Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Take Me Beast

Have you ever read a no-good-horrible-review and thought, oh man, I really want to read that book!! I have, more than a few times. I was in the mood for spanking, and trying to decide which Natasha Knight novel I should read, when I came across this gem of a review..

I will be presenting it as it appears on Amazon, misspelled words and all. My commentary will be the unitalicized snark.

* One Star Review;

Really Nasty Story. Be warned. (Spoilers)
 by Deborah Christall
This has to be one of the most ridiculous books I have ever read. It is a paranormal spanking erotica, so... 
The man in this is a complete sadist and while some people might enjoy that idea, I do not. I'm intrigued, sadist you say? 
 I feel there should have been more warning in the sinopsis. I feel you should have used spell check.  
The woman was an idiot and a complete pushover. In her defense she was kidnapped by a manwolf, three times her size, with super strength. Not to mention tape and rope. She's not exactly free to move about. 
How anyone would have fallen in love with nasty sadistic control freak is beyond me. You haven't met many women, have you? And he's a really hot alpha sadist control freak who spanks. What's not to love? 
Once again we have some bdsm aspects represented in the most dangerous way. Yum, like what?!  
He canes her as punishment with no safeword and she has obviously never done this before so it's not for her pleasure and then he has anal sex with her, also as punishment, causing her more pain while getting off on it and yet somehow through all this she ends up having an orgasim. Super hot scene, btw. And the heroine enjoys the fuck out of her entire punishment.  
Did I mention she's tied up. No, is that a question? Sounds hot.  
This book offended all my female sensibilities and I can't believe this was written by a woman. Again, whom are these lame women you associate with?  And yes. She actually wrote "offended all my female sensibilities". 
Seems more like the fantasy for some sicko guys. Nope. Just us sicko ladies.  
Really disappointing. Yeah, we got that. 

You had me at hello Ms. Christall. I knew if this woman didn't like it, I'd probably love it.

And I did.

Taken By The Beast by Natasha Knight

124 pages
Elijah had watched Kayla for years, serving as a hidden protector for this beautiful young woman-- until the night her abusive boyfriend sought to do her harm. Afterwards, he knew that there could be no hiding what happened, and she would have to come with him whether she like it or not. 

Warning; Taken By The Beast includes spanking, anal play, graphic sex scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you you're probably reading the wrong blog. 

This is an erotic spanking romance, and IMO is darker than most of Natasha Knights books. Deliciously so. I loved it and found it super hot. It's my favorite book by Natasha Knight so far. Great story, very fast paced. There is a lot packed into this quick read. 

It's also not for the faint of heart. There is bloodshed, kidnapping, forced spankings, arousal from forced spankings, rough (hot, so HOT) sex scenes. Some questionable consent. Another kidnapping. More rough hot stuff... I think this could fall under the category of 'dark erotica'. It's not as bracing as many dark erotica books, but there are enough rough elements in there a plain old erotica reader should be aware going into it.

After reading the book, the bad review really made me scratch my head. While all that stuff is in there, to some extent, Kayla isn't exactly a pushover. I don't want to give any spoilers away, I will say, she has some fight. She tries to get away more than once. Her ass is painted red more than once from her lack of being a pushover.

And Elijah, while being a bit of a sadist, is also the kind of man that comforts and snuggles. And he makes our heroine's panties wet.

Big time.

Mine too.

I gave this puppy five stars and will be rereading with a vibrator in hand.

Thank You Natasha Knight!!

For more from Natasha Knight please visit @

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hit-It and Quit-it

Do you read follow up novellas and preludes to some of your favorite books and wonder where all the magic has gone? Are you done with characters once you've gotten your happy ending?

You may be a hit-it and quit-it reader.

I'm just now accepting this about myself. I'm a hit-it and quit-it reader.

With that being said I have some exceptions. The authors that made me believe that I could read prelude and follow up books to other series. That I could be the type of reader to enjoy the level of commitment to characters as other readers seem to enjoy. These series I love, and am totally okay with continuously reading about the same characters. When prelude and follow up books happen, these authors weave the old with the new while keeping me engaged. These authors have created the characters that keep pulling me back for more. 

