Sunday, November 24, 2013

Books I Found Thanks To Amazon's Witch Hunt

The peak of Amazon's witch hunt had every erotic author discussing which books of theirs had gotten targeted. At this point I perked up, took notes, and started downloading the most taboo of taboo in bulk.

Recently I remembered Maren Smith, author of Masters of The Castle series, saying she had written her most risque books under the pen name Darla Phelps. I of course had to look her up. Just scrolling through her first few books like Daddy's Girl, Lucy's Checkup, and Baby Sara, I almost closed the page. I'm not into the heavy age play, but then I stumbled upon a series of books that's title and author's warning made me stop in my tracks and say,

My curiosity was peeked. I immediately started looking into these books. Reviews, pricing, samples. These are hybrids books running the theme of two fetishes that aren't normally in my kink family, but with great reviews and forewarning,  I couldn't resist. Reading the sample my fascination with this new fictional world was born.

*Cue Rocky theme music* Have it in your head? You're ready.

Pets by Darla Phelps

The first two are pet/baby play hybrids, the last mostly pet. All three are sci-fi. Do I have your attention yet? Are you freaked out and ready to bolt? Hear me out. 

I devoured these books in a can't-put-down manner. When I wasn't reading these books I was talking about them. My friend's interest was peeked, so she downloaded these books and now is as hooked as I am. Never have I ever been so in love with a series that I wasn't even slightly into the kink theme. They are simply like nothing I have ever read before. 

Pets 1 Bach's Story
114 pages

The book that started it all for me. Bach's story.

Bach is from a giant (8ft tall average height) alien race that for centuries have kept humans as pets. Humans, looking so similar to them, are often used for recreation (sex), others are just cherished pets, while others are service pets for the elderly, blind, and or deaf. Some humans are brought from Earth, others are bred in captivity and know nothing outside of being a domesticated pet. The aliens see humans as substandard animals capable of mimicry and training, but lacking any sentient intelligence. 

Bach has lost his family in a horrible accident. Needing companionship Bach starts the process of adopting his very  own human. Here we are introduced to his pet Pani. Bach at first is leery of using Pani for recreation. Much of the story is him trying to figure out how to properly care for this new little creature. There is lots of naughty behavior from Pani causing her to have a sore red bottom through much of the book. 

While Bach dresses Pani like a baby doll, (a popular theme among human owners) feeds her from a bottle, and spanks her, I actually got more of a pet feel from this one. 

As soon as I was done with the very long sample of book 1, I began reading Pani's story, then switched to reading these books somewhat in tandem. I had discovered the two run parallel and I was dying to get some of Pani's POV.  

Warning: Contains graphic sex, including anal, discipline, medical play, age play (some forced) and spankings. Caution is strongly advised. 

Pets 2 Pani's Story
180 pages

I actually read a little farther past where I left off in Bach's story before I headed back to finish it. I'm glad I read most of Bach's story first, but I'm also glad I stopped and got Pani's POV. I kept getting to places in the first story where I just needed to know what the other was thinking and feeling in that moment. 

Although their tales run parallel, and are intertwined, they read quite differently. There are some days that are major events for Pani that aren't in Bach's story, and vice versa. Pani's story opens up to Pani on Earth when she is still Judy, just a regular human living in New York. That morning she's going for a jog that is going to take her to places she's never been. 

After Pani is adopted we discover many of her naughty misdeeds in Bach's story were the misunderstandings of a human trying to get a giant alien to communicate with her. We also get to hear from the other pets she had interactions with. Many of those scenes aren't in Bach's story because they just weren't relevant to him. 

The theme of Daddy/bad baby runs heavier in this story only because of Pani's inner dialogue. There are things in both stories that are an acquired taste. That was a bit harder for me. I had to ignore the age play and embrace the pet play so I could fully enjoy the size difference sex. That of which I'm totally into. Huge guy, regular sized girl. That's a big turn on for me. 

