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Rape Fantasy (Yes, you read that correctly)

The other day I was perusing a list of UFC and boxer hero themed books. I've never seriously been into sports, but I'm really into watching UFC fights, so I checked it out. 

<shugs> I find blood sports sexy.

I didn't get further than two sentences into the description of the first book because of the phrase, “rape fantasy story”. What?! ..Did they just say... RAPE FANTASY?

I was on Amazon typing in Cara McKenna, Willing Victim, quicker than you could say “damn skippy”.

Everyone has their reasons for reading kinky erotic stuff, and equally everyone has a formula of likes and dislikes of things that really turn them on. I have trigger words and phrases that get me going. Some words as mundane as trews turn my crank.

Yes, I don't know what it is about trews. Used in any context it turns me on. Every time.

Another trigger that does it for me, as well as many other women, is good girl. That for some reason is hot. I should honestly find good girl patronizing. I have a sweet face and I've been called sweetheart on a regular basis probably my entire life. I hate it. 

I do have to say the late-teens to mid-twenties crowd of young men are now calling me ma'am and eyeing me up. Its disconcerting. I feel like an unwilling Mrs. Robinson.

Eats young nubile lads for breakfast. 

Anyways, I love books about domination and bondage. I also happen to be one of the women that *gasp, get turned on by forced seduction, or as this book is labeled, rape fantasy.

I would like to stress the word FANTASY.

I don't find actual rape appealing. Women that are titillated by the idea of forced seduction and rape fantasy do not want to be raped. Confused? Keep reading.

So, forced seduction and rape fantasy. There is a distinct difference between the two.

I did much research and extensive Googling for this. I will now forever have rape fantasy on my search engine, but luckily there are plenty of studies about the wicked things that turn women on. 

Forced seduction is about domination, and the male lead taking complete control. When seen in books there isn't always a safe word, and it's rarely ever seen in contemporary novels. It's most often in historical romance, and paranormal or scifi erotic fiction. If seen in a contemporary it's likely considered BDSM themed. Usually deemed "Dark Erotica".

Most of us erotic readers have read books by heavy hitter Dark Erotic authors like Skye Warren and Kitty Thomas.

This genre can be uber hot, but rides a thin line. The heroine is panting for it but saying 'no' between begging for more. Of course it's going to be considered more risque.

Rape fantasy on the other hand is a sexual role playing activity between two consenting adults with a safe word well in hand. This can range from rough play to having your partner stalk you and come in through a window with a ski mask on. All prearranged.

It's clear that both participants are acting out something they would find distasteful if it involved actual trauma.

Although forced seduction is considered more taboo, it's often the ultimate desire of women who are seeking out this type of fantasy. They are looking to be dominated, a little frightened, and made to do and enjoy things out of their control that would other wise cause emotional guilt.

Not very many women like to admit they're into this, yet it's actually a pretty common fantasy. A 2009 university study discovered about two thirds of women had rape/coercion fantasies. While another psychiatrist, Dr.Gail Saltz, claims it's the number one female fantasy.

Surprised? I think the BDSM craze sweeping through the nation is making a little more sense.

Willing Victim is Cara McKenna's second most reviewed book with over 92 reviews. All of them good. The biggest complaint...well, there wasn't really a big complaint other than they wished it kept going. Every single one of those reviewers enjoyed this book.

After reading it, I totally understand why.

Willing Victim starts off and continues unlike any book I've read thus far. That alone makes it stand out.

Our heroine Laurel is twenty nine and living in Boston. She waitresses but she's not down on her luck. She used to have a career and she's taking a break, maybe even hiding from life a little. She doesn't realize how boring her life has really gotten until she meets Flynn.

Flynn is a big brash, born and raised, Bostonian who completely intrigues Laurel. He also turns her down flat when she asks him out. Laurel isn't used to having to pursue guys and she's just as surprised as he is when she brazenly doesn't take no for an answer.

Flynn writes down an address of where she can find him that weekend and tells her he'll let her ask him out if what she sees doesn't scare her off.

Laurel just really wants to break out and be adventurous and figures Flynn is her chance to do just that. Laurel remains interested and finds herself at an underground boxing match.

After his fight, she discovers another woman she thinks is his girlfriend panting after him and feels like an idiot. Rather than leave she decides to talk to her. Pam is not his girlfriend but they do have a kinky fuck date later that night.

Laurel, although disheartened stays and watches the rest of the fights while partaking of a few beers and chatting with Pam. Soon, eyes wide open to what Flynn's particular kinks are, Laurel finds herself making a fuck date with him of her own.

This is where the boundary lines are drawn. They set up a no strings attached relationship with set rules to kill any expectations of more, but of course the lines get blurred and unwanted feeling start bubbling up.

This story does have a HEA and kudos to Ms. McKenna for making it feel right and natural.

Unlike some books that really annoy me, Flynn never becomes uncharacteristically sappy, yet he still conveys how much Laurel has come to mean to him. As the reader you get that warm glow feeling without rolling your eyes and calling bull shit.

The sex is amazingly hot and extremely well done, especially considering the subject matter. It is rough, but not so rough as to be unappealing to a broad audience. I think she could have gone even a little further with it, but again it wouldn't have been as appealing to as many readers.

Many women are into forced seduction. They discuss this. Just like women get off on the fantasy without every wanting to actually be raped, the hero Flynn also loves the role playing while never wanting to ever actually harm a woman.

Flynn sets up excellent communication with Laurel before jumping into anything. They have a safe word and talk about both of their fears and expectations in the bedroom. 

While Flynn is a dominant alpha male and enjoys role playing coercion in the bedroom, he doesn't care for actual BDSM or D/s relations. Laurel doesn't know what she considers herself into, she just knows what Flynn does makes her hotter than she's ever been.

I love that Flynn is awesome and very real. He's not wealthy, and he's not a bad boy with a chip on his shoulder. He's thirty two and set in his ways. He's a gruff, albeit hot, average Joe from Boston who happens to be really appealing.

I love that Laurel does steps outside of her comfort zone and goes after Flynn. I love that she does some cliché girly things that even as she's doing them make her mentally cringe. Haven't we all been there?

I loved the fact that this was a hot rape fantasy book with mass appeal.

If you are unsure, let me be clear, I love this book.

Although it ended naturally I was sad to see it end and actually read through it one more time to savor it.

132 pages 

Warning; Contains role playing scenarios, although 100% consensual, may upset some readers who are sensitive about rape even in a simulated capacity. 

I loved my first Cara McKenna book and look forward to reading some of her other stories. She even has some tantalizing m/m/f erotica I have my eye on.

You can find more on Cara McKenna a@

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