Sunday, February 15, 2015

#MasturbationMonday -Beg For It


Welcome to another Masturbation Monday blog hop! Caleb is buried deep and fighting not to come. Not until his woman is mad for it.

Caleb clenched his teeth as Kat's tight little body spasmed and clenched around his length again. He refused to come. Not until she was begging for it. Crying to be filled with his seed. He was past coherent thought. He was blind with the primal need to drive his woman higher than she'd ever been.

Her hoarse cry as he removed the vibe from her swollen clit again made his dick jerk inside her. The scent and feel of her was making his head spin. Her sweet juices soaked his hand. Her arousal coated his thighs and her lush body quivered in his arms. 

He plucked at her rosy distended nipples until she squirmed on his lap, forcing friction on his cock buried inside her. His eyes rolled back a little. Her hips jerked back and forth, trying to ride him, and he shoved his hips up hard making her squeal. 

God, he loved the feel of being enveloped by her body. Pussy, ass, mouth. It didn't matter.

“Do you wanna come, kitten?” His voice came out dark and gravelly. She nodded her head frantically and he asked, “Do you want to come with my cock in your ass, fucking you hard? Do you think you deserve to come?”

“God, yes. I'll be a good girl. Please, please fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Her cries were music to his ears. “How do you ask me nicely?”

“Please fuck my ass, Daddy. Fuck me hard and make me come. Pleease sir. I'll be a good girl. I'll do anything. Please.”

His cocked pulsed, growing even larger at her words. His vision hazed even as he growled into her neck and fought not to come on the spot. He pushed her forward roughly. He watched his cock slide out from between her red striped ass and then sink back into her heat. Seeing his marks on her spurred him to move faster and rougher with each stroke.

Savage satisfaction filled him as he watched Kat claw at the bedspread. Her pretty hair tumbled around her shoulders as her head came back on a cry. Guttural moans and little chirps of sounds broke from her throat as he worked into her again and again. His chest thumped mine with every thrust of his cock.

He could feel his cum surging up from the base of his sack. The force to hold back shaking his legs. He reached around and vigorously rubbed the vibe against her clit even as he mercilessly hammered into her over and over. He was now mindless with his own need to come.


*Author's Note: Taming Kat is an erotic romance novel that includes explicit sex, spanking, BDSM elements, anal play, and anal sex. If such material offends you, this book may not be for you.
Moving halfway across the country to work part-time at a ranch had been a rash decision on Yankee city girl, Kat Martin's part. She understood that. She had just needed to get away from her pesky mom and older sister telling her what she should be doing with her life. She had no idea her bold move was going to put her in close proximity to her one and only one-night-stand, Caleb McCrae.
Kat may not know what she wants to do with her life but she does know she needs to stay well away from sexy neanderthal Caleb, who had strutted into her life and ripped her pants off.
Caleb is officially done with military life and is ready to settle down. He's bought a stake in the ranch he grew up working at and is building a beautiful house. Now all he has to do is wrangle the one that got away. Kat Martin has been haunting his thoughts and steaming up his dreams ever since she skipped out on him after one of the hottest nights of his life. She may be giving him the cold shoulder now, but he knows just how to heat her up.
Warning: Contains one crystal ball reading mama, one gal with commitment issues and a sassy mouth, and one cowboy that believes his belt was meant for more than holding up his pants.





  1. oo I gotta admit, I've been chafing at MF stories recently, but Caleb is so hot with Kit and this is a wonderful scene!

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