Thursday, December 26, 2013

Girl Friend Gift Bags

Christmas came and went like a hurricane this year. At least my living room looks like it. I don't know about you, but we ate too much sugar and I'm actually feeling tired from the level of lazy I achieved. I hope everyone has at least one good memory from Christmas 2013 to take with them through life. I collected a few.

A surprise gift that I greatly enjoyed was a present one of my besties got me this year. It's a compilation of things that were just too perfect not to share.

The Perfect Gift for a Dirty Girl

Inside my gift bag was quite a few things but the items that stood out the most were as follows;

1. Dirty Girl Spa Day kit, with bath salts, body spritz, delicious smelling creamy peach lotion, and organic lip balm for your 'over used' lips. 
2. Old Fashion Hore Hound candy drops. She's gotten these for me before and I adore them.  (I have no idea what hore hound is but they totally cure a sore throat, every time)
3.Vinnie's Mini Tampon Case. On the card that comes with it also suggests carrying anything you don't want stolen in this case, like money and chocolate. It's smart. Who wants to touch your case with TAMPON across the front.
4. My favorite, Wash Away Your Sins hand wash.

This is the perfect girl friend gift for any occasion and something I will be emulating. I'll call them my Girl Friend Gift Bags. They'll be given out for pick me ups, periods, birthdays, bridal showers, yeast infections, pregnancy scares, herpes scare, and getting dumped. I will of course add condoms and liquor to the Got Dumped gift bag, as well as the Herpes and Pregnancy Scare, but otherwise I'm keeping it about the same. I'll probably add erotica. I give the gift of naughty books often. 

My other g/f has already run with the idea and is busy thinking up porn themed gift bags. I'm pretty sure lube and a pizza box is going to be involved. I'm afraid yet also intrigued. 

Merry After Christmas to You and Yours
Relax and enjoy the next few days of 2013!

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