Monday, September 21, 2015

Indulge Me

Hi Aubrey, thank you for having me visit. I’m sharing from my new book Indulge Me, which takes the reader on an erotic journey involving all the senses. 

Saffron, a wine taster, and the new man in her life, Gideon, have met up at a French vineyard for their first night together. The weather is warm, there’s a hot tub and she’s keen to know more about him, especially why he has two names. 

The sun had lowered and the shadows had lengthened. A spell in the tub on a warm summer’s evening would pull her out of her reminiscing. She rose, looking about, wondering how secluded they really were. Their little patch of garden hemmed in by shrubs and trees, but she couldn’t see a fence or wall. 
Behind the wooden partition, Gideon had uncovered the tub and switched on the heater. Standing next to it, he swirled his hand in the water, absentmindedly waiting for it to warm up. 
Not too hot.” She stuck a finger in —the water seemed pleasantly tepid. 
Moving behind her, he picked at the bathrobe cord, undoing the knot. Her breaths quickened as the robe slipped down her body and she shivered, conscious of her nudity and outside breeze fanning her exposed sex. 
He nudged her back with his hand. “In you get,” he urged. 
Putting her toes in the water, she re-assessed the need for heat. What had felt sufficiently warm, now felt too cool. She goose bumped all over her arms. 
She shot her leg back out. “I’ll wait.” 
Gideon tossed his towel to one side and climbed in, sloshing the water over the side as he immersed his body underwater up to his neck. “Come on, Saffron.” He splashed the water in her direction. She jumped back, shrieking. 
Her second attempt was more successful. She lowered her body inch by inch, aware of the heat pumping out of the vents by her feet. Soon, she’d been complaining she was too hot. 
Lovely,” Saffron crooned, settling on the low shelf next to him. 
For a while, they both relaxed, resting the backs of their heads on the padded rim of the tub. Gideon switched on the Jacuzzi effect and bubbles turned the surface frothy and white. 
You’ve never called me Saffy,” she blurted. 
What?” He blinked several times—the sun blazing across his face. 
Everyone always thinks I want to be called Saffy. I hate it. But, you haven’t.” 
You don’t look like a Saffy. Saffron suits you, although your hair isn’t exactly yellow.” 
I was blonde as a child, but it darkened up before I went to school. So why not Rolfe?” 
My father chose it.” He turned away, shading his eyes from the sun. “I’m moving to the other side.” 
He sat opposite her with his back to the sun. His shadow sheltered her, but cast his features into darkness. And? She waited for him to say something else, but he didn’t. Nothing about his parents or past life whether romance, childhood or hobbies, he remained elusive and uncommunicative. 
Remaining low, she scooted across to join him. He placed his hand on her thigh and she parted her legs. She hadn’t invited him, but he assumed anyway, and he slid his hand up and touched her sex. She moaned, tilted her head back and closed her eyes. 
With his hand under the water, he played with her. Hidden from the view under a swirl of foam, he teased, probed and pinched. She couldn’t sense her wetness, but it had to be developing rapidly. The water fizzed about her nipples, tickling them, while underwater, she squirmed as he inserted a finger inside her pussy. 
Throughout his finger fucking, he kissed and pecked her mouth and exposed neck with nibbles. She tried to copy him, let her hands explore, but she’d gone peculiarly weak and incapable. Close to achieving a climax, she must have shaken her head or something—an attempt to stave off the orgasm. Gideon withdrew his finger. 

She sees him once. 

He’s standing across the wine cellar watching her when their eyes meet. Miles away from home in California’s Napa Valley, she’s caught in his gaze. Though, neither one speaks, for a moment the rest of the world falls away, and she sends him a smile. 

She sees him again. 

Back home in England. Is it the same man? In the middle of a crowded wine fair, she spots him. A smile of recognition, but no words exchanged. She shakes it off, the same line of business, the same events, it's a small world. 

The third is no coincidence. 

She's running a private tasting and in walks her mystery man, dressed in a fine suit. What does she really know about him other than they share a love of wine? She’s intrigued, even more so when she discovers he has sought her out. When he invites her to a private session in a wine cellar, deep underneath a castle, she begins to uncover his secrets. 

Saffron surrenders her body and embarks on an indulgent journey with the attractive sommelier, Gideon. As a wine taster, Saffron continually uses her senses to carve out a successful career, driving her to the peak of her profession. However, when Gideon leads her on an erotic adventure fueled by passion and self-discovery, she's startled to learn that she's been living her life ignorant of sensory pleasures that require other talents, ones she’d never explored with her previous, disastrous lover. That man, who envies her success, is waiting to strike back and destroy everything she has achieved. 

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Author Bio: 

Exploring the world of BDSM and romantic kinky lifestyles has been a passion of Jaye Peaches - to portray the desires beyond the erotic sexual encounters and unearth the personalities that lie beneath. Having written short stories and read many books, she issued a challenge to herself and decided to write her own novels of Domination and submission.  
When not writing, Jaye is busy spending time with her family, enjoying music, sometimes composing or drawing and if the weather allows, gardening. 

Jaye lives in NW England. 

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