Jennifer Ashely's MacKenzie Series

Tracy St. John's Clans of Kalquor - I'm a giant FoK

And yes, I realize that there are only two series on this list.  This is what I'm saying. I'm sure there will be more in my future. 


They just may be few and far between for this love'em and leave'em gal. 

Reading Tracy St. John's clan beginning books is really what made me realize how much I don't like other series follow up books. How can I love them so much while being so ambivalent about the others I've read? 

While I'm coming to understand this about myself, I still feel like the urban rake, womanizing frat bro of romance readers. On average I burn through three to six books a week. Sometimes more, not very often less. At least once a month I read a follow up book to a series. I'll read just because I'm bored and sometimes find myself bored by what I'm reading.

I talk about these books to anyone and everyone.

And on top of all that, I rarely go back for a repeat performance.

Still unsure if you're a hit-it and quit-it reader? Here are some sure signs you may be a love'em and leave'em reader yourself.

Five Signs You May Be A Hit-It And Quit-It Reader;

1. If not 110% engaged in a story, you actively scout out new conquests, and contemplate not finishing the story.

Oh, I like the cover on that one...

2.You think about your next book in your TBR list and wonder if you'll like it better than the one you're reading.

How you doin? What you got waiting for me, baby?

3.You'll reread a story you love, but when it comes to follow-up novellas you become aware you're no longer engaged in the characters. You want new and shiny characters.

The original was better

4. Cameos of follow up characters in the series you are reading are nice, but you become annoyed if they get full chapters. Your soul screams They have their own book, it's not their turn!! Why are they plot blocking the main characters?! This isn't their story!

When I heard the news Karen Moning's new book Burned was going to be a big chunk of Mac and Barron's POV I groaned in misery while everyone else screamed in giddy delight. I heard they may get three more books after "Dani's" series is done. *gah* Wasn't five big books of the Mac and Barron show enough?!

5. You need to know if a series is going to be a continuation of the same characters from the first book before you begin, so you can mentally prepare yourself for that level of commitment.

the trouble with OCD

So are you the reader dying for follow up books and full chapters of your favorite characters in a series, or are you done with them after they've reached their HEA?

It's okay either way. 

This is a safe place. 

Let it out. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heather Rainier Knows

A year or two ago I discovered Heather Rainier. I've read a handful of her books and I enjoyed the crap out of them. I have a level of appreciation for their stand out quality. If you've never read one of her books, I will tell you now, her books have a fabulous dichotomy.

The plots are set up in true contemporary country western romance style, full length and heavily character driven.They'd be much like other quality country western romance novels, if she stopped there. What makes her different is she takes it three steps further going full scale menage mix-up erotica. There's lots of hot graphic sex, butt plugs, menages, sometimes up to three guys, sometimes just a H/h,  follows no formula, and lube.

Lots of lube.

The lube thing is kind of what makes her stand out for me and why I love her so much. Sure, her heroines have a realistic work schedule and personalities that makes them affable, but it's their acceptance of lube that makes them so darn effable.

I know what you're thinking; Aubrey, almost all erotica writers use lube for anal scenes. Yes, yes they do. But do they use it for vaginal scenes?



Could it be?

That's right. Heather Rainier doesn't just break out the lube for anal scenes, she uses it for a good chunk of her vaginal penetration.

She used lube last night 

Heather Rainier knows and accepts that the feminine honey isn't always flowing correctly to fit the mood. She understands that sometimes we take a Claritin and dry up. She recognizes coffee until noon often equals not being properly hydrated in the PM.

She fully grasps sometimes the hormones are blowing the wrong way and the down stairs isn't matching the enthusiasm of the dirty den of thoughts rocking out in the upstairs.

She gets that!!!

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Heather Rainier for lubing up your heroines. And thank you for not making your heroines shy about it. They don't blush and stammer their way through apologies while reaching for the lube. They rock their vaginal hubris, get lubed up, and ride their cowboys.

