Wednesday, August 21, 2019

When Reading Becomes Literary Masochism

For the first time in a long time I eschewed from my life, responsibilities, and general hygiene in order to read a book straight through.

Broken Knight, by L J Shen...

This one sneaked up me. I figured I'd like it. I wasn't prepared to get consumed.

I'm not sure if it's considered teen adult or YA, or New Adult. There's sex, drugs, and a ton of angst. Some readers don't like books about angsty teenagers who are young adults making stupid decisions. This book isn't for those readers.

It's from the All Saints High series, which is a spin off of Shen's dirtier, more adult series, Sinners of Saint. I had a feeling this book was going to be devastating for me. Ruckus, the parent book to Broken Knight, is one of my all time favorite books, and features Dean Cole and Rosie Leblanc, Knight Cole's parents.

Did you follow that?

The MCs from Ruckus are the parents of the MC in Broken Knight.




In the original Sinner of Saints series we not only fall in love with Rosie Leblanc. We also fall into realistic worry. She has cystic fibrosis, with a guaranteed shortened life expectancy. It's a real illness with real expectations of a crappy outcome.

Now, with some authors we may feel some trepidation about the fate of Rosie, but in the back of our minds know the author will work fictional miracles and save her life.

But here's the thing. L.J. Shen tends to like to drag her readers' hearts through trenches of mud covered barbwire until they're torn open, bleeding and broken. She lets the raw, jagged wounds sting and fester into an agonizing mess before handing over any kind of healing balm.

I mean that in a good way.

I wont tell you the outcome of Ruckus or The Sinners of Saint series, but I will say it was bittersweet, and ended when they were still relatively young. Somewhere around their mid to late twenties. Early thirties.

So, when I realized the MC of this book, Knight Cole, was Rosie and Dean's teen adult child, I knew things were going to get real. And I wasn't wrong.

Reading this book is akin to tethering your ankle to a cinder block, then willingly dumping said block and yourself into the ocean, slowly sinking to the bottom. Slowly drowning. Aching to breathe. And just when you think all hope is lost, the tether is cut and you're brought to the surface, gasping in painful lungfuls of air.

But you're still not in the clear.

No, you still have to make it to the shore, while relentlessly getting hammered by crushing waves. Jellyfish repeatedly stinging you until you make it to the shallows. To hope. And with sand under your toes, and head above water, you manage to drag yourself to shore, so gloriously happy to be alive.

More gloriously happy to feel alive than you've ever felt, due to the struggle it took to get there. But more physically and emotionally spent than you've ever been in your life.

That's what reading this book is like.

Again, I mean that in a good way.

I didn't cry the most I've ever cried over a book--and believe me, there were points I blubber-snot ugly cried. I didn't connect to the MCs more than I've ever connected to characters. But I loved all the characters and was so drawn in to each and ever single one of their journeys.

Now, I also have five previous books of emotional involvement with all the characters in this book, so it cut deep. There are a slew of secondary characters. I was in the trenches for all the emotional ups and downs. I felt every single one of them. Shen has a wonderful way of showcasing emotional turmoil and misunderstandings from every angle. She loves ripping a reader's heart out, and I. Was. There. For. It.

But this type of reading is a form of emotional masochism.

When you get this beat up over a read and still want to go back for more, you're a literary masochist. That's what that is. It's reading books like, The Notebook or Me Before You or Ryan's Bed. It's willingly letting yourself be cut open and bleeding all over the pages, and asking for more.

And it's absolutely one of the most satisfying experiences you'll ever have.

So, are you a literary masochist?

What was the last book that tore open your heart and sewed it back together?

If you're heading into a deep read, remember to stock up on chocolate, have a snack stash, and stay hydrated. An all consuming read can take a lot out of you!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

TMI TUESDAY: Clit Sucking Vibrators

The invention of the vibrator is what makes up for centuries of cruel inventions like high heels, corsets, and chastity belts.

