Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Year Gone By

2013 flew by. I posted on a lot of books, and I've mentioned even more in passing. I'm going to give you the list of all the books I featured, but I would like to highlight a book that has stayed with me, that I feel may have gotten swept under the summer rug.

Slave To Love by Nikita Black. I read it this summer and I believe it just got lost in the mix, which makes me sad. I'm still thinking about that book and the crazy ending, months later. With that being said. Here are the rest of the books I featured this year.

1.  Interstellar Service & Discipline or Star Series by Morgan Hawke
2. Jungle Feakn' Bride by Eve Langlais 
3. Basically every Clans of Kalquor or Kalquor related book by Tracy St. John 
4. Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha
5. Secrets Revealed (Eldritch  Legacy 1) by Katrina Strauss
6. The Promise by Allyson Young
7. Bend to His Will by Sam Crescent
8. Daughers of Terra (book one The Ta'e'sha Chronicles) by Theolyn Boese
10. Kaden's Breeder (Book One Galactic Breeders) by Emma Paul
11. Taboo Breakers by Lawrence Block as John Warren Wells
12. Willing Victim by Cara McKenna
13.  Still (FemDom Military Romance) (Long Slow Tease 1) by Ann Mayburn
14. The Kinky Girl's Guide to Dating by Luna Grey
15. The Dom with the Perfect Brats (Badass Brats 3), by BlackShaw and Silverwood
16. Destiny Calls by Samantha Wayland
17. Basically everything by Cherise Sinclair
18. Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe by Jennie Shortridge
19. Body Politics (Rod and Cane Society) by Cara Bristol
20. The Devil of Whiskey Row by Renee Rose
21. No Place Like Home by April Hill
22. Safe In His Arms by Renee Rose
23. The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino
24. Belle Starr by Belinda McBride
25. Patton's Way (Cattleman's Club #1) by Jenny Penn
26. Haily's Game Cattleman's Club 2 by Jenny Penn
27. Ravenous Virtue by Tracy St. John
28. Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper Posey
29. Branded by Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki
30. Undeniable (books 1-3) by Madeline Sheehan
31. The Power of Three by Kate Pearce
32. Breeder by Cara Bristol*
33. Hidden Passions by Emma Holly
34. Pets by Darla Phelps
35. Lucie's Two Step-Brothers by Jenika Snow
36. Uncle Dominic's Touch by Jenika Snow
37. Somthing Has to Give by Maren Smith
38. Christmas Joy by Patty Devlin
39. Everything Christmas by Maddie Taylor
40. Saved by Renee Rose
41. A Father for Nicholas by Dinah McLeod

As we go into a new year always remember...

Thank you all for reading with me!
Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Girl Friend Gift Bags

Christmas came and went like a hurricane this year. At least my living room looks like it. I don't know about you, but we ate too much sugar and I'm actually feeling tired from the level of lazy I achieved. I hope everyone has at least one good memory from Christmas 2013 to take with them through life. I collected a few.

A surprise gift that I greatly enjoyed was a present one of my besties got me this year. It's a compilation of things that were just too perfect not to share.

The Perfect Gift for a Dirty Girl

Inside my gift bag was quite a few things but the items that stood out the most were as follows;

1. Dirty Girl Spa Day kit, with bath salts, body spritz, delicious smelling creamy peach lotion, and organic lip balm for your 'over used' lips. 
2. Old Fashion Hore Hound candy drops. She's gotten these for me before and I adore them.  (I have no idea what hore hound is but they totally cure a sore throat, every time)
3.Vinnie's Mini Tampon Case. On the card that comes with it also suggests carrying anything you don't want stolen in this case, like money and chocolate. It's smart. Who wants to touch your case with TAMPON across the front.
4. My favorite, Wash Away Your Sins hand wash.

