Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heather Rainier Knows

A year or two ago I discovered Heather Rainier. I've read a handful of her books and I enjoyed the crap out of them. I have a level of appreciation for their stand out quality. If you've never read one of her books, I will tell you now, her books have a fabulous dichotomy.

The plots are set up in true contemporary country western romance style, full length and heavily character driven.They'd be much like other quality country western romance novels, if she stopped there. What makes her different is she takes it three steps further going full scale menage mix-up erotica. There's lots of hot graphic sex, butt plugs, menages, sometimes up to three guys, sometimes just a H/h,  follows no formula, and lube.

Lots of lube.

The lube thing is kind of what makes her stand out for me and why I love her so much. Sure, her heroines have a realistic work schedule and personalities that makes them affable, but it's their acceptance of lube that makes them so darn effable.

I know what you're thinking; Aubrey, almost all erotica writers use lube for anal scenes. Yes, yes they do. But do they use it for vaginal scenes?



Could it be?

That's right. Heather Rainier doesn't just break out the lube for anal scenes, she uses it for a good chunk of her vaginal penetration.

She used lube last night 

Heather Rainier knows and accepts that the feminine honey isn't always flowing correctly to fit the mood. She understands that sometimes we take a Claritin and dry up. She recognizes coffee until noon often equals not being properly hydrated in the PM.

She fully grasps sometimes the hormones are blowing the wrong way and the down stairs isn't matching the enthusiasm of the dirty den of thoughts rocking out in the upstairs.

She gets that!!!

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Heather Rainier for lubing up your heroines. And thank you for not making your heroines shy about it. They don't blush and stammer their way through apologies while reaching for the lube. They rock their vaginal hubris, get lubed up, and ride their cowboys.

As nature intended.

Heather Rainier has a whole slew of Divine Creek novels I haven't even begun to make a dent in. I believe there are eighteen of them in all. The characters are in or around the town of Divine Creek, Texas, and often know each other. I'm not sure if there is an order. I've just been picking up the ones that sound the most interesting to me.

The heroes are the type of sweet loving attentive men you want to read about after your husband blows up food in the microwave, your dog pees on the floor, and your kid then steps in it. And you don't find out any of this until the food is crusted, you too step in the pee and your kid has put his soiled sock on top of the clean clothes you just took out of the dryer.

We've all had those days. These are the heroes for those days.

They are often good old boys, but never bad boys. Not in a 'treat the heroine like shit' way. They exude alpha without always needing the power dynamic play or exuding asshole tendencies. They sex you up, without ever letting you down. In other words they are bubble bath fantasy heroes that will have you drooling.

And panting.

And wanting more.

Much more.

Thank You Heather Rainier,
for the Heroes and the Lube!

For your own slice of happy erotic awesomeness, go check out Heather Rainier and her Divine Novels


  1. The well-lubed heroines, considerate cowboys, and I say you're welcome, Aubrey! There's certain aspects of life that don't translate well into romance novels. I mean, we all know they have to pee at some point, they can't cuddle all night because sometime during the night someone is going to get overheated and say, "You're sweaty, get off of me," oh and even romance novel characters get gas. I tend to not include those elements because I'm thinking readers don't want THAT much reality intruding into their love stories. (Plus, my editors would shoot me with a bazooka) Lube is one of the notable exceptions. With two or three guys and their accompanying cocks in play, lube is vital not only for the heroine's comfort but for the reader's as well. I don't want readers getting kicked out of a story because they notice she's riding a horse or a bike and the random thought comes to mind, "She did three guys that morning, including anal. Wonder if that shit hurts?" In my world, heroes might enjoy knowing that she still feels well-fucked hours later but they'd never want her in pain, and heaven forbid they'd ever want her to "toughen up" because that is not sexy. On the other hand, she knows what she signed up for, she's going to take that lube because drama over vaginal dryness does not an entire plot make, and because she doesn't want them worrying. I had a married friend who didn't enjoy sex because of vaginal dryness. She had a totally hot husband, and was leaving him out in the cold. I wanted to buy her a whole case of Astroglide, Aqua-lube, or olive oil, SOMETHING. Maybe that's why I tend to write lots of well-lubricated sex, she made that big of an impression on me. At any rate, thank you for the incredible insightful and funny article. You made my morning and I'll be sharing your link. <3

    1. Hahahahaa!! The lube really is for everyone's comfort. Heroines and readers a like. You're awesome Heather Rainier!

  2. LOVE all of Heather's books and love her! She's an amazing lady! Aubrey...just so you know...the books are in series order and are so much better if you read them that way. She also has cross-over books with Cara Covington (Morgan Ashbury). Ms. Covington has a Lusty Texas Series and it's awesome too. The way these two cross-over into each other's series is freaking GREAT! Thanks for the funny article that made me giggle! :)