If you or anyone you know have seen this man's peen, please call 867-5309

I for one consider a great many vibes to be relationship enhancers. Marital aides. Something to spice up the week. Bullets and wands are fun for all. And they're easy on the male ego. Some men love wielding a vibe. It's all part of their campaign to destroy and conquer your fun bits.

If you have a male S.O. who is not enamored with your favorite motorized relaxation device, try using it on their shaft or perineum while giving him head. Let him see they aren't enemies or competitors.

They are friends.

They should hang out more.

A few weeks ago I became aware of a new vibe in town. It's a special vibe a lot of ladies have been posting about. It's got a new design, and well, it doesn't just vibrate. It sucks. Your clitoris to be exact.

It has clitoral suction capabilities.

I know, right?

Intrigued as I was, I really didn't think it would work. Then I kept seeing more posts about it. THEN a friend messaged me and told me she got one, and she orgasmed in 15 seconds, hands free!!

Skeptical of the majestic motorized beast's magical powers, I headed over to Amazon and one-clicked. 

Tracy's Dog.

Yes, it's by a company named Tracy's Dog. One can only hope pet play of the human variety was involved. I for one would never refer to anything I insert into my favorite bits or let suck on my happy bundle as my dog. But to each their own.

I've renamed mine Jack. Like jackrabbit, or Jack the Ripper, because it's lively, aggressive, and is capable of tearing a hoe up.

I'm not sure if it's as much of a relationship enhancer as a relationship replacement device. Your S.O. has every right to be jealous of this thing. All it's lacking is the ability to cuddle. Once that's figured out, everyone else is obsolete. Stock up on solar chargers in case of catastrophe, and you're set for life. 

The actual product is well made, and much larger than I thought it was going to be. It comes with a USB charging cord, and charges fast and easy. 

Now, that's all well and good, but let's talk about the nitty-gritty of this thing, because holy Toledo, does it get into your nitties and gritties. Hold your tatas, from here on out TMI Tuesday is going to earn its title. 

Okay, there are two settings on this thing. Suction and vibe. They work in tandem, but you activate them separately. I went with suction first, which may be where I errored.

And there was trial and error.

The insert end wouldn't go in all the way at first. Which was nice. Made me feel like I had a snug little lady.

Oh no, my vagina is too small for your manly contraption, sir! 

This thing isn't huge by any means, but I was obviously having a shallow lady-canal day. As complimentary as the experience was, because I couldn't get it to go in all the way, I couldn't get it to suction onto my coochie nipple. The suction device was landing somewhere north of where it needed to be.

It was a situation. And honestly, at that point I didn't think it was going to work.

So, I turned on the vibe. You know, to loosen things up. It worked, BUT I was still working through the million vibe settings on this thing when everything happened all at once. The vibe hit rocket ship mode, and Mr. Suction Cup latched on to my lady-wang with the power of a thousand Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Side note: Always test new vibe settings outside of the body first.

Here I was, getting power blasted from the inside, valiantly trying to find a lower setting, and the suction device on my clit, suuuuuuuuuuucked.  

I believe what transpired in those moments will likely be the closest thing to an exorcism that I will ever experience. 

While every muscle in my body was locked and twisted in a panicked state, I couldn't get the suction to unclamp. I couldn't think to turn the power off. And I couldn't get my legs to unclamp...

A struggle ensued. 

There was screaming.

And growling.

And tears.

I had to go full out Fight Club on it to get it off.

When it was over... well...

We've all been there.

Now, would I recommend this product to others?


I would warn people to try the vibe settings first. For those of you with delicate little lady gardens, this may not be your everyday casual vibe. You may not be reaching for it when you need a little pick-me-up, or nightcap before bed.

But on days you need a super charged jill-off to help you feel alive? When you need a new exciting vibrator experience? When you want to electrify your soul and resurrect your spirit?

Jack is your guy.

I'm happy to report the second voyage aboard the S.S. Lady Killer went much smoother. Toes still curled. Eyes still rolled back. I still muttered quite a few obscenities, but no clits were injured.

Tracy's Dog is a horrible name for a clit sucking vibrator, but I now have a full understanding of why there are so many positive reviews on this thing.

