Monday, August 21, 2017

Their Mercy


I stroke a knuckle down her unmarred cheek. She nestles into my hand. She is as soft as a fuzzy zepka.
Kaihan informed us we may have unlimited access to the female once she is proven durable enough to survive the mating. But I know better than to trust in his words. Once we impregnate this human, they may very well take her away from us. Who knows if we will get her back? I am suddenly greedy for my time.
“I want to see all of her,” I tell Cal.
“My knot has almost subsided.” He sounds disgruntled, but has walled his thoughts from me.
“You knotted?” It is something we were told happens when mating, but since we have never mated… “What is it like?”
“You will experience it for yourself.” His voice is harsh as he eases himself from the female’s hold.
Yes, I must. Disengaging the cuffs, I sit our female up.
She rests her head on my chest. “Please, no more,” she slurs, but contradicts herself by rubbing her fevered skin against me.
She does not yet understand. There are no choices here in her new reality. You endure or you do not survive. But it is not my goal to damage her.
“Look at me, little one.” She shakes her head. Grabbing her chin, I tilt her face up to mine. Her eyes are dilated with the serum they have administered, but she must be made to understand how important this is. “You must prove you are strong enough to take us both.”
She blinks up at me, studying my face. I am intimidating. I am Monrok. Elite Guard to the Zapex. We were bred to battle the Zapex enemy, the Ko’sar. Most in the galaxy run from us. Those in power look down at us, but secretly fear us.
Our human fears us. A tear rolls down her cheek as she studies me. I brush it away, fascinated by the bit of liquid shed due to emotion alone. Monrok’s lachrymal glands secretion is regulated by our cybernetic sensors. She quiets as I put it to my mouth and taste the salty moisture.
I sense her indecision. She glances at Cal and then back to me and nods once, seeming to comprehend what we ask of her if not the reason.
The moment of her acceptance, I lift her from the table, standing her at the wall. I reengage her cuffs over her head, and she pulls, seeming betrayed. Kaihan is no doubt observing our mating. We must not show her undue compassion lest she be used against us, and I don’t want my view of her body to be impeded.
“Hey, let me go.”
“I want to look upon you.” My cock strains at the sight of her sensuous form.
Monrok own no possessions. I have never desired to, but I now understand why Kaihan collects rarities. This creature is so fascinatingly pleasing, I already want to keep her as my own rara avis. If I ever only have one possession, she will be it.
On her bare little feet, she only comes to the middle of my chest. Her breasts are full and supple, as are her hips. She has stimulators on her nipples barring them from my sight.
Gently as to not damage the mammary duct, I pop one off, but she still cries out. Pain and desire emanate from her. It is my new favorite scent. I watch one bare nipple pulse with the wild beat of her heart as I pull off the other.
Her breath hisses out as I cover her plump orbs with my mouth, sucking and tasting one bead and then the other. She is weakening, but I smell her new arousal as she pulls at her bonds.
Her desire stimulates my own. I grip my lifebringer through my pants to control my need. I have never been this hard. Not even after fighting.
“Please. Have mercy,” she begs, her voice thin.
Mercy? She asks for mercy?
I take in the sight of her perfect human features, unaltered by foreign hands. She has likely known compassion, ignorantly living peacefully on a small planet that knows nothing of the universe around it. All the while we were ripped apart and put back together.
The Zapex claimed Earth over one hundred years ago, and immediately categorized humans as inferior beings. I must agree. They are a puny race who will be made into slaves if the Zapex have their way.
She does not realize all we do for her.
She does not realize the price of mercy.
Taking out my weeping cock, I fit the head to her plump wet core. I lift her by her waist and let her glide down my length, groaning into her mouth at her tight heat closed around me.
Tilting her head back, I gaze into eyes as blue as tash stones. “We have had nearly fifty years with the Zapex, my little zepka,” I say, my voice a gruff whisper at her ear. “You are our mercy.”

 Upon waking in a dimly lit white room, my biggest fear was that I had been kidnapped by a serial killer. I learned there are things out in the universe much worse than anything on Earth. And, even if you escape, you can never go home.

They’re not kind, these being who stole me and want to use me as chattel. The others—part man, part machine— have claimed me for their own, but I’m far from saved.

After a lifetime of being ripped apart and put back together, being forced to serve and guard a race who stole us and remade us, she is our mercy. And we shall be her salvation.

We will do anything to protect her from the Zapex. Even if it means war.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

F#@king Oracle Pu$$y

As a Monrok, Dag may have stopped aging decades ago, but he has over seventy Earth years under his belt. Seventy years of fighting for and protecting a race of ingrates who could give a shit if he live or die, and he's done. Taking this veran for his own and fucking her into oblivion is his reward for all he's been through.  

“I never thought Monrok would enjoy toying with their prey,” she says, making me chuckle.

“I guess Monrok are mysterious, too.” I press my length against her, fighting the urge to just fuck her to oblivion. I want to make her beg and plead before I take her. I want her to know my power over her is absolute. 

I fist a hand in her hair. Jerking her head to the side, I run my tongue along her vulnerable neck and breathe in the scent of her. “Do you know what I’ve always wondered about?” I glide my hand down her front, enjoying how she sucks in her belly as if to get away from my touch, and cup her sex. “Veran cunt.”

I run my fingers along the silky slit, the moisture beading there the same texture as nhu oil. I check for a hood and find none, so I delve my fingers inside. Her cunt opening is a tight ring, like an asshole that grasps my digits. I explore around the ring, and she hums a harmonious tinkling of sound.

She may not have a clit, but she has a pleasure center. I circle and press the tight ring of her opening while tweaking at the buds of her nipples until she’s panting and that freakish hair of hers wraps around me in strokes and caresses.

“Would you like to know your future, Vera?” I ask at her ear.

“I already know it, Monrok,” she says with grim acceptance.

I pull out my cock and fit it to her opening. “Then you know you’re destined to belong to me?” I cup her throat, squeezing a little tighter with every inch of cock I feed inside her snug cunt. “To be my pet?”

She whimpers, and her blocking is too fine tuned to guess whether in pleasure or pain. I ease my hold on her throat just the slightest, and she gasps for breath. “Yes, master.” Her words drip with condescension.

“How much that must grate on your tongue, to call a Monrok, master.”

In answer, she clenches her internal muscles on me, making my head swim before my cybernetics clear my mind once again. Her cunt is like an accordion, obviously designed for the tapering multi-bulbed Zapex cock. The top ring closes around the head of my cock, milking it like a throat. I try to pull out to thrust, but she has me locked in her clutches.

I squeeze her throat until she writhes, then loosen my grip to allow her air. I love the way she struggles, never once losing the fiery burn in her gaze.

“You think to control me, pet?” And she does. Her cunt contracts on me so tight, my cock threatens to knot. I curse.

Veran pussy is even better than I anticipated.


I mean to steal the king’s concubines.

The Zapex ruler, King Thaain, has disappeared. He sent one last transmission from his pleasure cruiser before his Monrok guards were left looking at open space. After the rebellion, the crew of the guard ship gave up their search to seek solace on the Monrok new world of Kadeema.

We have reason to believe the king has female human pets onboard his vessel. A crew of six of my brethren and I are manning the abandoned guard ship. We will be traveling deep into Zapex territory. Capture or death is a possibility at every turn. We don’t know if the king’s ship has already been recovered by the Zapex. Nor do we know if this is a trap.
But, for the chance to own human pets...we will risk all.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains dark BDSM elements and a non-traditional spin on a traditional HEA. If such material is offensive to you, please do not purchase this book. If such material excites you, strap in. There’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy reading this story.  

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