Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hidden Passions

Gay m/m erotica is here and it's taking over women's reading lists. That's right. More women read and write m/m gay romance and erotica than men. You can look up any random m/m erotic romance on Goodreads and it will have hundreds of rating and reviews from mostly women. 80% of m/m erotica authors are women.

Is it any wonder?

The scenarios are fresh. The tension is hot, and believable angst is easy to come by. Even better, there are no annoying heroines. Women everywhere are discovering reading about two hot heroes falling in love with each other is pantie melting.

Honestly, I owe an apology to all the guys in college that could so easily be captivated by nothing more than two women making out. I get it now. On Jedi level. 

Two guys making out..

Is absolutely 


But nowhere near the heart stopping awesomeness of reading about two guys making out and falling in love. In other words, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. Very recently I read a book that stars two scrumptious specimen who will be in my naughty mental files for a while to come.

Hidden Passions by Emma Holly

Charismatic sexy werewolf/cop, Tony Lupone, is newly out of the closet and not sure what to do with himself. Chris Savoy is a huge beta weretiger/fireman, who is experienced with men, but has no plans on coming out as gay. Especially not to his super macho, somewhat homophobic, crew. Ever. 

Due to friends and some mysterious dragons, circumstances keep throwing these two together. Although strongly drawn to each other, Chris knows fooling around with the openly gay Tony will lead him to nothing but trouble. And, of course, the hottest sex he's ever had. But that's besides the point.

Tony desires Chris more than anyone he's ever met yet keeping him at arms length seems much safer than chancing a broken heart. 

Hidden Passions sizzles and sparks as these two men realize nothing they do could keep them from loving each other. Even if they are essentially a dog and a cat. 

Yep, that's right. They aren't only hot for each other, they're shifty shifters.

Back when my love for cock knotting was overcoming my fear of shifters, I read Emma Holly's Hidden Crimes. A m/f erotica, that is book 3 in the Hidden series, set in fictional Resurrection. A mystical pocket city for magical creatures located in New York state.

I've loved Emma Holly's books for a long while now. I began reading her historicals and moved onto her contemporaries, but can't attest to really getting into any of her paranormals, until now. 

The Hidden series as a whole is great but I've been dying for Tony and Chris's story ever since meeting the characters in Hidden Crimes. Emma Holly has written some of my all time favorite bi and gay heroes. Billionaire Bad Boy's Club anyone?

Hidden Passions did not disappoint. I was drawn in from the first page and was in love before they were. 

Tony and Chris are everything you could want in a man. Besides them being gay. That doesn't slow my wicked thoughts involving them down at all. I would love to cuddle down with those two nightly. These guys were made to be fantasized about. 

There are five Hidden stories. They can all be read out of order, mostly without spoilers, except the last two. Hidden Dragons runs parallel to Hidden Passions and has a much broader plot, chalk full of mystery and intrigue. This is all in the back ground of Hidden Passions. So if you don't like spoilers or the mystery to be ruined, make sure to read Hidden Dragons first. 

250 Pages

Warning: This story contains explicit details of the love life of two smokin hot male shifty shifters. Reader discretion is advised. 

Thank You Emma Holly!!

Naughty readers, make sure to check out the Hidden Series:

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  1. I do love to indulge in a m/m occasionally :)
    It's funny b/c I asked my best friend (he's gay married to his partner for 3 years) if he's ever read a m/m romance and he laughed at me and told me NO. I even offered to let him borrow one of mine and he still wouldn't take me up on it. Oh, well :) I'll just keep all the goodness to myself!

    1. Same here!! My gay guy friends haven't read any either. They think it's awesome and hilarious so many women are into gay erotica , but haven't tried any themselves. I keep recommending them books anyways. I think they'd really like the ones I read. :)

    2. I think I kind of shocked my friend when I brought it up. I worry that he thinks I'm fantasizing about him and his husband now. LOL. (Which, umm... I love them both, but NO. haha!)

    3. I think I'm over the top out there enough that my guys don't take it too personally. Although I have one couple that I have told repeatedly if they ever want to go bi I am there for them. 110%.... Then my husband gives me the look and shakes his head to the negative. No fun three way for me!!!