Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Turn around and show me your bottom."

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“Jual? Are you listening to me?”

She has been babbling, but her words barely registered.
Ignoring her question, I ask, “How did Situs punish you, little mate?”

“Oh…well…” She takes a tentative step back, shifting from foot to foot. “He spanked me.” She brings a hand to her bottom, and I wonder if she is remembering the chastisement. “Then he whipped me with a switch,” she admits in a small voice.

“Did it hurt?”

Her eyes widen, and she gives an emphatic nod, the smell of her fresh arousal weaving around me.

My heart lurches, and my cybernetics work to even it. “Show me.”

“What do you mean?” she asks, her delicate winged brows pulled down in confusion.

“Turn around and show me your bottom.”

She hesitates, and I wonder if she will comply. Myriad conflicting emotions pour off her as she turns, but she does not move to raise or remove her skirt.

In two strides, I am there, ripping her garment at the waist so it falls to her feet.

She cries out and moves to flee, but I grasp her arm, jerking her back into place. My eyes never leave the red stripes across her ass, a strident contrast to her pale skin. My cock throbs at the sight.

It appears Situs marked her in a different way.

I move my fingers over the slightly swollen lines, and she whimpers. But the emotions rolling off her give her away. There is pain and fear, but sharp and poignant is her desire. Taking a breath, I push down on one of the welted lines. She gives a cry, but pain and pleasure roll off her.

I jerk my hand away.

My mind races with questions. Desires of my own. I want to bend her over and see if she is wet with her need. I still remember the way arousal smeared her thighs and she begged for release when we escaped. Although she was drugged, I harbor a hope she will naturally be that greatly in want of us one day.

Could her body be ready to be properly claimed?


Monday, May 29, 2017

Monrok Warriors 2, Keeping Their Human is due out June 1st!

Life on Kadeema isn't always easy, especially when you have a reluctant mate, and you're trying to keep other Monrok from claiming your female for themselves. Sometimes you must mark your territory. 


“Lie on the mat.”

Her eyes go wide once again. “I thought you said—”

“I will not rut you, but I am going to mark you with my essence so if anyone dares enter our shuttle, they will believe we have mated.” I wave her over, but she hesitates.

“You’re going to mark me…with your…” She points to my growing erection as if the words are too much for her to say.

I find her timidity oddly arousing. Maybe it’s the sight of her eyes widened as she emits the scent of fear, or the thud of her rapid heart rate, like frightened prey who knows its end is near. It awakens something predatory in me. It would be thrilling if my little mate gave chase. I can think of many ways to devour her.

Discover life on Kadeema as Situs, Jual, fight off their brethren, and learn how to share their newly acquired female, in Monrok Warriors 2, Keeping Their Human.
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