Friday, September 19, 2014

Let Me Write This Down

Most writers have a formula for their writing. If you're anything like me it involves grapes, snack packs of Cheetos, and carrot sticks. The one thing all writers have in common is they write.

Whether sitting at a desk, on the couch, lying on a blanket in the park, sitting in bed, standing in a cafe, or sitting on the transit, they write. So I'm writing. Some of it may be crap but the great thing about crap is it can always be improved upon. 


My first book is done, for the most part. I've sent it out with my fingers and toes crossed. I held my breath at first then passed out. I'm no longer holding my breath. I'm keeping a zen attitude for now and letting what may be may be. 

Who knows. Every publisher I send it to may want me to change the whole thing.

 Or maybe just a few things. 

And maybe I will change it. I have no idea. In the meantime I'm writing. I finished the first draft/rough draft of my second book. This one features secondary characters from my first book. I may or may not add a chapter to the end. When I finished the first draft it felt like a good ending, but my feelings may change by the time I do a read through. I like to wait before I do a read through and start revisions. One good thing about not being published yet is I have nothing but time.

Right now book two is a few hundred over 54k. I'm giving myself distance from it while I write my third story, which features secondary characters from my second book. I'm 9.5k in and experiencing the first blush of my characters budding romance. 

So, you may only hear from me sporadically. Please excuse my absence. I'm not reading much at all these days. Which is kind of good. It means I'm writing or in the process of writing. Or finally doing the dishes that are even now piled up in my sink. 

I think I have some time before I hit the six month mark. :) 

Happy Reading & Happy Writing


  1. I have this 'just write' going around in my head all the time. First draft may be crap, it may not, but if you just keep writing, you have something and somewhere to start and it gets better and better the more you write. By just write, I also mean what you're doing - just writing - which means you are absent from social media or whatever else but if you want to actually write that book, you need time to do it. What you're doing with giving yourself distance from the finished book and working on your next one is smart. Those days give you just enough space for you to look at it with fresh eyes in a week or two.

    I wish you luck and I'll cross some fingers and toes for you too on that first book being accepted. I enjoyed it so others will too.


  2. Thank you Natasha!! I appreciate that. I hope others like my first one as much as the few people who have read it. I also hope they like these new ones I'm working on. As for writing... Tracy St. John always says 'quick n' dirty', don't look back when doing the first draft. Just get it done quick n' dirty and worry about changing everything later.

    I try to follow that. It's too easy to get so caught up in your inner critic and lose where the story is going. I was actually muttering "quick n' dirty," to myself while I was getting back into writing one day and my husband over heard. He gave me a "Just how I like my woman," as he walking by sipping coffee. LOL I guess now I can say I write my first draft the way my husband likes his woman. *groan* It's hilarious if not very flattering. ;)