Friday, September 19, 2014

Let Me Write This Down

Most writers have a formula for their writing. If you're anything like me it involves grapes, snack packs of Cheetos, and carrot sticks. The one thing all writers have in common is they write.

Whether sitting at a desk, on the couch, lying on a blanket in the park, sitting in bed, standing in a cafe, or sitting on the transit, they write. So I'm writing. Some of it may be crap but the great thing about crap is it can always be improved upon. 


My first book is done, for the most part. I've sent it out with my fingers and toes crossed. I held my breath at first then passed out. I'm no longer holding my breath. I'm keeping a zen attitude for now and letting what may be may be. 

Who knows. Every publisher I send it to may want me to change the whole thing.

 Or maybe just a few things. 

And maybe I will change it. I have no idea. In the meantime I'm writing. I finished the first draft/rough draft of my second book. This one features secondary characters from my first book. I may or may not add a chapter to the end. When I finished the first draft it felt like a good ending, but my feelings may change by the time I do a read through. I like to wait before I do a read through and start revisions. One good thing about not being published yet is I have nothing but time.

Right now book two is a few hundred over 54k. I'm giving myself distance from it while I write my third story, which features secondary characters from my second book. I'm 9.5k in and experiencing the first blush of my characters budding romance. 

So, you may only hear from me sporadically. Please excuse my absence. I'm not reading much at all these days. Which is kind of good. It means I'm writing or in the process of writing. Or finally doing the dishes that are even now piled up in my sink. 

I think I have some time before I hit the six month mark. :) 

Happy Reading & Happy Writing

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chicken Soup for the Spanko's Soul

Last week I was lousy with illness.

I have found it beneficial to feel lively in spirit when feeling poor in the health department. So while laid up and miserable, I found two feel good books with feisty heroines that were the chicken soup for my inner spanko's souls. 


Caitlin is in a bit of a 'woo girl' phase. She meets her hero when she's a tad inebriated. (understatement) And like the awesome hero Sexy Simon is, he cares for the passed out Cait. Despite the fact that he meets her at her worst, he is smitten. 

Simon being the upstanding guy he is, gives Cait an unappreciated lecture about over imbibing and she dubs him Serious Simon and begins avoiding him when possible. Although Simon is hot his appeal can't change the fact that Cait thinks he is a total stuffed cushion. When she finds herself constantly thrust into his company she discovers there's a lot more to Simon that meets the eye. Then he spanks her in a reproving manner. Feeling the obvious link from her tender bottom to her soft heart, Cait and begins to fall in love with him. 

Call Me Yours by Casey McKay is funny, sweet, and hot. I know Cait is supposed to be this super spoiled girl but I found her pretty relateable.  Her dad has cut her off, she's lost her job, and her roommate. Yet she really pulls herself up by her boot straps and does what she has to do to pay her bills and pursue her dreams. What else is a girl to do but become a phone sex operator? 

I loved Simon and Cait. They had great chemistry and all together the book was a very entertaining read. I've been needing more quirky romances with spankings in my life. Call Me Yours delivered.


Candence has reached an old time low. Her dancing career is over. She feels a bit like her life is over. She has a serious case of pity-party-table-of-one syndrome. Which is completely understandable, but she's surpassed her allotted twenty minutes a day of feeling sorry for herself by about twenty-three hours and forty minutes. 

 The great thing about Candence is she has a go-get'em attitude that would rival that of a Army General. Only problem with that is she refuses to see that she's making her physical limitations worse and possibly causing herself permanent damage. 

Lucky for her (unlucky for her bottom) Dr. Marcus knows just the cure for a stubborn gal who wont stay in bed when she is supposed to. Candence is also a slow learner, so many punishment spanking are administered. 

I loved Marcus and Candence. The secondary characters were just as sweet and wonderful as the heroine and hero themselves. Last Dance for Candence by Maren Smith will bring a tear to the eye and is great to read when laid up in bed. If you don't come out of this book feeling heartwarmed and a bit misty eyed you read it wrong.

