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Anal Loving August

Did you know August is National Anal Sex Month?  I'm spreading awareness in this weeks repost on the ins and outs of anal. Happy Anal Sex Month!!!

Taken from behind or in her behind?

Does anyone remember when doggie style was a bit taboo? If you are under 30 years old you probably don't. I remember reading romances by authors like Jude Deveraux and Julie Garwood. Heroines back then rarely gave blow jobs, and if the heroine was taken from behind that book was considered to be racy with scorching hot love scenes.

I still like to read about my heroines being taken from behind but these days that term has taken on a whole new meaning.

In the late 90's girls went wild and yet again the perspective of what's acceptable broadened a little more. Whether it's allowed in your bedroom or not, you may have noticed it's everywhere. Anal sex. Nine out of ten erotic books I read feature some scintillating back door loving. These days even tame erotic writers have a book or two with at least one token anal scene in the story.

Those wicked erotic writers aren't making it look like a bad time either. The heroines wide eyed reluctance then acceptance as she whimpers and pants as the lead male pushes in a little farther. I have to admit I hadn't thought to try it until I read it in a book. Those naughty authors are dangling the forbidden fruit with it's tantalizing promise of orgasms that reach past ordinary, surpassing any magical heights you could dream of.

Which is true, it's friggin glorious!

Anal sex has offered me some of the best orgasms I have ever had.

There is a right way and a wrong way and like all things in real life, it's often awkward if not a bit messy at first.

Whether you like pain or not, anal sex should be eased into. This is not to prevent pain as much as it is to prevent injury. That sexy little backdoor rose bud is also your fully functioning butt hole. You do not want to cause damage to your butt hole.

The only thing more uncomfortable than a tear in your rear is the discussion you'll get to have with your doctor about the tear in your rear hole. On top of that chances are you'll have the pleasure of getting treated by the nurse that could win the 'most puritanical' award who will in fact believe you are the whore of Babylon. Trust me, that's not fun at all.


All because you had to rush the bum. Lets have the joy and circumvent the sorrow by learning how to best go about rear entry.

Now I know, as taboo as it is, people have been doing this for centuries, how hard can it be? It's not rocket science, but there are a few things you should know whether you are a novice or a pro.

Anal Sex. Let Ms. Taormino be your guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino is a great book on anal sex. This informative guide doesn't read like a text making it a sassy easy read with frank factual explanations. She covers everything under the sun from Emotional and psychological aspects of anal, to Enemas (even once a week or bi-weekly is too often), to Analingus, to Butt bondage or long term butt plug wear.

In this text she debunks myths like getting a loose asshole (you actually strengthen your rectal muscles with anal play) and only gay guys want to have anal intercourse.

Turns out women are statistically taking it in the rear more than gay men, and strait men can enjoy a good prostate tickle with out being attracted to other men.

Another fun fact, if it hurts you're doing it wrong. Rome wasn't built in a day and you can't expect to go from one finger to a big hard cock in one either. Realistic expectations are a key to enjoying your first or next anal excursion.

Lubricant is an important factor which Taormino gets into. Your feminine honey and some spit aren't enough, especially if you are practicing safe sex with a condom. Without enough lubricant condoms will break which completely negates using the condom in the first place. Be lubricant wise. Some people like me have sensitive lady parts. I can't use just any lube.

Although grape seed and olive oil are lubes I've enjoyed before, they are not widely recommended. The problem being oil or vegetable based lubricants can break down the latex in condoms and stains sheets, towels, and if not properly stored can cause infection.

Really big on the market right now are the desensitizing lubes like anal ease. Let me tell you that is a really super bad idea. Numb bum holes do not know when they are being injured and you loose the glorious sensation of having sex. Where's the fun in that?

Besides that and something Taormino doesn't mention is the fact that this stuff will find it's way onto your lady parts making orgasm impossible. Talk about ruining the moment! In other words just say NO to numbing creams or gels.

The best lubes for anal play are thicker water based lubes like K-Y Jelly, and Astroglide Gel. These differ from the liquid or light versions of these lubes. She recommends many more and even has recommendations for a special lube to use if you are into extremely large toys, plugs and or fists.

One of my favorite things in this book that I use ever day is the four different kegel exercises, two of which had my eyes crossed trying to master. Yes, four different exercises, which she suggest up to 50 reps a day for each!  For added entertainment look at your face in a mirror while trying these exercises. Concentration may be required.

At a 180 pages it's a quick and informative read. First released in 1997 it has since been revised and updated and has been featured on everything from the Discovery Channel to Sex and the City. I didn't know that when I got it, but I'm so glad I did, it was ever so helpful.

Thank You Tristan Taormino!

If you end up liking this one I suggest going on line to take a look at her 25 other books like The Ulitimate Guide to Kink;BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge, and Down and Dirty Sex Secrets. She even has some erotica like, Take me There; Trans and Genderqueer Erotica and Ritual Sex.

For more on Tristan Taormino you can visit,

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Erotica and Reality

Try new things, break out of your norm and indulge in some fantasies! Anal play and anal sex can lead to some of the best sex you've ever had but always remember what happens in fiction shouldn't always translate into reality.

 Here's some things you may want to skip;
    ~Food and things like liquid chocolate/caramel/honey in and on your southern orfices may seem like a wickedly good time but in reality will only lead to all kinds of nasty infections. (ie; no grabbing the chocolate syrup out of the fridge for lube)

     That twinkie dildo seemed like a good idea at the time..

    ~Random rounded objects, long objects and or marbles, pearls, and beads not intended for sexual use, balls ect. These materials weren't made to go in your special places and regular strand beads and pearls are more likely to break and get lost inside you mid play.
    Wait..No pearls?! But pearls are just so damn sexy!

    I know, I love pearl play too. I've read some wicked things done with pearls in multiple books and not just in lady part play. In a story I recently read the lead male put a pearl on the heroines tongue to indicate their session had begun. She was not allowed to talk and needed to obey his every command.

    My panties were soaked and it was only a historical romance. It was beyond hot and I would love if my husband did this, yet all I could think was, I would be choking on that thing before my first orgasm! I guess sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

    ~Double dipping the honey well, in other words no ass to vagina. What's been in your bottom should be cleaned (condoms should be changed) before dipping back into your vagina. This includes, fingers, toys and manly erections.

    ~Air Dusters. I read a 'holy mother of hottness' scene where the lead male tied up his woman and blasted her clit with an air duster. Can you imagine? I was so turned on by this I picked up a can the next time I was at the store, but my rational husband asked, “Is that safe?”

    I thought, of course, it's just a awesome blast of air, but it got me thinking so I Googled and I'm so glad I did.The air from an air duster is actually Nitrogen Dioxide, a acrid brown poison gas, not oxygen. It can and will cause freezer burn on the skin with welts and white spots. Even after applying warm water to the skin blasted by the air duster, the skin will remain swollen and painful for hours after.


    My hot adventurous night of lovin almost turned into a few days of misery and a wounded clit!
    p.s. Even knowing the 'dangers' I still kinda wanna do that one. ; )

Be adventurous butt be wise! Bottoms up ladies! Enjoy!

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