lot like getting dumped. As the reader you feel an illogical sense of betrayal and abandonment. Finding out an author is human is like watching your hero get his/her ass kicked. You can't ever come back from that.

I get that writing the same type of thing for a decade or few can get stale. Writers are human and many times crave change and the challenge a new genre can offer.  At least these ladies switched over because it was what they desire to be writing the most. And they are still writing.

My soul mourns a few writers who have fallen into the abyss. I know I'm not the only one who wonders what happened to Morgan Hawke and is sad we'll never see Thorne get a prime of his own. I can name quite a few authors and books that left characters hanging in the balance.

I've started reading author bios before reading a book to judge whether or not it's advisable to get emotionally attached.  The free spirit, "I've done a little bit of everything", bio is a HUGE RED FLAG.

 Free Spirits: 
great in bed but has commitment issues

If you see this bio, know that at any moment, that writer may take up macrame and start traveling to different fairs and street markets to sell it before going back to school to be a marine biologist.

One such writer is Jenny Penn. I enjoyed many of her books but it wasn't until I read her first two Cattleman's Club books that I fell in love. The fact is I adored her heroines as much if not more than her heroes. Jenny Penn's dialog is full of quick smart ass and sassy quips, along with emotionally charged gut punches, that really brought her characters to life.

What I thought she was going to write before she disappeared?

Brett and Mike's story. They are Hailey's brothers. Hailey being Patton's best friend and the heroine of Cattleman's Club Book 2. Brett and Mike are mentioned twice in Patton's Way Book 1 and we meet them in Hailey's Game Book 2. They've been gone something like seven years, traveling in the Marines.

Also, there is a waitress (I forget her name) at the popular Bread Box diner, who we meet in book two, that just so happens to have a son whose age correlates with how long Brett and Mike have been gone. No one in town knows who the child's daddy is, and there is speculation why such a young pretty woman doesn't date.

I really thought this was going to be a story, and I was kind of looking forward to it, so I'm sad that story may never be written. With that being said, I adored Patton's Way and Hailey's Game, and I would read them again in a heartbeat, even knowing that Brett, Mike, and the waitress's story may never be told.

Jenny Penn's Patton's Way (Cattleman's Club #1)

Patton is a woman who has got back bone and she refuses to change who she is or turn weak willed woman. While she is devious, and unrepentant about it, the guys wouldn't want her any other way. She's twenty three, she's started her own thriving lingerie line, she's successful and not only does she know what she wants she goes after it until she gets it!

Now what she wants, what she's always wanted is the Davis brothers!

Devin: Youngest at 27 and most playful

Slade: Serious and most rational

Chase: Eldest most domineering 

Patton's always been like a kid sister to the Davis brothers, being raised on their ranch with them. Patton did what she had to do to become her own person with out the guys over protective brotherly ways. Unfortunately Patton achieves this by lying about going to college and perpetuating an air of young innocence.

The beginning of the book is the guys revelations about Patton being a much different woman than the girl they've always seen her as. Then comes the real bomb. The person (Patton) that they've been lusting after for years, has in fact been lusting just as hard for each of them for the past seven years. All of them.

so true

Slade and Devin get behind the idea of making Patton their woman much quicker than the oldest brother Chase. Chase is arrogant and scared of what his domineering ways would do to Patton. They train women to be submissive and have always believed they would need a twenty four seven type of arrangement. 

In the end they find compromises and love is what make a happy 'marriage'.

This book is hot right out the gate. There is humor, high jinx a great story with a wild sassy heroine and three very sexy dominate men. There are scenes that had steam rolling over my eye balls. 

Patton's Way is everything I could hope for in a contemporary menage cowboy book. Besides plenty of hot, panties will be soaked, hot scenes, the thing that keeps bringing me back to read again is the snappy humor. It's very southern and very quick. There are a few places I giggled and laughed out loud.

A word of warning, when I purchased this book there were formatting and editing issues. There was a few pages printed in italic. Once I realized it wasn't a dream sequence it didn't bother me. I'm not sure if this has been rectified or not. 

Honestly, the book could have been written in chicken scratch with a crayon and it wouldn't have changed how much I enjoyed it. I have read and reread it, italic pages and all. 

386pages of three hot ranchers trying to corral one wild filly.

Warning; This book contains (m/f/m/m) bdsm, anal play the use of sex toys, bondage and other deliciously wicked things. 
 Haily's Game Cattleman's Club 2 by Jenny Penn

 I would recommend reading Patton's Way first.

Also please pay no attention to the cover!! Hailey is a hot chubby RED head. And when you read about Kyle and Cole you'll get more of a mental picture of...

this guy, but a smidge older

Hailey is a real woman with real curves and bad days. She rarely dates one guy let alone two. She leaves the craziness of dating multiple men to her best friend Patton. Hailey's an independent stubborn ill tempered tomboy. At times she uses all that to push the guys away. She wants sex with no strings attached but this is more to keep from getting hurt than anything else.

Kyle and Cole are just the guys to break down all those walls Haileys built. I love these guys.

