Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Enemy Hands- "No More Chatter"

 I'd like to welcome Jaye Peaches to my blog today!! She's sharing a wickedly delicious excerpt from her new book that is giving me tingles in all the right places.

Thank you, Aubrey for the hosting me today. I’m sharing a short excerpt from my latest release – In Enemy Hands. Hester has been waiting impatiently for three weeks for Daniel to visit. Since they must be enemies by day, they can only show their love in secret at night, when she’s locked in her room.


Entering the third week since their declaration of love for each other, Hester slumbered, and only became aware of his presence in her room as the key jangled in the lock. She started, springing up to find him standing over the bed, candle in one hand and wearing nothing but his breeches and an unbuttoned undershirt. He placed the light on the bedside and threw back the covers of her bed.

Hester clutched her nightshift, wrapping her arms about her as he eyed her with a greedy stare. “At last,” she declared. “What if I don’t want you here any longer? I might have changed my mind.”

“Have you?” He rested one knee on the bed. His feet were bare. “You said might.”

Her defiant approach crumbled upon seeing his bare chest. How she longed to see more of him undressed. She shuffled up the bed, hooking her feet underneath her bottom. “Three weeks it has been,” she whispered. “I did not think we would be apart for so long. You do truly want me still?”

Daniel clambered onto the bed and leaned towards her, his lips curving into a smile. “I have fought every night not to dash into this room. When my legs ached, my cold skin soaked by hard rain, my head throbbing from shouting orders, I wanted to be here. But I would not show my love to you unless I was certain I could give you my all and still have the wits to leave you. Secrecy, yes? You do remember the risk we take if exposed. The servants, my men, all could accuse us of treachery. A lynch mob might form or I could be sent to London in chains or you hung from a tree. They might think you’d bewitched me.”

Hester shuddered at the thought of accusations of witchcraft. “I am glad you are with me now.” She uncoiled and reached out to touch his face. In the candlelight, a yellow glow that flickered on his cheek, she traced the outline of his jaw, feeling the soft stubble on his chin.

With a flurry of movements, Daniel pulled her down, flattening her on the bed and his hand unlaced her necktie, unfastening the drawstring. He dived into her cleavage, cupping a breast in the palm and pinching her nipple. She winced, not in pain, but the sheer delight of his firm touch.

“No more chatter.”


When the rest of her household flees the family estate during the English Civil War, Hester Cavell, a proud Royalist supporter, stays behind hoping to protect her home. Unfortunately for Hester, she quickly finds that she is no match for a troop of Parliamentarian dragoons, led by Captain Daniel Hasard. Once the dragoons take control of her house, Daniel lets Hester stay with her servants, but he warns her that he will punish her severely if she causes any trouble.

Despite Daniel’s warning, it isn’t long before Hester risks her safety and attempts to sabotage his troops, earning her a long, hard switching on her bare bottom. But as the weeks pass, she begins to realize that the man behind the enemy uniform is loving, intelligent, and kind, and she can’t help but grow more and more attracted to him. Daniel returns Hester’s affection, and while they remain enemies by day to protect her reputation, they soon become passionate lovers by night.

Not wanting the servants to guess at their games, Hester continues to make a pretence at mischief, and Daniel continues to punish her sternly. But when a servant at last finds out the truth of their relationship, will it bring an end to their newfound romance, or will Daniel cast aside politics and allegiances and ask for her hand in marriage?

Publisher’s Note: In Enemy Hands is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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