Also, I enjoyed the sex scenes from Pani's POV more. What I found super ick in the first story is skimmed over with hands on arousal being more prominent. We get Pani's feelings of slickness between her thighs and her growing need to orgasm. Her build up of lust and longing is much stronger than what we see from Bach. 

Some of the reviewers talk about much of the world building being a cop out because it's so similar to Earth, (they serve coffee, tea and cookies, just much more nasty tasting) but I think that's what makes so much of the story carry a powerful underlining message. Intentionally or unintentionally these stories may make you reevaluate how you see things and how you treat other people as well as animals. Many times in Earth's history humans have been arrogant enough to enslave other humans they deemed lesser. Dwarfs, little people, were actually kept as pets and given as gifts in ancient Egypt. 

Anyways, I don't want to give away too much but Bach does discover Pani is a sentient being and there is a HEA that leads to twenty seven years later.

Warning: This book contains graphic sex including anal, discipline, medical play, age play (some forced) and spanking. Caution is strongly advised. 

Pets 3 Bebe's Story
246 pages

No, Bebe is not Bach and Pani's love child. Bebe is a house pet that was bred on the planet. She knows nothing but being a pet. Early in the story her owners cruelly abandon her at an animal preserve. She has never been in the wild and nearly dies before being found by Bach's nephew Tral. He's a nerdy scientist living on the preserve, studying wild humans. 

I love Tral. His dry self deprecating humor had me chuckling out loud quite a few times during this story. Tral looks at being with humans as bestiality. He sees this as a perversion he is definitely above, and has always wondered how anyone could abuse a human animal in such a way until he comes face to face with the perky lush figure and crystal blue eyes of Bebe. Completely freaked out, Tral has a hard time coming to terms with being turned on by a human. 

The reason why communication between these two species is so hard is explained and we again get to see Bach and Pani, who have now been together twenty seven years. Tral's interactions with his stern no nonsense uncle Bach are delightful. While this story starts heartbreakingly deep, it's quickly tempered by Bebe's sweet naivete and Tral's offbeat humor. 

We meet a wild pack of humans, whose leader I want  more from. We get closure for the over all story line but it could easily continue and be a bit of a spin off. I would love, love,  to see Ben's story. I'm sure the last book wasn't as popular for the age players but as a strait up sci-fi erotica it was awesome. I think sci-fi erotic readers may be missing out on Bebe's Story because of the category it's placed in. My g/f that doesn't usually read these types of books concurs. It's definitely more general public sci-fi erotic reader friendly. 

Book three is all pet themed, and even that is much more down played by the midway point of the book. Though the longest it seemed like the quickest. Maybe because I didn't want it to end. I loved this story, maybe even more than the first two.

I know my opinion isn't the popular vote. Most people who read this series are into age play and want more from Pani and Bach. I get that, but I'm all about seeing a reformed human preserve with Ben getting a gal after his 18 years without a woman. 

Maybe a Maren Smith sci-fi spin off from her Darla Phelps persona perhaps? Humans in a giant world maybe? Just putting it out there. 

Warning: Contains graphic sex, some uncomfortable sex, rectal thermometer reading, but no anal intercourse. 

One last time:


I'll tell you now, if you get sucked into the sample you're going to want to read them all. 540 pages, $9.99 and totally worth it. 

For more on Darla Phelps, aka Maren Smith, please visit her @

Thank You Darla Phelps!!


  1. Alright, we seriously have the same reading tastes ;)
    I found the Pets dual pack about a year ago and it quickly became one of my 'dirty little secrets' LOL. I don't get an opportunity to discuss my 'off the wall' book-loves too often, so I'm a little giddy to see that you mentioned it. YAY!

    1. This is definitely the place to come and talk about your most scandalous off the wall books. I could not shut up about it these books! At least one of my besties read the series with me, so I had someone to talk about them with during my OMG stage. lol They are awesome. I just finished Maren Smith's Masters of The Castle series, which are completely different but equally fantastic. I may have to post about those soon also.