Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas

Remember Christmas before kids? I do. I don't know about you, but mine were glorious. If I didn't have to work (which happened on occasion) my husband and I would wake up late. Have some good ole Christmas morning sexy time. Then we'd open presents over coffee laced with liquor, snuggled together in a state of undress by the tree. Which was followed by watching movies and more sexy time. 

For a time Christmas was a sexy beast

But were we getting the full experience? Were we turning into the couple living next to the Griswolds in Christmas Vacation? Something was missing. The pitter patter of foot steps rushing to open presents. The joy of baking cookies for more than just co-workers and neighbors. Children. 

Now the holidays and how we experience them have changed. Before motherhood....

Horribly cold and emotionally unfulfilling  

Then you have kids and the magic and wonder truly being...

You get to get creative for holiday pics 
 to send out as your Christmas Card

The kids keep busy with fun winter activities

If you're inclined you get this creepy elf 
to move around your house every night

The kids help you decorate 

You stay up till the kids are good and passed out 
Then wake up from where you fell asleep on the couch 
to play Santa and inevitably 
break a toe on the coffee table while being sneaky

Then comes Christmas morning
Bright and early

The joy of watching the kids unwrap their presents

And then of course, knowing all those shopping trips
 to get just the right thing 
were worth every agonizing hour fighting the crowds
Just to see the look on their sweet little faces

May it be Merry & Bright and filled with 
Good Cheer Throughout The New Year!!

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