Kyle is the sweetheart that knows from page one he wants a future with Hailey. He's willing to do anything to make sure that happens even cut out his best friend and business partner Cole.

Cole is the redeemable man whore that reforms for love. He knows he wants Hailey but has to get over some of his own fears and past hurts before he can accept how much Hailey really means to him.

There are mixed reviews, but I stand by my love for this book. Hailey is one of my all time favorite heroines because she really reminds me of myself. Also the interactions and dialog between these characters is so playful, real, and full of crazy sexual tension, I don't know how anyone couldn't love them. 

424 pages 

Warning; This book contains (m/f/m) menage, hot cars, great southern guys and a sassy no nonsense gal,light bdsm, anal play the use of sex toys and other deliciously wicked things included.

Thank You Jenny Penn
I hope your muse comes back to you with Mike, Brett, and the waitress's story!!!

For more of Jenny Penn's hot stories please visit her @

If you, or any one you know, has seen or heard from Jenny Penn please let us know!!!

And because I've spent the last couple of days soaking through multiple panties revisiting the Cattleman's Club books, I searched my naughty file for my most salacious cowboys to share with you. So saddle up ladies and prepare to salivate!

Warning: What you are about to see is not fit for most places of employment. Enjoy!

4 reasons to..

...ride a..

...cow WOW boy!

Yee fucking HAW!

You're Welcome

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tying The Knot

Nothing makes me happier than when a sci-fi/fantacy/paranormal author gets fancy with genitalia. More specific, male genitalia. I mean the vagina is pretty perfect the way it is. You rarely see male masturbating products that do anything a regular vagina can't do.

Yet there are hundreds of female masturbatory products that each are more creatively designed than the last. Maybe that's why some authors get into the spirit of things and add some extra elements to the glorious characters of their imaginations.

As a reader, I believe things like enhanced or altered male genitalia really make a book stand out as a memorable read.

When done right, yes. Yes it is.

Starkissed by Lanette Curington is a sci-fi romance with an alien hero. The males of his race are designed with innies that become outties when aroused. In other words, they have turtle headers. It's a humorous element throughout the story because the heroine glimpses the hero naked early on and believes their races are sexually incompatible.

In Jet Mykle's Dark Elves, her uber sexy elf race excrete their own lubricant. It's a shiny oil that covers their entire body.

I adore self lubricating cocks, and nobody does self lubricating cocks better than Tracy St. John who runs a two for one special with her Clans of Kalqor Kalquorians.

Six come in a set.

Her cocks don't just lubricate they smell and taste like cinnamon and spice and everything nice. They're one vibration setting away from being marketable at Adam&

I've no doubt he did. 

I also enjoy the non penis elements used for sexual gratification. Lucy Woodhull's Ragnar and Juliet alien hero has a tail with a mind of it's own. Emma Paul's Galactic Breeder series aliens have the sexiest dreadlocks ever. They have their own muscular structure and nerve endings and are used as extra fingers that also have suction capabilities. 

Theolyn Boese's Daughters of Terra  merpeople have hair that has its own muscular structure and nerve endings. Their fancy mercocks have frills for her pleasure that flare out when ejaculating, keeping the couples joined until the orgasmic tide has rode completely out.

Which brings me to my favorite thing of all,

Yes, we are discussing that.

People have been creaming over knotted cocks since the mid-nineties when Star Trek fan fiction started working knotted alien cocks into their tales. Knotting a history. 

Basically, knotting is when a cock's midpoint or base becomes engorged to the point it ties or 'knots' the amorous couple together, locking in all of the semen, for optimal procreation possibilities.  

Why is it so hot? 

Are you ready?

When written for maximum hotness, the knot hits the crap out of the g-spot, milking the female for orgasm after orgasm, after orgasm. Every spasming ripple of the female's sheath catapults the male into another, or a continued orgasm of his own. 

This event, as you can imagine, is cataclysmic and depending on the author, can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. 

Three. Freakin. Hours.

I'd get a cramp in my O-face. 

Maybe that Star Trek alien knotting fan fiction is where Morgan Hawke got inspiration for the cock knotting Skeldhi alien race in her Interstellar Service & Discipline Star Series.Those are some hot cock knotting aliens, but fiction based on factual wolf genital knotting is where we can most often read about knotting. Yep, shifter/werewolf erotic fiction and fan fiction is where it's at.

Who doesn't?

I'm not going to lie, although I'm not normally a fan, I'll read a paranormal in a heartbeat if it holds the promise of some knotted cock.

Oooooh yeah. Big time. 

The only problem is, much to my disappointment, there is no set list of knotting books out there. There is a ton of crazy fan fiction, some insane eye brow raising bestiality snippets, a surprising amount of animal anime, and a disturbing amount of animal porn, but alas, no list of actual books that just happen to feature some hot cock knotting.

In my limited paranormal reading I've only stumbled across a few. Recently I had the Goldilocks and the Three Cock Knots experience.

It wasn't quite like that.

