Tuesday, July 17, 2018


I should have stopped seeing him after that first night. When he rebooked, I should have canceled...

“You’re gorgeous like this,” he purrs. His spanking hand trails over my thighs and ass, up my spine and back down. “And you were such a good girl.”
His words only add to the liquid heat gathering at my epicenter. The throbbing in my ass is becoming a warm ache spreading down to the pulse point of my clit.
Long fingers nudge between my thighs and slide through the copious moisture there. I hide my face even as my legs wantonly fall open a little to allow him better access.
“So wet, my little novice. I think someone liked their first spanking.” He says first like it will be one of many.


I meant to teach her a lesson. Scare her off.
But her tears and wounded expression nearly did me in. They made me want to eradicate all her hurts.
Never in my life have I been so affected by a woman, but here I am. Done in by a novice call girl. A fucking butterfly scientist.

The Novice is a 20k standalone novella and also features an exclusive first chapter preview to my new full-length menage romance Getting Dirty, releasing Aug 16th.

For more on Getting Dirty and the Hard n' Dirty series, click here

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