This is the perfect girl friend gift for any occasion and something I will be emulating. I'll call them my Girl Friend Gift Bags. They'll be given out for pick me ups, periods, birthdays, bridal showers, yeast infections, pregnancy scares, herpes scare, and getting dumped. I will of course add condoms and liquor to the Got Dumped gift bag, as well as the Herpes and Pregnancy Scare, but otherwise I'm keeping it about the same. I'll probably add erotica. I give the gift of naughty books often. 

My other g/f has already run with the idea and is busy thinking up porn themed gift bags. I'm pretty sure lube and a pizza box is going to be involved. I'm afraid yet also intrigued. 

Merry After Christmas to You and Yours
Relax and enjoy the next few days of 2013!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas

Remember Christmas before kids? I do. I don't know about you, but mine were glorious. If I didn't have to work (which happened on occasion) my husband and I would wake up late. Have some good ole Christmas morning sexy time. Then we'd open presents over coffee laced with liquor, snuggled together in a state of undress by the tree. Which was followed by watching movies and more sexy time. 

For a time Christmas was a sexy beast

But were we getting the full experience? Were we turning into the couple living next to the Griswolds in Christmas Vacation? Something was missing. The pitter patter of foot steps rushing to open presents. The joy of baking cookies for more than just co-workers and neighbors. Children. 

Now the holidays and how we experience them have changed. Before motherhood....

Horribly cold and emotionally unfulfilling  

Then you have kids and the magic and wonder truly being...

You get to get creative for holiday pics 
 to send out as your Christmas Card

The kids keep busy with fun winter activities

If you're inclined you get this creepy elf 
to move around your house every night

The kids help you decorate 

You stay up till the kids are good and passed out 
Then wake up from where you fell asleep on the couch 
to play Santa and inevitably 
break a toe on the coffee table while being sneaky

Then comes Christmas morning
Bright and early

The joy of watching the kids unwrap their presents

And then of course, knowing all those shopping trips
 to get just the right thing 
were worth every agonizing hour fighting the crowds
Just to see the look on their sweet little faces

May it be Merry & Bright and filled with 
Good Cheer Throughout The New Year!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Naughty List

I just finished reading a novella box set that completely set my mood for Christmas. All the stories are super heartwarming without being overly sappy. There wasn't one story I didn't enjoy. They are also spanktastic and  now I want my bottom to be as warm as my heart.

Something Has to Give by Maren Smith

Quint Rydecker comes home from the war to find Elsie Redding, a squatter, has made herself at home at HIS house. The two wage a war against each other that they both win.

One of the hottest, also a magnificent kick off to the set. I was experiencing serious warm fuzzies not even halfway through.

Most = Hero I most want to cuddle with. And do other dirty things with.

Christmas Joy by Patty Devlin

For Joy, life has been rough. After she hears about a job opportunity at the Double R ranch, she hops a ride in the back of Nick's truck. Sexy dominant Nick wants nothing more than to take care of Joy, but can she open her self and trust in the love and security he's offering?

This story needs to be a Hallmark Christmas movie. Seriously.  I cried five times, very unexpectedly, while reading this story. Even thought it's probably the tamest story, it may have been my favorite.

Most = Most likely to make cry and donate. Warning, it may cause you to 'make it rain' on the local charities in your area. I did after reading this story.

Everything Christmas by Maddie Taylor

Merry moves to Tennessee and is immediately intrigued by her sexy neighbor. To bad he's a jerk. Reese has certain ideas about what he wants in a relationship that tend to chase women off. Afraid his firm hand will be rejected yet again, Reese puts on an a-hole act in hopes of keeping Merry at arms length.

This one is sweet and spicy with some unexpected intrigue. Merry may have been my favorite heroine. She made me chuckle and greatly reminds me of one of my besties.

Most =  Most DD. Also, most creative implement used for spanking. It's hilarious, and something my husband would think of. I'm actively searching for one as a stocking stuffer.

