Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Take Me Beast

Have you ever read a no-good-horrible-review and thought, oh man, I really want to read that book!! I have, more than a few times. I was in the mood for spanking, and trying to decide which Natasha Knight novel I should read, when I came across this gem of a review..

I will be presenting it as it appears on Amazon, misspelled words and all. My commentary will be the unitalicized snark.

* One Star Review;

Really Nasty Story. Be warned. (Spoilers)
 by Deborah Christall
This has to be one of the most ridiculous books I have ever read. It is a paranormal spanking erotica, so... 
The man in this is a complete sadist and while some people might enjoy that idea, I do not. I'm intrigued, sadist you say? 
 I feel there should have been more warning in the sinopsis. I feel you should have used spell check.  
The woman was an idiot and a complete pushover. In her defense she was kidnapped by a manwolf, three times her size, with super strength. Not to mention tape and rope. She's not exactly free to move about. 
How anyone would have fallen in love with nasty sadistic control freak is beyond me. You haven't met many women, have you? And he's a really hot alpha sadist control freak who spanks. What's not to love? 
Once again we have some bdsm aspects represented in the most dangerous way. Yum, like what?!  
He canes her as punishment with no safeword and she has obviously never done this before so it's not for her pleasure and then he has anal sex with her, also as punishment, causing her more pain while getting off on it and yet somehow through all this she ends up having an orgasim. Super hot scene, btw. And the heroine enjoys the fuck out of her entire punishment.  
Did I mention she's tied up. No, is that a question? Sounds hot.  
This book offended all my female sensibilities and I can't believe this was written by a woman. Again, whom are these lame women you associate with?  And yes. She actually wrote "offended all my female sensibilities". 
Seems more like the fantasy for some sicko guys. Nope. Just us sicko ladies.  
Really disappointing. Yeah, we got that. 

You had me at hello Ms. Christall. I knew if this woman didn't like it, I'd probably love it.

And I did.

Taken By The Beast by Natasha Knight

124 pages
Elijah had watched Kayla for years, serving as a hidden protector for this beautiful young woman-- until the night her abusive boyfriend sought to do her harm. Afterwards, he knew that there could be no hiding what happened, and she would have to come with him whether she like it or not. 

Warning; Taken By The Beast includes spanking, anal play, graphic sex scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you you're probably reading the wrong blog. 

This is an erotic spanking romance, and IMO is darker than most of Natasha Knights books. Deliciously so. I loved it and found it super hot. It's my favorite book by Natasha Knight so far. Great story, very fast paced. There is a lot packed into this quick read. 

It's also not for the faint of heart. There is bloodshed, kidnapping, forced spankings, arousal from forced spankings, rough (hot, so HOT) sex scenes. Some questionable consent. Another kidnapping. More rough hot stuff... I think this could fall under the category of 'dark erotica'. It's not as bracing as many dark erotica books, but there are enough rough elements in there a plain old erotica reader should be aware going into it.

After reading the book, the bad review really made me scratch my head. While all that stuff is in there, to some extent, Kayla isn't exactly a pushover. I don't want to give any spoilers away, I will say, she has some fight. She tries to get away more than once. Her ass is painted red more than once from her lack of being a pushover.

And Elijah, while being a bit of a sadist, is also the kind of man that comforts and snuggles. And he makes our heroine's panties wet.

Big time.

Mine too.

I gave this puppy five stars and will be rereading with a vibrator in hand.

Thank You Natasha Knight!!

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  1. OMG - I just saw this and you're awesome (and crazy!)! I remember that review... You just made my whole week!

  2. Aubrey, I just love your review of the bad review on Amazon. You should make it a regular feature if you haven't already. That is just frickin' hilarious! You explain to people that that are ladies that would enjoy reading this book, since we like spanking and maybe some consensual non-consent with our Alpha werewolf.

    I don't know why these people don't think that there is enough warning in the disclaimers. You shouldn't have to beat people over the head telling them that there are elements that your regular Spanko who likes BDSM would like, and if you're a closed minded vanilla person that has missionary sex in the dark then don't read it. If it offended her tender sensibilities then that's too bad.

    'NoAngel' said: Awesome Plot awesome story well written lots of action romance Great alpha male able to take his brat in hand a must read.

    As a semi-reformed Brat, I know what this gal is talking about. I give you a thumbs up Aubrey. Thanks for the laughs.


    1. Thanks! I do love reviewing reviews. I may have to do it more often. :) I'm also shocked when people say there should have been more warning. Outside of the disclaimer about spanking and anal and etc? Did they miss the etc? Would they like there to be subliminal messages between each sentence of the synopsis?

      "Elijah always watched Kayla. Spanking, non-con spanking. Serving as her protector. Anal, there will be anal. Until one night." LOL

  3. It goes to show that two people respond to a book differently. What one hates is precisely what another loves. I only wish the reviewer could read your review of her review.

    1. LOL, I don't think she'd find it as entertaining as I did. ;)

  4. OMG this is hilarious! I love your review of her review. I wish I had a review like that for you to comment on. Great book btw! I love Natasha's books.