Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wicked Awesome Sci-fi

Interstellar Service & Discipline

This past year I read David Bischoff's space opera Starhounds. This is a fun humorous space romp with a kick ass heroine, super sexy pilot Laura Shemzak who rescues her hot genius brother Cal with the aid of steamy space pirate Captain Tars Northern. Although Tars would gladly sample a piece of Laura, she and her brother Cal have a deep and abiding love for each other. Its' said sibling love that is a humorous on-dit through out the series.

What left me wanting was one, Laura plugs into the ship, literally plugs in, with a ton of wires that plug in to her arms and legs. I know this series was written awhile ago (1987) but I still wished for Laura the kind of wireless technology I enjoy every day. Also, this is a straight up fiction series. Why aren't all these sexy people having sex?! I know my mind tends to lean towards the gutter but they got busy more on Battlestar Galactica than this series!

This book is a great read for the sci-fi reading masses but honestly the entire time I was reading this series my mind was bubbling over with sexual possibilities! If only there was a well written sci-fi book somewhere in a galaxy not so far away, with the same kind of sexy characters having the hot space sex I so wished for Laura, Tars and Cal. Oh, but wait, there is such a book?!

Recently I was pointed in the direction of Morgan Hawke's Victorious Star (Interstellar Service & Discipline). Oh yeah, it's what you think it is. Sci-fi bdsm erotic fiction. I've said before that there is two different types of bdsm. There is the boudoir and sometimes playful or socially acceptable BDSM that authors like Lora Leigh do very well, often riding that line between light and edgy. Some of her books lean more heavily towards edgy than others. And then there is the full tilt hard core “holy mother!” of BDSM.

The people who are comfortable with the former are not always nearly as comfortable with the latter. With boudoir BDSM you have blind folds, some restraints, light spanking, some toys, anal sex is not always included and a safe word is a must.

The fantasy/sci-fi world has done for BDSM what cartoons have done for racy explicit humor. There are things in sci-fi and fantasy that can bound past the proverbial envelope that we find acceptable in a way that when done in contemporary books we have a much harder time wrapping our minds around. Morgan Hawke's Interstellar Service & Discipline or Star Series s is a prime example of this. Be prepared to have your boundaries pushed a little more with each new book!

In Victorious Star I found everything I wished for in Starhounds and so, SO much more. Victoria Stark is the kick ass nav-pilot and bless her, she's wireless, only having to plug in occasionally with a thumb drive. Even better she has gotten herself nabbed by super yummy Captain Ravnos and his delicious First Officer Seht.

What could be better than that? Seht is skeldhi prince who specializes in erotic discipline! Hot alien sex anyone? The look of the skeldhi is reminiscent of Star Treks Vulcans. The skeldhi race are pale as the moon with super strength and speed, they have pointed ears, long white/silver hair and a few other surprises I don't want to ruin. Seht isn't the only one with hidden attributes, after the first few chapters you begin to realize Ravnos is not all he appears to be.

What made this book really stand out to me were all the different elements Morgan Hawke brings to play. She has aliens with different looks and cultures which is a must for me. The back drop and dialogue is everything you'd expect from a deep space sci-fi but the dress through out most of the book edges much closer to steampunk. Let me repeat that. The clothes everyone wear the first half of this book are distinctly steampunk!

We have males and females in tight cloth trousers and buckled knee boots, sporting velvet waist coats and lace lined neck cloths. I think it's awesome but it completely threw me off at first. I've never seen this done before. Later in the book, amongst the skeldhi people, you see skin tight leather form suits, black kilts, fancy sweeping robes and full length fur lined capes that put me in mind of the more recent Star Wars with a little Game of Thrones.

If that weren't enough Hawke throws in swords that are used with slightly less ferocity of a Quentin Taratino movie. In fact if Quentin Taratino, Gene Roddenberry(creator of StarTrek) and Kate Pearce(erotic author) teamed up I have no doubt their brain child would be Morgan Hawke's Victorious Star.

Around each corner of Victorious Star is another surprise and another plot twist that usually includes another boundary being stepped over. This book is packed with hot gasp worthy, limit pushing scenes that introduces possibilities and some positions you should have immense upper body strength to contemplate.

This book has a current e-book list price of $5.94 and is a full length at 328 pages.

This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including bondage, domination/submission, whipping), menage (m/f/m, m/m/f), and homoerotic sexual situations (m/m, f/f) and sex with alien cock.

If you end up enjoying Victorious Star your panties will be soaked for the next book in the series Fallen Star. This 361 pg book is just as hard edged as the first, packed with dark love, action, domination and of course skeldhi.

Fallen Star is built on the same raw sexuality of the first book but has a much different feel than Victorious Star in that it has a vampire-ish vibe. As someone who doesn't read vampire books I can safely say the vampire-ish tone is creative and not overly done. Plus it's in space and they have hot alien cocks. I'm a sucker for alien cock.

