Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wounded Clits and Broken Men

Did you know that this is International Clitoris Awareness week? I personally didn't even know there was a Clitoris Awareness week, this being the first one ever, but now that I do I'll be spreading the joy and rubbing out some time to appreciate my clitoris.

All joking aside, this specific awareness week came about after the discovery of cultures that mutilate and cut off the best part of the female genitalia. Some are coming of age ceremonies, where young girls that start their menses have their clit cut off, then their legs are bound together and they are put in a hut. If they heal and survive they are a woman.

The trauma of getting my first period while wearing a white skirt disappeared after this discovery.

In other places it's just a form of torture. All of this was on Oprah years ago, but I'm still surprised by how many people don't know about it. Every time I think about all the many places in the world without electricity, running water... Many places people live their daily lives knowing they could get taken and sold into slavery or just tortured and killed while their children are taken to be soldiers.

The women that have had FGM or female genital mutilation range in the millions. Millions. When I think about these things I don't mind paying my taxes and utility bills. When I think about these things I become thankful on a whole other level.

Okay, that's some pretty heavy stuff but there is good news. The Clitoraid group is a non-profit organization with doctors that are working to save and empower these women, perform clitoral repair surgeries when possible and spread awareness.

The work they are doing is amazing. The fact that these FGM victims have gone through so much trauma but can come through it and are willing, even eager to work towards having intimate relationships and orgasms is incredible.

For more on FGM and this organization's over all awesomeness please visit

Thank You Clitoraid!!

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The Sexy Broken Spirit

Besides clitoris week it's also the week of the emotionally scarred, oh so irresistible, heroes. I've got two erotic sci-fis and a historical romance with damaged men that will have you dying to wrap your leg around their heads, in comfort to their wounded souls. 

We ladies do love 'em damaged, don't we? 

First up, Clan and Conviction, the story of Gelan, Wynhod and Krijero. I'm quickly becoming as addicted to these Clan Beginnings as I am to the original Kalquor series. There was a bit of the plot I knew was coming, yet so much I had no idea was going to happen. Gut wrenching

The overall chemistry and interplay with all the guys is hot and great but it was the moments between Gelan and Krijero that really got me in my sweet spot. I don't want to go into it too much or ruin anything but the way Gelan looks at Krijero. Thud, I'm getting teared up, in both places, just thinking about it. 

If you haven't picked this one up, go a head and do so now. I'm not a fan of crime investigation, so it did take me a little longer to get into this one, but it's so good!

I haven't read a historical romance in ages. I don't usually mention historical romances but I read a really good one this week, that just so happens to have a damaged hero. Lord Of Wicked Intentions (Lost Lords of Pembroke 3) by Lorraine Heath is now out. 

This is the last of the Lost Lords and Rafe is the most tortured brother of them all. I'm two for two this week. This was a great story and it also made me cry. Did I mention Clan and Conviction made me cry? Yeah, these fellas have that effect on a girl. 

I started reading Lorraine Heath's books last year when I was sick and ended up burning through every book she has written that I know of. I enjoyed them all. 

Last but not least Corbin's Captive by Emma Paul is out now. As in, today is the release day, I just downloaded it and I'm wrapping this post up so I can read it, now. If you read Kaden's Breeder, you know that Corbin got betrayed, walked over and his heart stomped into the ground. I can't wait. I've been salivating for this book, so I'm ecstatic it's finally here!!

Go forth and enjoy! Happy reading everyone and please remember to show your clitoris much love this week!!!

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