Sunday, August 16, 2015

#6BestHop Candi's Debt

Welcome to #6BestHop, where authors and writers feature six of their best or favorite paragraphs from a current release or WIP. I'm not sure if these are my best six paragraphs from my new book Candi's Debt, but it's one of my favorite scenes, so I had to share. 

Candi gets caught going somewhere she really, really shouldn't be. So, to teach her a lesson she wont soon forget, Hank takes her to an adult novelty store and makes her pick out naughty toys he will be using on her later. Candi is understandably embarrassed, but despite her protests to the contrary, she's also very turned on. 

It was a really fun/hot scene to write, and I hope everyone enjoys reading it! 

“Oh, princess.” Her breath is coming fast and her cheeks are flushed. Pushing her further back behind the display, so we’re blocked from view, I slip my hand under her skirt and enjoy her quick indrawn breath as she grabs my wrist. Too late. My fingers sneak past the soaking wet crotch of her panties and sink up into her slippery core. “Tsk, tsk, someone is lying to me and to themselves. You know what happens to girls who lie?”
    “Hank.” My name on her lips comes out strangled. She’s still clutching my wrist for dear life, but she’s not trying to yank me away. 
I start a leisurely back and forth glide just to watch her eyes haze over and roll back. Fuck, the way her breath hitches makes me rock hard in an instant. 
    “Seems something about this little outing we’re on is tripping your trigger. So tell me, is it all the naughty vibrators and dildos doing it for you?”
    “Dammit, Hank.” This time my name comes out on a pant, but I keep a maddeningly slow pace. She doesn’t know it yet, but I don’t plan on letting her come anytime soon.
    “No? Not the vibrators. I would have thought you’d like those. Hmm, maybe it’s the butt plugs and nipple clamps, or maybe just maybe,” I say leaning close into her space so my breath is puffing on her neck, “It’s the fact that I’m going to take you back to my place, and clamp your lovely tits.” I pinch her nipples as a preview, and she jerks. “Then daddy’s going to bend your hot little ass over and work a plug into your tight little back hole before spanking you so hard and so long, you’ll think of me for a week every time you sit down.”


The men in my family are gamblers, cheats, and thieves. They aren’t loyal to anyone but themselves. It’s the Dawson way. My oldest brother was killed for sticking to that tradition.

I refuse to let that happen to my little brother. He’s all I have in this world and I’ll do anything to save him.

His debts are now mine, and I always pay my debts.
Now if a certain ape leader would get out of my way, things would go much more smoothly.


I swore never to return to Texas. But here I am, wading neck deep into shit creek. I’m not even getting paid for this crap.

And Candi? She has more secrets than sense and represents everything I try to avoid. I’m not sure how I got tangled up with her in the first place. I have no business getting involved with a woman like her. She needs to be saved from herself.

I don’t have a white knight complex, and this girl needs a savior. I can’t be that guy.

*Author's Note: Candi's Debt  is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, graphic sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, this book may not be for you.









  1. Oh my gosh!! That was hot! It sounds like Candi has a very enjoyable night ahead of her!

  2. What hot scene! I'm sure the possibility of discovery is adding to the heat level too!

  3. Where can I find a Hank of my own? Is there an order form at the back of your book?? :)

    1. I wish, although I'm working on a gif of a Hank slowly taking off his shirt! It'll have to be close enough. ;)

  4. A really hot book, loved it!
    love Jan,xx

  5. Take about a steamy scene, can't wait to read more!

  6. Sexy, hot scene, Aubrey. There is a naughty aspect to adult sex toy shops that makes them embarrassing and enticing. Even Hank's promise to punish Candi has her moaning with anticipation. The man definitely knows what he's doing.

  7. Very hot snippet! My or my, it's going to be an interesting evening for Candi and Hank.

  8. They definitely had a good time at the toy store ::::wink wink:::: Very fun snippet!

  9. I can't decide which is worse lying to him or to herself. Either way, she's going to think of him for an entire week. How hot is that?