As nature intended.

Heather Rainier has a whole slew of Divine Creek novels I haven't even begun to make a dent in. I believe there are eighteen of them in all. The characters are in or around the town of Divine Creek, Texas, and often know each other. I'm not sure if there is an order. I've just been picking up the ones that sound the most interesting to me.

The heroes are the type of sweet loving attentive men you want to read about after your husband blows up food in the microwave, your dog pees on the floor, and your kid then steps in it. And you don't find out any of this until the food is crusted, you too step in the pee and your kid has put his soiled sock on top of the clean clothes you just took out of the dryer.

We've all had those days. These are the heroes for those days.

They are often good old boys, but never bad boys. Not in a 'treat the heroine like shit' way. They exude alpha without always needing the power dynamic play or exuding asshole tendencies. They sex you up, without ever letting you down. In other words they are bubble bath fantasy heroes that will have you drooling.

And panting.

And wanting more.

Much more.

Thank You Heather Rainier,
for the Heroes and the Lube!

For your own slice of happy erotic awesomeness, go check out Heather Rainier and her Divine Novels

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keep It Tight

"Holy Shit, you're tight." 

That's what my husband told me during one of our more recent sexcapades. The look on his face was worshipful, his voice reverent.

It was a glorious moment.

He's never has never said this about my vagina. Ever. Not even before my lady underwent natural childbirth. There have been no complaints, but that look, those four words. They do something for a woman's ego.

I'm rocking some vaginal hubris.

Big time.

A few of you may be thinking, You poor thing, my vagina has always been super snug.

Well, good for you Sally Super Snach, with your naturally narrow channel. Most of us have to put some effort into our internal structure. This post is for the majority of  us that have naturally lost our inner muscle tone over the years.

And let's face it; we all want at least one moment, in our post virginal lives, where our vaginal passage is considered 'too tight'. And we want the moment to occur during sex, not childbirth.

So, you may be wondering; how did I achieved this vagina with a force flex, Hulk grip of magical wonder?

Kandi Burruss 'Hold On To Me' weighted kegel balls

I got these off of Adam&, but there are a few sites you can find them on. I adore these things. You can use a single ball, or the two 'sphere' holder and change out the weight between the holders. 

The balls aren't too big or too small. They don't feel like they're constantly about to fall out like the little Ben Wa balls, but they aren't so big that you don't have to work to keep them in. 

Like every other woman over a certain age, I do my kegels regularly. I've even used the Ben Wa balls. Nothing has given me Wonder Woman Vagina like these balls. Just seeing them on my dresser when I wake up, I sometimes lie in bed and do some kegels before I get up. Then later in the day I put them in before I check my email. 

And yes, if you get an email from me, that's not from my iphone, chances are I was kegeling while I sent it. 

We're all a little closer now. You're welcome.

I've only been using these bad boys since February, and I've already got power pussy going on. I've always been envious of the fictional characters that had the heroes drooling over their heroines 'tight' vaginal state. Now I have fictional heroine pussy!! 

Dreams do come true.

And that's not all!

Bigger, stronger, more powerful, and often multiple, ORGASMS! 

That's right, if you start now you can be having the best orgasm you've ever had by May! I had an endless orgasm once since coming into my super maxed vaginal state. I was crying and clawing the sheets, and it didn't stop. Nope. It just kept going. I thought I was going to pass out. I was light headed for an hour afterwards. This went on and on and on. 

My husband felt like a king.  

We haven't had sex once this month that I didn't have multiple orgasms from penetration alone. When my hubby works the clit--or forces me to play with myself through my orgasm, cause he knows how I like it--it's like fireworks exploding out the top of my head. 

Fact: you want to achieve this face during sex.  

Kandi Burrus Hold On To Me weighted kegel ball,
Because everyone deserves epic orgasms 

Adam&Eve<-- use the code SHIP69 and get free shipping. These bad boys are worth every penny. 

P.S. they also help with this stuff, 
so, you know, they're good for road trip bladder training

Go forth and kegel!!