Thursday, June 1, 2017

“Do you understand why you’re being punished, Hannah?”

“Do you understand why you’re being punished, Hannah?”

“Yes,” she clips out, and I hear the petulant rebellion in her voice.

“Do you not think you deserve it?”

“Does it matter?” She looks back at me, her lips in a firm angry line, before turning away. She knows she deserves this. 

“It does matter, little mate. It matters a great deal,” I say softly.

This time when she peers back at me, her face is drawn in contrition a moment before her lips stiffen to a hard line. “Yes,” she bites out. “I know I deserve it.”

At her admission, I bring the switch down. It lights over her with a sharp thwap.

She jerks forward, making a squeak of sound, but bites her lip and moves back into perfect position. Her narrow back long. Her lovely ass presented for reprimand. She may not like that she’s being punished, but she’s accepting it beautifully.

Although I expect and demand her willing submission, for her to grant it to me so freely fills me with unexpected gratification.

 The Zapex created us, and they believe they control us. Because of them, I nearly destroyed a human female. I should die for what I have done, but the human harvest has begun. I must live to protect her. She is fragile and broken. It will take two of us to save her from the Zapex and keep her from being claimed by other Monrok.

She will always have me for protection, but nothing more. I may have claimed her, but I will never be the one to truly mate her.
 Our little mate is more resilient than Situs believes. I have promised not to touch to her until she is ready, but other Monrok believe she is free for the taking. She is ours. We may not be able to properly mark her, but we will destroy anyone who threatens to take her from us.