If you have any rewards points on your credit card, this is what those are for.


Buy Links:

Tracy's Dog

Off Brand Clit Sucking Wand

Monday, June 3, 2019

Romancing the Mafia

It's summer reading time! This June I'm going to be sharing some of my new loves and all time favs, from every genre.
One of my favorite genres is Mafia Romance. There's something about falling in love with a man heavily involved in organized crime that gets me. The heroes are usually anti-heroes. Ruthless criminals with dark, twisted codes of honor, and a very set system of how things are ran.
It's bad boy meets Marie Kondo.
That's what's up.

Lee Savino and Stasia Black have an awesome new mafia book out, Innocence, that will be one of three.
I’m king of the criminal underworld.
I always get what I want.
And she’s my obsession.
Cora is new to the city of sin.
Her innocent blue eyes beg for me to claim her.
But I’m not the billionaire she thinks I am.
There’s a darkness within me.
And Cora is a shining light.
She’s beautiful. A virgin.
I’m ruthless. A beast.
She found me for a reason.
She’ll be my queen.
I’ll give her everything that her heart desires.
Except for one thing.
Her freedom.
She’s mine to keep, and I’m never letting her go.

Buy or Read on KU
Jane Henry also just released a Russian mafia book in her Wicked Dom series. Book one is The Bratva's Baby. Book 2 is the new release, The Bratva's Bride.
Bratva life is simple: 
You steal from the brotherhood, you pay with your life.
But the thief is a woman, and she’s too beautiful to die. 
My wedding band will be her collar. 
Our vows will be her shackles. 
She will be my captive bride.

Buy or Read on KU

Either of those new series are guaranteed to be smoking hot summer reads, sizzling enough to have you fanning yourself under the a/c.
One of my all-time fav mafia series is a bit unconventional. While it's on the twisted and bleak side, it's not super-duper dark. There's plenty of humor woven in with savage moments. Not to mention the characters, heroines and heroes alike, are easy to love.
That's just some of why I tend to binge this series on repeat.
I've read and re-read AND listened to the Hitman series by Jessica Clare and Jen Fredrick, so many times, you'd think I was channeling my inner five year old.

These books start out with the hitman for the Russian Bratva, falling in love with an uber sheltered, twisted young innocent woman who is out in the world for the first time.
Book 2 isn't a solid mafia book, but is still full of mafia ties. This book follows the two main secondary characters of book one, as they try to escape South America, and find the heroes sister.
Book 3 dives all the way back into the Bratva with the new head of the Petrovich family. A cold man who has killed and scarified to rise from the ashes of servitude within the "family". This book is easily my favorite in the series.
The heroine has Apsergers. The hero has many issues and quirks from a lifetime of trauma, Together, they just fit. They're awkward. They don't understand each other. They have so many bumps in the road. But then they begin to learn one another. Depend on one another. Need one another.
And Jen Fredrick and Jessica Clare have some how managed to make the book with the two characters who hate touch, the hottest book in the series. IMO.
There is a fourth book, The Last Hope, which delves into the South American gangs, and follows a secondary character from The Last Breath. I enjoyed it. Am glad to have read it. Yet, I didn't feel as tied to it as the rest of the series.
Do you have a favorite Mafia Romance you've read and reread? Do you prefer Italian Mafia to Russian? Do you prefer uber dark to the jaded, yet sweet books of the genre?
Let me know in the comments!
Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Let's Talk Sports Romance

There are perks to being an indie author. You get to set your own hours, choose your co-workers, and for the sake of complete honesty, you don't have to wear pants. I'm in my jammies right now. They're pink with elephants on them. And, it's well past noon. 

No effs given here. 

One of the downsides to this hermit lifestyle is the time spent alone often leads to squirrel brain. At least for me. Today is one of those days. I can't seem to collect my thoughts. I'm easily distracted. I can't get into a flow of writing, and I want to read everything and nothing. This means I've been rooting around my kindle library for a re-read and I realized, I read a LOT of  sports romance. A. LOT. 

Not only that, but I've re-read my favorites multiple times, so I thought I would share those. The books that keep pulling me in, over and over again.