Saved by Renee Rose

Wounded in the war, Jack has taken a job that has wounded his pride. The only bright side is the sexy little brunette behind the cosmetic counter. When a shoplifter throws Jack and Melinda together the sparks begin to fly.

I loved this love story. Lots of humor and super-duper sexy spankings. I've never been more turned on by Santa play. If I call out Santa during my next orgasm, it will be because of this story.

Most = Hero I would most like to give me a spanking.

A Father for Nicholas by Dinah McLeod

As a single mom and a social worker, Clara finds December the most depressing month of them all. This December is no different. When sexy EMT Adam starts invading her life, her son Nicholas is thrilled. Clara? Not so much.

Clara is as prickly as a porcupine, but Adam has some ideas on how to smooth out her rough edges. The question is will she let him?

This story pulled on all my heartstrings. Listen to Christmas, Why Can't I find You? sung by little Sally off The Grinch Who Stole Christmas sound track, at any time during this story and you will be scrunchy cry face for the rest of the book. Throw in some What Child Is This and you'll be wrecked. Days later those songs came on back to back and I was cry face all over again thinking about it.

Most = Made me the most sentimental. I pulled out my kid's baby pics. It got real at my house. Also, mostly likely to make you volunteer.

In total 430 pages of heartwarming holiday magic for the spanking lover. Since the stories are much more steamy romance than down and dirty, I offer a playful warning.

Warning: May fill you so full of holiday spirit you start hugging strangers and going way over Christmas budget. 

 These stories are also available to be bought separately. For those, and even more stories to warm the heart and bottom this holiday season, please visit

Thank You, 
Maren Smith, Patty Devlin, Maddie Taylor, Renee Rose, and Dinah McLeod!

For more on these ladies, please visit;

Maren Smith @

Patty Devlin @

Maddie Taylor @

Renee Rose @

Dinah McLeod @

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bringing Up Spanking

A while ago the ladies over at Spanking Fiction (authors and bloggers) had a round table discussion about who brought spanking into the relationship. Here is a link to a post containing all the links to participants in this discussion:

Turns out this conversation is often awkward, and can and probably will end in frustration and hurt feelings.

I have friends that are swingers and friends that on occasion invite a third party into their bedroom. At some point these folks had to talk to their partners about bringing in other people for sex. That's pretty major. By comparison I thought putting spanking on the table was going to be no big deal.

Easy right?

I'm the one that brought up spanking and it wasn't the easy casual conversation I expected. I did this when my husband and I were at an impasse in our relationship. I think every partnership goes through this. We were never on the same page. We agreed to disagree a lot.

None of our arguments were really about what we were arguing about. I was constantly busting his balls in private and in social settings, spending money I wasn't supposed to spend, and pointing out guys I thought were hot to get a reaction out of him.

I wanted to be dominated to feel secure and loved. We were in such a state of turmoil I needed that for stability but my actions were just creating a bigger rift between us. We had a ton of resentment and closed off feelings. I often got plenty of aggressive demanding sex I loved, because of my behavior, but there was something missing. At the time I didn't realize how many things were missing.

One thing I really craved at the time was to be spanked. I was just starting to realize this about myself. I was also coming to terms with how submissive I was to my husband. Finding a balance between my need to please him and be in charge outside of the bedroom didn't come easy. My control freak and inner submissive were not meshing well.

With all the feeling of being out of control, is it any wonder I just needed to be spanked?

To me spanking is a big part of being dominated, and I also knew it would help me with physical and emotional release. I was a licensed massage therapist for almost ten years. I did mostly therapeutic massage for those with chronic issues. That was almost a decade of people balling their eyes out on my table because the muscle release was what they needed to be able to release emotionally.

People hold physical, mental, and emotional tension in their muscles.
I'll talk about that another time.

Anyways, I mentioned spanking the first time earlier in our relationship when we watched the movie Along Came Polly. Ben Stiller is feeling his oats after his new wife cheats on him during their honeymoon and playfully spanks Jennifer Aniston's bottom during a playful romp.

