Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hit-It and Quit-it

Do you read follow up novellas and preludes to some of your favorite books and wonder where all the magic has gone? Are you done with characters once you've gotten your happy ending?

You may be a hit-it and quit-it reader.

I'm just now accepting this about myself. I'm a hit-it and quit-it reader.

With that being said I have some exceptions. The authors that made me believe that I could read prelude and follow up books to other series. That I could be the type of reader to enjoy the level of commitment to characters as other readers seem to enjoy. These series I love, and am totally okay with continuously reading about the same characters. When prelude and follow up books happen, these authors weave the old with the new while keeping me engaged. These authors have created the characters that keep pulling me back for more. 

Jennifer Ashely's MacKenzie Series

Tracy St. John's Clans of Kalquor - I'm a giant FoK

And yes, I realize that there are only two series on this list.  This is what I'm saying. I'm sure there will be more in my future. 


They just may be few and far between for this love'em and leave'em gal. 

Reading Tracy St. John's clan beginning books is really what made me realize how much I don't like other series follow up books. How can I love them so much while being so ambivalent about the others I've read? 

While I'm coming to understand this about myself, I still feel like the urban rake, womanizing frat bro of romance readers. On average I burn through three to six books a week. Sometimes more, not very often less. At least once a month I read a follow up book to a series. I'll read just because I'm bored and sometimes find myself bored by what I'm reading.

I talk about these books to anyone and everyone.

And on top of all that, I rarely go back for a repeat performance.

Still unsure if you're a hit-it and quit-it reader? Here are some sure signs you may be a love'em and leave'em reader yourself.

Five Signs You May Be A Hit-It And Quit-It Reader;

1. If not 110% engaged in a story, you actively scout out new conquests, and contemplate not finishing the story.

Oh, I like the cover on that one...

2.You think about your next book in your TBR list and wonder if you'll like it better than the one you're reading.

How you doin? What you got waiting for me, baby?

3.You'll reread a story you love, but when it comes to follow-up novellas you become aware you're no longer engaged in the characters. You want new and shiny characters.

The original was better

4. Cameos of follow up characters in the series you are reading are nice, but you become annoyed if they get full chapters. Your soul screams They have their own book, it's not their turn!! Why are they plot blocking the main characters?! This isn't their story!

When I heard the news Karen Moning's new book Burned was going to be a big chunk of Mac and Barron's POV I groaned in misery while everyone else screamed in giddy delight. I heard they may get three more books after "Dani's" series is done. *gah* Wasn't five big books of the Mac and Barron show enough?!

5. You need to know if a series is going to be a continuation of the same characters from the first book before you begin, so you can mentally prepare yourself for that level of commitment.

the trouble with OCD

So are you the reader dying for follow up books and full chapters of your favorite characters in a series, or are you done with them after they've reached their HEA?

It's okay either way. 

This is a safe place. 

Let it out. 


  1. I think I am the type that wishes for a sequel, dying for a sequel, wants to see these characters again! And then is never happy. A continuation of a series with people from the other book as background is fine, but new main characters, new story. And yes, I read a few series that are legit series that I like, but that is rare!

    1. Yes!! It doesn't happen often but when I do get excited for a sequel I'm inevitably let down. I've got two books right now I'm on the fence about b/c they're sequels to books I loved and I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for disappointment by reading them.