First I read, Journal of the Lycanthrophile (The Scattered Dark Series) a m/m fetishism erotic by Fierce Dolan. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started that book. It's dark, twisted, and although well done, it was more fascinating in a somewhat traumatizing way. I didn't find it sexually exciting. At least not in anyway that I would admit to sober.

Then I read one of Emma Holly's Hidden series books, which feature werewolves who knot when their mate is found. It's hot, but sadly when described it seems more like a token knot.

I think that made it all the more satisfying when I found the cock knotting book worthy of gushing over.

Belle Starr by Belinda McBride

Annabelle 'Cowgirl' Oakley is a Marshal for the Interstellar Coalition and the best in law enforcement. Belle's life revolves around tracking and bagging criminals with her wolf Tucker, the only partner she's needed for seven years. After a tricky Matruscan arrest, Belle goes into heat for the first time. Ever the resourceful gal, Belle goes hunting for a were-man with herself as bate. What she gets is more than she could have anticipated.

Armand de la Croix is a mysterious cajun AmWere, and one of the last of his kind. He's grasping at memories and trying to chase down a past while holding on to the one woman he knows is his future.

Belle Star starts off delightfully light and raunchy, but any illusions this is nothing but a fun super smutty space romp are quickly shattered. Although Belle remains humorous and off beat throughout the story, the plot really opens up, taking on unexpected depths that kept me turning pages. Belinda McBride has a way of keeping her reader drawn in and guessing what's going to happen next. I love how she gives nothing away. 

The regular sex as well as the cock knotting sex is incendiary, and the story doesn't disappoint in the least, making Belle Starr my 'just right'. 

I read Belinda McBride months ago in Doms of Dark Haven 1&2 and was instantly drawn into her characters and story. Each time I've read her, I haven't just fallen in love with her main characters but I've found myself emotionally attached to the secondary characters and I'm dying to know their stories as well. I hope we find out what happens to Forrest, Rain, Storm, Golden and Cali Polis. 

276 pages

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, m/m sexual content, menage (m/m/f), sex while in shifted form and violence. 

You can see more on Belinda McBride @

Thank You Belinda McBride!!!

*Know of any fancy genitalia reads that are a can't miss? Please post and share in comments!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renee Rose Hit My G-Spot

I'm pulling my previously scheduled post on dick knotting because I just read a brand spanking new book that hit my G-Spot. It was just what I've been looking for. I love it when that happens, so rather than beat around the book, I'll get right to it.

Safe In His Arms by Renee Rose

Seven years ago all Becca wanted to know was what it was like to be spanked and dominated by a big sexy man. She got all she's desired in one perfect weekend fling when she picked up Marine, Zac, at her sisters wedding. She also got on the fast track to parenthood, but when Becca tries to reach him she discovers he's been killed in combat. 

As a Black Ops agent, Zac doesn't exist. That hasn't stopped Zac from watching over Becca and his son Parker from afar. When they are put in danger Zac must reveal himself to keep them safe. Zac's existence is a bitter pill for Becca to swallow, especially when he swoops in and takes charge of her and Parker's lives like he's been around since day one. 

* * * *

Safe In His Arms was hard to put down. I was sucked in from the very first page. The story was surprisingly unpredictable. Every time I thought I knew how it was going to play out it changed up on me, yet never became convoluted. 

The plot is a fast paced and adventure based, yet very character driven. There are plenty emotionally charged moments that had me tearing up. You can really feel all the frustrations of being a single mom and all the sorrows of the man who has only been able to watch his family from afar as they live without him. 

The sparks fly between Becca and Zac, and Renee Rose keeps their bedroom time hot and intense with a playful touch of humor. Their interactions are realistic and Zac sets the bar on how to be the master of communication and domination. Near or far. Seriously, he's awesome.

In Zac, Ms. Rose has created the a perfect Dom/HoH/Hero. Move over book boyfriends, there's a new man in town. 

He tough and unyielding...

Yet laid back in a I can handle anything manner...

He's super into being a dad and is amazed by his kid. 
And everyone knows...

such a turn on

Best of all, he knows what makes Becca tick and isn't afraid to push her,
 and be everything she has ever needed in a man. 

Oh, and he's sexy as hell. 

Did I mention the sexy as hell thing? 

And the things he makes her do? The punishments he doles out? 

Ass Scorching. Pantie Dripping. I just came a little. Hot.

Yeah, he'll be headlining my naughty files for a while.  

Safe In His Arms is a memorable read and has earned a spot in my top 10 books I keep on the home page of Princess Buttercup (my kindle) in case of an apocalypse. There are so many things I loved about this book that I can't go over because I don't want to ruin it for anyone. 

Needless to say, I do believe Renee Rose hit on just about every single one of my kinks, and turn ons in Safe In His Arms. Any more and I'd have to name my second child after her. 

Yes, yes you can. Please read responsibly. 

This is my second Renee Rose. I loved The Devil Of Whiskey Row, yet Safe in His Arms blew it out of the water. 

124 pages

Warning: This book contains consensual as well as non-consensual spankings, anal play/intercourse, and graphic sex. 

For more on Renee Rose please visit her @

Thank You, Renee Rose!!