P.S. Since I have a bit of a such a mixed bag of readers I feel like I should put out a warning. If you're not a big fan of domestic discipline (DD books) or sexual and nonsexual adult punishments, (spankings, timeouts, figgings--not to be confused with figgy pudding) this one may not for you. Reader discretion is advised. 

For more books by Casey McKay please visit @ or 

For more books by Maren Smith please visit @

*Do you have a book that made you feel better when you were feeling under the weather? Please share! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Have you ever been really into a book then read a line that made you stop and think, Wait...what?

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I recently read Reckless by Sky Jordan. It's a beautiful people type steamy romance. The sex is hot and heavy, but other than teasing butt puckers and sucking ball sacks, it was vanilla. I normally pass over the beautiful people  Hollywood/models/rockstar/actor    type books. I picked this one up on a whim and was surprised by how much I loved it. It has snappy dialogue. Excellent build up. I could feel every emotion the characters experienced from beginning to end. I totally recommend. The thing is, there were one or a few, Wait...what?, moments.

Wait...what? Moment 1: Our heroine Lexi is a gorgeous. She used to be a model. She designs dresses now. She has obtained our hero Jax's cell phone number and is texting him, without him knowing what she looks like. This is one of my favorite scenes in the book. They start up this flirtation, and when it gets naughty you can feel the heat. At some point he asks her what she looks like. We get her mental dialogue of her wanting to play down her looks so that he doesn't think he's flirting with female perfection   which she is. Then she goes on to say that she's tallish, (I got the impression she's around 5'8'') has long blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her measurements (she gives after he gives his) are 34-28-34...

Mentally I was thinking, Huh, she didn't really play down her body at all. 34-28-34 is a regular size 6. Whether you're a short chubby size 6 or a tall thin size 6, chances are your measurements are close to those.

Then later in the book he's feeling her body in the dark and says she's lied. He realizes her body is so much more smokin' hot than 34-28-34. Wait..what? Yeah   outside of the fact that dude could measure the difference between say 34 and 32   not only did dude just dis size 6 and over women, but our heroine thought it was a tragic enough number to be misleading.

My inner southern said, "Well, bless their hearts."

This is Meahgan Kausman. A size 8 swimsuit model. 
She got pissed by how much they photoshopped her pics, so she posted this on her blog. 

I went to the archives of my husband's Playboy collection for this one. For those of you unfamiliar, the centerfold of Playboy has the model's measurements and questionable weight statistics. While there are tiny 5'9'' women who measure in at 32-24-32, there are also women that are 34-27-36. And they are Playboy models. Models known to have to be young and perfectly proportioned. Just saying, if you want to high ball your heroine's proportions maybe throw a number in the mix bigger than 34.

Wait...what? Moment 2: Lexi goes down on Jax in this totally hot blow-job scene. While she's on her knees   with his cock in her mouth  he protests, and she covers his mouth with her hand. Wait...what? Dude is like 6'4''. How long are her arms? Is she standing? When did she take his dick out of her mouth?

Wait...what? Moment 3: Later in the same scene, she's on her knees sucking his junk til' it hit her trachea and, He bent at the waist until he pressed his face to her head, held her head between his legs...
His her his lap? I know a lot of guys do yoga nowadays, and Ron Jeremy used to be able to suck is own dick before the gut got in the way, but, Wait...what? Is he missing vertebrae?

Wait...what? Moment 4: Last, but not least, we are immersed in a hot lovin' scene when we get a mental snapshot of Jax thinking, He longed to look into her eyes and talk to her while they drove each other towards the peak. I actually almost missed this one. Then my brain replayed the sentence and I was all, Wait...what? Did he just wish he could talk while they were banging? Why, yes. Yes he did.

Over all this book left me feeling the same way I would after watching a really good chick-flick. Satisfied on a painting-toenails-while-eating-chocolate emotional level. And slightly horny. Jax and Lexi's sex scenes made me want to get dirty. I will happily re-read this book some day. And I'll probably notice all those great wait...what? moments all over again. They did not distract from my enjoyment of this book.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Loved One Spanking Teaser

This summer I've written much more than I've read. I've got books backed up on my kindle like cars on a LA freeway during rush hours. I can't seem to stop myself from clicking the buy button. My willpower when it comes to books is sorely lacking.