Come, procrastinate with me...

First off; FOOTBALL. The American kind.

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, by Mariana Zapata. Full disclosure; this book is WAY more slow burn than I usually tolerate from contemporary romance. Not only that, it's done strictly from the female POV. 

Okay, so I'm not exactly selling it, but the thing is, this book is soooo good. I actually began listening to the audible first while I was renovating my house. It's a sixteen hour read, but I was working twelve hour days and quite a bit of it was by myself. I listened to this book every chance I got, and when I wasn't listening to the audible I was reading the e-book version. I've since re-read and re-listened to this book multiple times.

Marina Zapata has a way of writing romance that borders on general fiction. You'll fall in love with both characters and be hoping and praying they get together as you flip pages. You'll be invested in how their lives play out. A part of that is because the friendship of the characters builds without chemistry well before it morphs into something romantic. 

It's a fantastic read. Excellently crafted, and I will devour it again soon. 

Click here to check out The Wall of Winnipeg and Me----> AMAZON

The Game On series by Kristen Callihan. All the books are fantastic for different reasons. The books begin in college and move to their adult life, but the vibe of the series is a bit more mature. Book one, The Hook Up is fun, but has lots of heart. Book two, The Friend Zone is laugh out loud hilarious, and super charming.

Book three, The Game Plan is like tasting chocolate for the first time. You just want to savor it and then have another piece.

I think I've re-read Book three, The Game Plan the most times. 

Click here to check out the Game On series----> AMAZON

Gridiron series, by Jen Fredrick. I'm a fan of Jen Fredrick. Her Hitman series is one of my all-time favorites, so when I found out she'd written a football series, I was all over them. The characters are college aged, and they read college aged. That's not for everyone. 

It was for me. Big time. 

All the books in the series are entertaining and often times sweet, but the ones that pulled me in for re-reads were Jock Blocked and Downed. Both have a constant stream of off beat humor and heart that made me fall head over heels in love with the characters. 

Click here to check out the Gridiron series -----> AMAZON


Puck Buddies series, by Tara Brown. This is a graphic of the old covers. I liked them more, but I understand the need to rebrand. Anyways, these books are awesome and amazing, BUT I think they're done a disservice if read in order; Puck Buddies, Roommates, Bed Buddies.

Roommates was published first, and it's the funniest book in the series. The main couple is hilarious.  Puck Buddies, is the best friend's book. It's a prequel to Roommates and it has a much different vibe. Part of what pulled me in and made me so tied to the secondary characters of Puck Buddies is how we get to know them in Roommates. Not only that, but Bed Buddies is the continuation of Puck Buddies, and while Roommates timeline happens in the middle, it should be read first. IMO. 

Either way, I love this series. 

Click here to check out the Puck Buddies series-----> AMAZON

Off-Campus series, by Elle Kennedy... Trust circle confession; this is the series I read when I've slipped into a funk I can't shake. I watch Me Before You, ball my eyes out, then keep Friends and Gilmore Girls reruns on in the background while reading this series. I may throw a cry book in there, like Ryan's Bed or The Reluctant Dom just to mix things up, but this series ALWAYS gets re-read. 

And it's not sad! 

It's funny, entertaining, and sometimes emotional. There's some slow to medium burn, lots of fantastic secondary characters, and lots of H/h character building interaction. You'll laugh, be charmed, possibly be outraged, melt, maybe cry, and fall in love. And somewhere in the background, somebody is playing hockey. 

Book three, The Score is my favorite of the bunch. It has the most humor, but it also made me ball my eyes out. 

Click here to check out the Off-Campus series---->AMAZON

Pucked series, by Helena Hunting. If you haven't read book one, Pucked, go ahead, stop reading this post and go get your copy of this book. Or at least download the sample. If you are anything like over half the romance readers in the world, you'll find this book hilarious. Like, spit out your coffee, laugh embarrassingly loud, hilarious. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Violet from Pucked is the Stephanie Plum of sports romance. She quirky, a little insane, has funny friends and family, and is super entertaining to read. The whole series isn't about her, but her and her family show up in all the books.  