This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including bondage, domination/submission, whipping, piercing), menage (m/m/f), and homoerotic sexual situations (m/m,) and sex with alien cock.

The last book in the series, also full length at 257 pgs, is Lost Star the prequel to Victorious Star that tells the back story of Ravnos and Seht and is full of all the same heart stopping hot scenes and adventures of the first two. Although a prequel you may want to read Victorious Star first. This one was written a few years later.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content, domination/submission, dubious consent, knife play, male/male sexual practices, violence.

Warning Labels

There is something about a book with a warning label that makes me giddy with anticipation. For those of you that aren't sure what I'm talking about please flip to the beginning of your nearest erotic book or look up some erotic fiction on Amazon. Somewhere on the page will be a context warning. Something like...

Warning: This book contains (mm/f/m, m/m, m/m/f, f/f, f/f/m), anal play, use of sexual toys, bdsm, forced seduction, rape in memory sequence (not by the hero) and other scenarios and language that may be disturbing to a reader.

Ok, so rape in the memory sequence isn't exactly titillating, but I appreciate the heads up! Some books are straight up vanilla erotica and have added the playful warning in favor of the boring, contains graphic sexual explicit scenes. I honestly find these just as delightful.

Warning: This book depicts HOT sexy naked cowboys and girls getting corralled, down and dirty and may cause heat flashes!

The warning let's you the reader know what to expect from your book. If you aren't into female on female action and f/f is in the content warning you know the book may not be for you. On the flip side if you are really into menage romance and you see m/f/m, you're going to get excited about the book!

I just read a book that after the warning there was a disclaimer.

Please do not try any new sexual practice, especially those that might be found in our BDSM/fetish titles without the guidance of an experienced practitioner. Neither Loose Id LLC nor its authors will be responsible for any loss, harm, injury or death resulting from use of the information contained in any of it's titles.

Oh holy mother of wet panties! Thank you Loose Id LLC! I could hardly contain my excitement! A warning and a disclaimer? Jackpot!!You as the reader are now intrigued and know that this book is going to push boundaries and will not be pc!

So my fellow readers, respect the warning labels and know that your comfort levels may be pushed and you may not find some material as arousing as others. What always makes me scratch my head is when a reader knows what their personal comfort level is, they read the warning, they know the book they are about to order is NOT in their comfort zone and they read it anyways.

They see all the great reviews (from ppl who have much different taste) and they try that proverbial dish on the menu they never wanted to try and then they are surprised when they don't like it. That would be fine but not only are they surprised ,they give it one star and a horrible review.

If you have ever ordered an erotic fiction on Kindle or Amazon I'm sure you've seen that review. I call this the, “I should have respected the warning label” review. This differs greatly from the, “crap editing” and “plot that went no where” reviews.

The, “I should have respected the warning label” review is when a greatly reviewed,  mostly five star book has a warning label saying something like, BDSM, forced seduction and a reviewer then gives the book one star and complains that the BDSM was too BDSM and the forced seduction made him/her uncomfortable. This review always starts with, “I don't like forced seduction and I read the warning BUT I decided to try it anyways...”

I get it. There is boudoir and playful BDSM that the majority of main stream erotic authors use in some shape or form and then there is the hard edged full tilt BDSM that the more daring and often times sci-fi/fantasy writers use. The people who are comfortable with the former aren't always nearly as comfortable with the latter.

The other thing I often see in erotic reviews is, “great story, too much sex”. O_o Umm, seriously? You just bought a EROTIC book and now you're complaining about there being too much sex? I would like to explain what erotic fiction means. For anyone not sure, erotic fiction means it is a story strongly based on sex with the intention of being sexually arousing and sometimes when done well an actual story breaks out around all the sex. <---That's not exactly strait out of Wikipedia, but you get the point.

You won't see me complaining when hot sex breaks out in the middle of an awesome story. I look forward to and expect it. I guarantee you, if the characters in a erotic fiction are on a rescue mission and time is of the essence, chances are they are going to stop and have sex. Also, if one of the main characters in a sci-fi/fantasy erotic fiction gets a strange affliction, sex and or some hot fresh sperm will probably be the antidote. I call this, Dire Situation Sex, and it's one of my favorite things.

With that being said, kudos to those readers that stepped outside of their comfort level and tried something new. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion!! That's why they have reviews. Quite honestly those types of reviews help others also thinking about trying that dish on the menu they know they wont like.

On that note.......

Warning: This blog contains frank discussion matter about sex, love and steamy literature that breaks boundaries, makes new boundaries and pushes those boundaries! Graphic language and poor editing may make some readers uncomfortable.