I first put it on the table then. My husband gave me a raised eyebrow and the moment passed. About five, six years ago, (our year of discord) we started being much more open about sex and trying new things. I told him I really wanted to be spanked during sex, before sex. Any time. I just wanted to be spanked.

He treated it as though I had asked him to beat me with a metal pipe. He incredulously asked things like, "You want to be hit? You want me to hit you?" Then he looked at me like I was a freak and said hurtful things like, "I know you're into pain but I'm not into that shit." 

I was devastated.

How did a playful talk about sexy spankings go so wrong? He was pissed and I have never felt less understood. I do like a little pain when aroused. He was making it sound like I was a extreme masochist who needed to be bull whipped to be satisfied. Had I asked that I could see the reaction being so strong. Looking back I think he was just upset that I wanted something he wasn't providing and it made him scared.

He knew he hurt me, but it was a while before I could talk about it. It was a while before he experimented with spanking. When he did start, it was tentative at best. I was dying to give him direction but was scared he'd stop.

Our road to spanking was long. We've been together going on 12 years now and we are just starting to get into a comfortable place with spanking. It was this past year that we've made our biggest strides. The reason for the turn around? I have no idea. I kept the ball in the air. I praised when he did something I liked. I started asking for them and he'd tease me with a little and then deny me. He only spanks me if it's his idea. The man likes control in the bedroom.

When we hit the ten year mark of our relationship I was really sick. Immune system failing, organs atrophying sick. Things changed that year. Mundane arguments decreased. Our level of communication and understanding increased. My husband has always been loving, but I felt cherished in a way I hadn't ever felt before.

Last year, when I started getting better, it was like he needed our sex to be playful and upbeat. He needed me to be giggling and gasping every time. Spankings became a regular thing then.

Now he points out paddles when at the store and gives me an evil grin then pats my bottom. Now I get playful spankings, aggressive spankings, and the kind of spankings that turn me on beyond reason.

The other day I asked him to write a check for our son's school. He put it on his desk. I went in there and was leaning over his desk stuffing the check in an envelope and labeling it when he came in and asked, "Did you find the check?

I smiled at him over my shoulder and said, " Yes. Thank you," and kept writing. Before I knew it he had a hand in the back waistband of my pants and he says, "Say it again."

Perplexed, I look over my shoulder, "Thank you?"

Whap on the right butt cheek. My eyes go wide staring at his stern face when he again says, "Say. It. Again."

I bite my lip. "Thank you." Whap on the left butt cheek.

Again and again he commands me to say it, and again and again I say 'thank you,' followed by the thrilling whap. Left, right, left, right. Over and over. I could feel the zing of the spanking coursing through my entire body. My knees were weak, my breathing went erratic and my panties were past damp.

I could have orgasmed from just that.

Then my son calls from the hallway, "Are we going to the store or what?"

Bang, bang, bang goes my head on the desk as my husband groaning says, "Yeah, we'll be right there."

I really wish we had come to our place of understanding with spanking during the years we were childless.

I thought long and hard about all the books out there that I could recommend for the people who want to bring up spanking. Domestic Discipline stories, couples communication non-fictions, BDSM Dom/sub journey type books and books on bringing up kink. They all can bring something to the table. The thing is, it's a crap shoot. Who would have thought my husband would have had such a horrible reaction to me asking for a spanking? You just have to throw it out there, as tactfully as possible, and hope for the best.

If you are someone that's been thinking about bringing up spanking, what are you waiting for? I warn you, it may not turn out exactly how you imagined, and the spankings may not be all you'd dreamed of at first or second, but you'll never know unless you put it out there. 

I can feel it. ;)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Books I Found Thanks To Amazon's Witch Hunt: Part 2

The peak of Amazon's witch hunt had every erotic author discussing which books of theirs had gotten targeted. At this point I perked up, took notes, and started downloading the most taboo of taboo in bulk.