There are eight books in the series. I have four of them in e-book and on Audible. I've enjoyed them all, but my re-reads are Pucked, Pucked Up, and (not shown in the graphic) Pucked Off. Side note; the audibles are excellently done and have some of my favorite narrators. 

Click here to check out the Pucked series-----> AMAZON


Yes, you read that correctly. Wrestling. The unitard, starvation, and helmet kind, not the WWE kind. And yes, an author decided to make it sexy, cause, why not. 

How To Date A Douchebag series, by Sara Ney. I believe I found this series on an instagram book blog and was intrigued by the title and the fact that they were wrestlers. Then I read them and fell in love. This is a great series. The humor is almost National Lampoon, but not nearly as raunchy. The guys in book one & two, The Studying & Learning Hours, are 110% douchebags, but that just added to the overall humor of the books. They were strangely lovable despite, or maybe because they were such over the top dicks. 

I also have at least two of of these books on audible. The narration is fantastic. 

Sara Ney also has some fun baseball cross over books, I believe set in the same world/college as the How To Date A Douchebag. 

Click here to check out the How To Date A Douchebag series----> AMAZON

Was your favorite sports romance on the list? Share your favorites in the comments! 


Prepare To Get Dirty

Do you like rough and tumble, hot and dirty, dominant heroes?

We're serving them up in spades!

This has been one of my all-time favorite projects to work on. And beginning Aug 16th-Sept Hard n' Dirty books by myself, Alta Hensley, Tara Crescent, Renee Rose, Alexis Alvarez, Ava Sinclair, Jane Henry, and Lee Savino, will release.

My book, Getting Dirty, is a full-length menage romance, coming out Aug 16th!

𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐬𝐧’𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐬𝐨 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭.
All I’ve done since I was seventeen years old is try to prove my father wrong.
Try to prove I am better than him and his perfect lineage. His perfect name.
Anyone who has gotten in my way of attaining that goal I consider collateral damage.
Now my life has spiraled so far out of my control, I’m free falling, and for whatever reason Jess and Jace feel like a safe haven.
They’re not. They're two blips from my past. And that’s where I should have left them.
We come from different worlds
Whatever we have can only exist in this moment.
They’re just two dirty mechanics.
And I’ve spent my whole life avoiding getting dirty.



I should have stopped seeing him after that first night. When he rebooked, I should have canceled...

“You’re gorgeous like this,” he purrs. His spanking hand trails over my thighs and ass, up my spine and back down. “And you were such a good girl.”
His words only add to the liquid heat gathering at my epicenter. The throbbing in my ass is becoming a warm ache spreading down to the pulse point of my clit.
Long fingers nudge between my thighs and slide through the copious moisture there. I hide my face even as my legs wantonly fall open a little to allow him better access.
“So wet, my little novice. I think someone liked their first spanking.” He says first like it will be one of many.


I meant to teach her a lesson. Scare her off.
But her tears and wounded expression nearly did me in. They made me want to eradicate all her hurts.
Never in my life have I been so affected by a woman, but here I am. Done in by a novice call girl. A fucking butterfly scientist.

The Novice is a 20k standalone novella and also features an exclusive first chapter preview to my new full-length menage romance Getting Dirty, releasing Aug 16th.

For more on Getting Dirty and the Hard n' Dirty series, click here

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Best of 2017: Sci-fi Romance *FREE*

Not sure what you want to read next? Let us make it easier for you to decide! You can now check out 11 Sci-fi Romances and Erotic Romances in one place, for free!

Draekon Mate by Lee Savino and Lili Zander
Dragon's Capture by Miranda Martin
Surrender to the Cyborgs by Grace Goodwin
Zaruv by Zara Zenia
Kenan's Mate by Sue Lyndon
His Human Slave by Renee Rose
Bambi's Alien Abduction by Aubrey Cara
Their Captive Mate by Kallista Dane
Aldric by Jane Henry
Memories of Surrender by Sophie Kisker
His Caged Kitty by Alta Hensley

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