Monday, December 16, 2013

Naughty List

I just finished reading a novella box set that completely set my mood for Christmas. All the stories are super heartwarming without being overly sappy. There wasn't one story I didn't enjoy. They are also spanktastic and  now I want my bottom to be as warm as my heart.

Something Has to Give by Maren Smith

Quint Rydecker comes home from the war to find Elsie Redding, a squatter, has made herself at home at HIS house. The two wage a war against each other that they both win.

One of the hottest, also a magnificent kick off to the set. I was experiencing serious warm fuzzies not even halfway through.

Most = Hero I most want to cuddle with. And do other dirty things with.

Christmas Joy by Patty Devlin

For Joy, life has been rough. After she hears about a job opportunity at the Double R ranch, she hops a ride in the back of Nick's truck. Sexy dominant Nick wants nothing more than to take care of Joy, but can she open her self and trust in the love and security he's offering?

This story needs to be a Hallmark Christmas movie. Seriously.  I cried five times, very unexpectedly, while reading this story. Even thought it's probably the tamest story, it may have been my favorite.

Most = Most likely to make cry and donate. Warning, it may cause you to 'make it rain' on the local charities in your area. I did after reading this story.

Everything Christmas by Maddie Taylor

Merry moves to Tennessee and is immediately intrigued by her sexy neighbor. To bad he's a jerk. Reese has certain ideas about what he wants in a relationship that tend to chase women off. Afraid his firm hand will be rejected yet again, Reese puts on an a-hole act in hopes of keeping Merry at arms length.

This one is sweet and spicy with some unexpected intrigue. Merry may have been my favorite heroine. She made me chuckle and greatly reminds me of one of my besties.

Most =  Most DD. Also, most creative implement used for spanking. It's hilarious, and something my husband would think of. I'm actively searching for one as a stocking stuffer.

Saved by Renee Rose

Wounded in the war, Jack has taken a job that has wounded his pride. The only bright side is the sexy little brunette behind the cosmetic counter. When a shoplifter throws Jack and Melinda together the sparks begin to fly.

I loved this love story. Lots of humor and super-duper sexy spankings. I've never been more turned on by Santa play. If I call out Santa during my next orgasm, it will be because of this story.

Most = Hero I would most like to give me a spanking.

A Father for Nicholas by Dinah McLeod

As a single mom and a social worker, Clara finds December the most depressing month of them all. This December is no different. When sexy EMT Adam starts invading her life, her son Nicholas is thrilled. Clara? Not so much.

Clara is as prickly as a porcupine, but Adam has some ideas on how to smooth out her rough edges. The question is will she let him?

This story pulled on all my heartstrings. Listen to Christmas, Why Can't I find You? sung by little Sally off The Grinch Who Stole Christmas sound track, at any time during this story and you will be scrunchy cry face for the rest of the book. Throw in some What Child Is This and you'll be wrecked. Days later those songs came on back to back and I was cry face all over again thinking about it.

Most = Made me the most sentimental. I pulled out my kid's baby pics. It got real at my house. Also, mostly likely to make you volunteer.

In total 430 pages of heartwarming holiday magic for the spanking lover. Since the stories are much more steamy romance than down and dirty, I offer a playful warning.

Warning: May fill you so full of holiday spirit you start hugging strangers and going way over Christmas budget. 

 These stories are also available to be bought separately. For those, and even more stories to warm the heart and bottom this holiday season, please visit

Thank You, 
Maren Smith, Patty Devlin, Maddie Taylor, Renee Rose, and Dinah McLeod!

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  1. Aw, thank you, Cara!!! So happy you enjoyed it!! I'm sure Jack would love to come give you a spanking! :p

    1. oops, I'm so sorry, I meant Aubrey Cara! :)

    2. You're welcome. I'll be waiting eagerly for my Santa spanking this year!

  2. Oh, Cara, you made my day... maybe my week. Thank you for the wonderful reviews!

  3. What a creative review. I loved that you want to be besties with Merry, cuddle with Quint, be generous with Nick, get sentimental with Adam and get spanked by Jack! Something for everyone. You have a great style here Aubrey.

    1. Thanks, you ladies put together the perfect compilation of stories. They really complimented each other.

  4. How very, very sweet! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!