Two of the books I bought are great examples of how ridiculous that witch hunt really was. Uncle Dominic's Touch and Lucie's Two Step-Brothers by Jenika Snow.

Thanks George R.R. Martin

No they aren't full on GoT incest books. Admittedly taboo titles, these books are between consenting adults that are in no way blood related. They have the hot naughty aspect of a not often discussed popular kink, while remaining PC. I'm kind of impressed.

Lucie's Two Step-Brothers by Jenika Snow

Lucie is eighteen, finishing her senior year of high school when her mom decides to remarry ex-military man Edward. Lucie doesn't like Edward and doesn't need to meet his sons Quentin and Emery to decide she doesn't like them either. She's set on not liking them, no matter how good looking they are, or how seductive they are becoming. As her arousal for these two builds, her walls against them come crumbling down. 

Soon it becomes apparent she had good cause not to like or trust Edward. Her step-brothers will protect her at any cost and but who will save her mother?

When I was in my early twenties my best friend's dad got remarried. There were many reasons this was a devastating event for my friend, but something magically hot happened at that wedding.  One of her equally upset, incredibly sexy Marine, new step-brothers decided to console her brains out... all night long. Starting at the reception, moving to her hotel room, their elicit night of loving was stuff of legends. 

She was as ashamed as she was proud of that night. I could have built a statue in her honor. That was one of the spiciest scenarios I had ever heard about happening in real life. Sadly, they went their separate ways, keeping it a one night deal, but I always thought it would have been crazy hot if they had kept things going. 

Lucie's Two Step-Brothers doesn't delve into the spicy talk of other incest titillation books. Meaning you wont get lines like, Let your big brother in to that tight little pussy, or Open wide and suck big brother like a good girl. Don't get me wrong. That is hot. I think steering clear of that makes this book enjoyable for both, those that enjoy the incest titillation, and those looking to avoid the over-the-top incest aspect. The book rides on well written naughty scenes, the emotional angst of some deep family issues, and a wonderfully taboo scenario. 

I'm thankful to say I got my torid step-sibling affair happy ever after with Lucie's Two Step-Brothers. This book makes for a very steamy afternoon read. There is plenty of spice and intrigue that kept me turning pages. Jenika Snow books can always be relied upon to not fill up too much time while never letting me down. Thus far, I've enjoyed every book I've read from Jenika Snow

Warning: anal sex, menage, violence, and incest (not between blood relation)

Uncle Dominic's Touch by Jenika Snow

Chloe has always loved spending time with her Aunt Clara and Uncle Dominic but now graduated from high school her feeling for Uncle Dominic have grown into a strong attraction she doesn't want to deny. 

Uncle Dominic's Touch is definitely a unconventional love story. Nothing seemed trumped up for the sake of titillation. Uncle Dominic's Touch has the type of story line that feels very real. Chloe is spending the summer before college at her Uncle Dominic and Aunt Clara's lake house when she discovers Aunt Clara has been cheating on Uncle Dominic, and they are getting a divorce. Aunt Clara is her mother's sister and she is in no way blood related to Uncle Dominic. That doesn't stop this book from feeling extremely naughty. 

Chloe is still very 18 to her uncle's 36. She has also grown up as his sweet little niece. Things happen that cause her parents to leave, so after Clara leaves it's just Chloe and Dominic. The arousal builds between these two until it com-busts into some throw down, knock out loving. After that Dominic gets freaked out and feels he's violated an innocent. 

Years pass, Dominic's in guilt and Chloe's in longing. Eight years later they have a chance meeting that send enough sparks flying to kindle a relationship. Shocked and dismayed, Chloe's family does not approve, but Chloe learns she needs to live for herself and Dominic learns you can't always help who you fall in love with.

Warning: attempted rape (not by the hero), anal sex, and incest (not between blood relation)

For more hot reads by Jenika Snow, please visit @

Thank You Jenika Snow!