Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Panties down, skirt up" #ScintillatingSunday

Welcome to #ScintillatingSunday where authors share eight scintillating paragraphs, sentences, or words from their romance, or erotic romance novels. 

What's more embarrassing than getting caught reading naughty fiction by your boss? Getting caught by your boss you've been secretly fantasizing about. 

She read the same sentence she'd read three times before and finally started getting into her book again.
Madeline, your presentation was lacking today. I expected better from you,” Mr. Steinman said in a cold voice making her shiver. “What did I tell you was going to happen if you disappointed me again?”
Mr. Steinman, I promise to do better—”
You will do better. I'll make sure of it. Panties down, skirt up Madeline.”
Please, Mr. Steinman.”
Now Ms. Bordeaux, or I take off my belt.”
Shaking like a leaf in a storm Madeline's white cotton panties pooled around her ankles as she lifted her skirt and got into position bent over Mr. Steinman's desk. Her perky nates pointed north as she quivered in anticipation.
Mimi's own panties were fast on their way to needing a change. Her pulse beat heavy as she imagined herself quivering in young, French Madeline Bordeaux's place. Mr. Steinman's hand striking down on her bottom. As she read on, each smack, smack, smack, tingled through her body. Heating—
“Knock knock,” Mason said from the doorway, startling Mimi so bad she fumbled her Kindle and swore.
“Mr. Coleman—Mason—Mr. Coleman,” she stammered, as she tried to calm her racing heart. “You startled me.”
“I see that,” he said grinning. His hair was messy from all the wind they'd been having. With rosy cheeks he looked much like he did in high school, but now he was all man. He smelled like cool fresh air and a clean, unique masculine scent that was all him. He wore his usual crisp, white dress shirt, under a sports jacket, along with tan slacks, and sharp dress shoes.
Exactly how she pictured him when she imagined him as Mr. Steinman. The only difference was Mason grinning in a devilishly boyish manner instead of that of a stern task master.
          “That must have been some book you're reading.”




⭐️Five Star⭐️Mimi Mine is freaking awesome! Ms. Cara combines humor, heat and emotion in such way that its a struggle to stop reading because you're so captivated by the journey. ~Amazon Customer

 Mason Coleman hasn't been living. He’s been existing day to day. Ever since an accident took his family, he’s thrown himself into proving he deserved to survive. Now, ten years later, he’s built a multi-million dollar business, but has nothing to show for his personal life.

He’s ready to feel alive again, and he knows just the woman to help him. Too bad she’s his employee. She also carries secrets that are about to shake everything he thought he knew about women.

Being a single mother has not afforded Mimi Westfall many dating opportunities. In fact, she’s pretty sure Mr. Right took a wrong turn somewhere, and she’s destined to live a life devoted to her showerhead.

When her fantasies about her delectable boss commanding her and putting her over his desk to spank her naughty bottom start happening for real, she’s not sure if she should thank her lucky stars or run for the hills.

Warning: Contains one heroine that loves spanking fiction, a hero with a new found fetish, and two kooky cousins that bring new meaning to bad relations.

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