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Books I Found Thanks To Amazon's Witch Hunt: Part 2

The peak of Amazon's witch hunt had every erotic author discussing which books of theirs had gotten targeted. At this point I perked up, took notes, and started downloading the most taboo of taboo in bulk.

Two of the books I bought are great examples of how ridiculous that witch hunt really was. Uncle Dominic's Touch and Lucie's Two Step-Brothers by Jenika Snow.

Thanks George R.R. Martin

No they aren't full on GoT incest books. Admittedly taboo titles, these books are between consenting adults that are in no way blood related. They have the hot naughty aspect of a not often discussed popular kink, while remaining PC. I'm kind of impressed.

Lucie's Two Step-Brothers by Jenika Snow

Lucie is eighteen, finishing her senior year of high school when her mom decides to remarry ex-military man Edward. Lucie doesn't like Edward and doesn't need to meet his sons Quentin and Emery to decide she doesn't like them either. She's set on not liking them, no matter how good looking they are, or how seductive they are becoming. As her arousal for these two builds, her walls against them come crumbling down. 

Soon it becomes apparent she had good cause not to like or trust Edward. Her step-brothers will protect her at any cost and but who will save her mother?

When I was in my early twenties my best friend's dad got remarried. There were many reasons this was a devastating event for my friend, but something magically hot happened at that wedding.  One of her equally upset, incredibly sexy Marine, new step-brothers decided to console her brains out... all night long. Starting at the reception, moving to her hotel room, their elicit night of loving was stuff of legends. 

She was as ashamed as she was proud of that night. I could have built a statue in her honor. That was one of the spiciest scenarios I had ever heard about happening in real life. Sadly, they went their separate ways, keeping it a one night deal, but I always thought it would have been crazy hot if they had kept things going. 

Lucie's Two Step-Brothers doesn't delve into the spicy talk of other incest titillation books. Meaning you wont get lines like, Let your big brother in to that tight little pussy, or Open wide and suck big brother like a good girl. Don't get me wrong. That is hot. I think steering clear of that makes this book enjoyable for both, those that enjoy the incest titillation, and those looking to avoid the over-the-top incest aspect. The book rides on well written naughty scenes, the emotional angst of some deep family issues, and a wonderfully taboo scenario. 

I'm thankful to say I got my torid step-sibling affair happy ever after with Lucie's Two Step-Brothers. This book makes for a very steamy afternoon read. There is plenty of spice and intrigue that kept me turning pages. Jenika Snow books can always be relied upon to not fill up too much time while never letting me down. Thus far, I've enjoyed every book I've read from Jenika Snow

Warning: anal sex, menage, violence, and incest (not between blood relation)

Uncle Dominic's Touch by Jenika Snow

Chloe has always loved spending time with her Aunt Clara and Uncle Dominic but now graduated from high school her feeling for Uncle Dominic have grown into a strong attraction she doesn't want to deny. 

Uncle Dominic's Touch is definitely a unconventional love story. Nothing seemed trumped up for the sake of titillation. Uncle Dominic's Touch has the type of story line that feels very real. Chloe is spending the summer before college at her Uncle Dominic and Aunt Clara's lake house when she discovers Aunt Clara has been cheating on Uncle Dominic, and they are getting a divorce. Aunt Clara is her mother's sister and she is in no way blood related to Uncle Dominic. That doesn't stop this book from feeling extremely naughty. 

Chloe is still very 18 to her uncle's 36. She has also grown up as his sweet little niece. Things happen that cause her parents to leave, so after Clara leaves it's just Chloe and Dominic. The arousal builds between these two until it com-busts into some throw down, knock out loving. After that Dominic gets freaked out and feels he's violated an innocent. 

Years pass, Dominic's in guilt and Chloe's in longing. Eight years later they have a chance meeting that send enough sparks flying to kindle a relationship. Shocked and dismayed, Chloe's family does not approve, but Chloe learns she needs to live for herself and Dominic learns you can't always help who you fall in love with.

Warning: attempted rape (not by the hero), anal sex, and incest (not between blood relation)

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