Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Premio Dardos & Real Neat Blog Awards!

My Blog Has Been Nominated For Two Awards!! :-)

I've been nominated by Mistral Dawn's Musings for...

Thank you Mistral Dawn!!

There are rules for these awards, and they are as follows:

...fifteen? Is that all? LOL How about ten? I'd nominate at least twenty, but then who would everyone else nominate?!

Real Neat Blog Award Rules

1. Put the Award Logo in your post

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated the.

Questions Mistral Dawn asked:

1.  How long have you been blogging?

A: A little over two years. 

2.  What parts of the world do you get most of the traffic for your blog from?

A: US of A, UK after that.

3.  What made you want to start blogging?

A: Naughty subjects and the lack of discussion of them. 

4.  What can you tell us about yourself that we wouldn't expect?

A: I'm epically bad w/ names. After an incident in which I called a guy the wrong name (in bed--he stormed out, I felt horrible, especially since I was doing a horrified giggle, making the apology very weak--it was not well done of me) I started dating guys w/ the same name to make it easier. 

When I met my husband, I really liked him a lot and I was terrified of calling him the wrong name, so I never, EVER said his name. I began referring to him as Mr. Cara (but w/our actual last name) and have called him that ever since. *For the record, I know and regularly remember his name, now.

5.  Do you have any pets?

A: Two dogs, one old and one young. And a fish that is supposed to be my son's to take care of...but we all know how that works out.

6.  What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

A: Spare time? What's that? ;) Read and nap

7.  If you could choose one super power, what would it be? 

A: Being able to teleport. I get jet lag driving across the street. 

Now I nominate:

My questions for all of you are:

1. What's your favorite post you've ever done? (feel free to post link)
2. Moment you knew you wanted to write what you write right now? (<--and say that three times fast)
3. All time favorite movie? (be honest)
4. From what parts of the world do you receive the most traffic to your blog?
5. Do you listen to music when you write? If yes, what do you listen to?
6. Dream breakfast? (may include food, ppl, and/or location)
7. Have you ever dated someone for a fabulously shallow reason, like they played guitar in a band, drove a certain car, or looked hot playing soccer? (<--could have been when you were sixteen, no judgement)

Cant wait to see all of your answers!!


  1. Aubrey, omg! Thank you so much for considering me for this.
    Great answers up there. Esp. #4 and #7. I'm still laughing. Teleporting would be awesome, but then an image from the movie "The Fly" enters my minds eye and I think. Na... let's not and say we did. LOL
    I grab the graphics from your blog and start working on my post. Love your questions. ♥
    Thanks again for the nomination ☺

    1. Oh, I forgot about that movie!! That would make me hesitant. But only momentarily. I'm a risk taker!!

      Look forward to seeing your answers!

  2. Yay, thank you for nominating me! I'm horrible with names, too! (well, maybe not as bad as you--lol) I knew a woman whose first and second husbands were both named Joe and she said it was a good thing, so she wouldn't call out the wrong name in bed. :)

    1. I've made avoiding calling anyone by their name an art form. I've actually gotten a lot better. Which really isn't saying much. Ironically I'm married to the man that can recall every name of everyone he's ever met. And numbers. Any number he sees he can recite. He still remembers his first checking account number from high school. It's insane.

      Look forward to seeing what you post :)

  3. Thanks for the nomination! I am cracking up over calling out the wrong name. You're too funny! I envy your husband with the number thing, I have no retention for numbers and I reverse them a lot. I'm good with names and faces though!

    1. Faces I always remember. So I always have the look of recognition on my face upon running into anyone I've only met once. I've gotten good at going straight to the, "Hey! It's good to see you again."

      Look forward to reading your answers!

  4. Thanks for nomination, will have a go! Jet lag from crossing the street - is it a wide one :)
    As for names and faces, age is starting to make that one hard, people are beginning to look the same. I'm useless at remembering numbers. It took me a year to learn my own cell number.

    1. LOL-Every time I get coffee from a shop, I order the same thing. Today the barista asked me for my order and I just stared at him. It took me a second to remember. Ugh. I'm blaming allergies for now. ;)

      I look forward to your post!

  5. Thanks so much for the nomination, Aubrey.
    Hehe, I'm horrible with names too. That's probably why I call hubby, "Honey". ;)

    1. My brain to mouth always seems to be operating under the same functionality as my foot to mouth. ;) Pet names are always good!

      Look forward to your answering post!