Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chicken Soup for the Spanko's Soul

Last week I was lousy with illness.

I have found it beneficial to feel lively in spirit when feeling poor in the health department. So while laid up and miserable, I found two feel good books with feisty heroines that were the chicken soup for my inner spanko's souls. 


Caitlin is in a bit of a 'woo girl' phase. She meets her hero when she's a tad inebriated. (understatement) And like the awesome hero Sexy Simon is, he cares for the passed out Cait. Despite the fact that he meets her at her worst, he is smitten. 

Simon being the upstanding guy he is, gives Cait an unappreciated lecture about over imbibing and she dubs him Serious Simon and begins avoiding him when possible. Although Simon is hot his appeal can't change the fact that Cait thinks he is a total stuffed cushion. When she finds herself constantly thrust into his company she discovers there's a lot more to Simon that meets the eye. Then he spanks her in a reproving manner. Feeling the obvious link from her tender bottom to her soft heart, Cait and begins to fall in love with him. 

Call Me Yours by Casey McKay is funny, sweet, and hot. I know Cait is supposed to be this super spoiled girl but I found her pretty relateable.  Her dad has cut her off, she's lost her job, and her roommate. Yet she really pulls herself up by her boot straps and does what she has to do to pay her bills and pursue her dreams. What else is a girl to do but become a phone sex operator? 

I loved Simon and Cait. They had great chemistry and all together the book was a very entertaining read. I've been needing more quirky romances with spankings in my life. Call Me Yours delivered.


Candence has reached an old time low. Her dancing career is over. She feels a bit like her life is over. She has a serious case of pity-party-table-of-one syndrome. Which is completely understandable, but she's surpassed her allotted twenty minutes a day of feeling sorry for herself by about twenty-three hours and forty minutes. 

 The great thing about Candence is she has a go-get'em attitude that would rival that of a Army General. Only problem with that is she refuses to see that she's making her physical limitations worse and possibly causing herself permanent damage. 

Lucky for her (unlucky for her bottom) Dr. Marcus knows just the cure for a stubborn gal who wont stay in bed when she is supposed to. Candence is also a slow learner, so many punishment spanking are administered. 

I loved Marcus and Candence. The secondary characters were just as sweet and wonderful as the heroine and hero themselves. Last Dance for Candence by Maren Smith will bring a tear to the eye and is great to read when laid up in bed. If you don't come out of this book feeling heartwarmed and a bit misty eyed you read it wrong.

P.S. Since I have a bit of a such a mixed bag of readers I feel like I should put out a warning. If you're not a big fan of domestic discipline (DD books) or sexual and nonsexual adult punishments, (spankings, timeouts, figgings--not to be confused with figgy pudding) this one may not for you. Reader discretion is advised. 

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*Do you have a book that made you feel better when you were feeling under the weather? Please share! 


  1. I've read both of these and loved them!

  2. I feel like I'm stalking your blog but I'm just catching up!

  3. Blog-stalking is accepted here :) *As long as you don't turn into the angry troll under the bridge