Buy books. Our habits make us buy books.

While I'm busy building my willpower muscle, I'd like to share some of what has kept me from reading. This is a snippet from my recently finished story--currently titled The Loved One. Our heroine Delia and our hero Jake are about to lose their spanking virginity.

       “Now I owe you a spanking.” 
       Her cloud of contentment cleared a bit at his words. “Spanking? For what?”
       He brought himself down to cover her again. His weight felt delicious as he nibbled kisses down her neck. He paused in his kisses giving her a serious look. “Honestly, I've wanted to spank you since the day I saw you lying over that hospital bed, this delectable bottom covered in those big floral panties.” So saying he gave her tush a squeeze. “I won't ever be able to see big floral panties without getting an erection ever again.”
       She giggled and he continued, “Then you stole my wallet and I knew I didn't just want to spank you. You deserved a spanking,”
       At this she huffed, “Borrowed. I borrowed your money. I left all your credit cards, IDs and wallet.”
       He just gave her a stern look before continuing, “Then there is the fact you went out last night wearing little more than an eye patch as a shirt.”
       “I was wearing quite a bit more than an eye patch!”
       He continued as if she hadn't spoken, “And you proceeded to get so drunk you ended up puking and passing out on me. What if I hadn't been around last night, Del? What if some other guy had taken you home?”
       When put like that, she felt chastised. She had just needed to let go for a while, but drinking herself to oblivion at a bar wasn't the way to do it. She wanted to crawl into a hole as she remembered getting sick in front of him. A little bit on him. And in front of Steven. Maybe she'd feel better after a spanking. In a small voice she asked, “You really want to give me a spanking?”
       “I've never had a spanking before.”
       “Never? Not even when you were little?”
       “No, I was in and out of foster care. Foster parents aren't allowed to spank us. Only their own kids. The ones I was sent to mostly made me pray for forgiveness. And pray I didn't end up like my mama. And my mama, when she had me, was more likely to slap my face than my bottom. I got good at not being noticeable.”
       He pulled a face of concern, “Maybe this isn't a good idea.”
       “No” She grabbed him before he could roll off her. “Please, I think you should spank me.” She wasn't sure why she was now trying to talk him into spanking her, but she knew at that moment that if he didn't spank her she'd be a little bit devastated. He wanted to spank her, she'd seen that desire clear across his face, and she wanted nothing more than to please him. “I do deserve a spanking Jake. I've been a naughty girl.”
        She said it matter of fact, but interest flared to life in his eyes, and a certain interest indicator pressed against her belly through his jeans, like she had been trying to be dirty. He was smiling again and it felt like lying in the sunshine. “I've never spanked a woman before.”
       She liked hearing that. She shouldn't be so thrilled that she was going to be the first woman he hit, but that's not what it felt like. It felt more intimate. Sexy even.
       He got up and she instantly missed his warmth. He pulled her up, kissing her deeply before easing her down over his lap. She had never felt so vulnerable and exposed. He ran a hand down her back, smoothing over her bottom and thighs. The caress made her want to purr. She wiggled on his lap against the erection at her hip. 

With the delivery of one Dear John letter and a set of divorce papers, Delia Myers is on a her way to self discovery. First stop: Embracing she's a terrible judge of character. Especially when it comes to men.

Jake Forrester is beyond charming, and hunky enough to have every female in a hundred mile radius panting after him. Basically everything she is trying to avoid. Too bad he's been determined to chase after her from the second he's laid eyes on her over sized floral granny panties.

She may run, but can she hide from love?

Warning; Contains one no-good, cheating ex-husband, a heroine with a propensity to make a run for it, and a hero that has a new found love for spanking a certain sassy woman who runs from him.  

The Loved One is a contemporary romance with spanking--because those are the best kind.