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Myka and the Millionaire

Hi! Thanks so much for having me on your blog. I’m Alexis Alvarez, and I’d like to share from my new novel, Myka and the Millionaire. It’s a full-length BDSM romance with an HEA and lots of consensual kink. 

Computer expert Myka Thomas is determined to start her own business, and the last thing she needs is a man bossing her around and getting in the way. But Gabriel Chevalier is not just any man, and when the dashing, dominant millionaire makes his interest in her very clear, Myka cannot resist his advances. 

Stripped bare, spanked soundly, and brought to one shattering climax after another, she soon finds herself both yielding even more completely to his command of her body and even begging shamelessly for more of his masterful lovemaking.

As Myka juggles two demanding jobs, she savors the time she spends in Gabriel's palatial home. When she is in his presence, surrendering to his firm, loving control seems natural, even when that means submitting to a painful, embarrassing spanking when she has been disobedient. Before she can stop herself, Myka is falling hard for Gabriel, but can she dare to risk giving her heart to a man with so many shadows in his past that there may be no room for her in his future?

Excerpt for Myka and the Millionaire

The air smelled of sex and flowers; Myka’s head felt dizzy and she stepped closer to Gabriel, treating him like a safety raft, forgetting momentarily that this was his creation. He looked at her; tipped her chin up with his finger. He was more dominant now. “Look at me. Are you doing all right?” He gazed at her to be sure, then nodded. “Then let’s walk around. Where do you wish to go first?”

Myka pointed. “There.” She couldn’t take her eyes away from the spanking bench, and the woman cuffed to it, naked, offering her body up to the man beside her.

Gabriel guided her over until they were standing a few feet away. He whispered into her ear, “We never interrupt a scene unless it’s a safety concern. We’ll stand back and watch from here, yes?”

The man bent down to whisper something, and although it reminded Myka of the couple in the previous club, she felt safer here. But when the man picked up something from the floor, Myka caught her breath, clutched more tightly at Gabriel’s arm. It was a leather paddle, black and long. It looked wicked; the leather shone in the dim light, and the whole thing looked powerful. No toy, this. It seemed capable of delivering serious pain. But she felt a sharp flare between her legs, looking at the thing, imagining how it would feel on her own ass. Wielded by Gabriel’s hand.

The man ran the paddle up the woman’s naked legs, up to her buttocks, and she clenched her muscles. He smiled and said, “Feels soft, right? Answer me.”

“Yes, sir,” she answered. “Very soft.”

“But it won’t feel that way in a few minutes, will it?” He continued stroking her with the paddle, and she didn’t answer.

Gabriel whispered to Myka, “He’s forbidden her to talk unless he specifically tells her to answer. Anything else is for her to hear, but not to respond to. If she makes a mistake, she gets punished.”

Myka wasn’t sure she liked that. “It sounds like Simon Says with a wicked twist.”

Gabriel stifled a chuckle. “I suppose it does. It’s a hard game, true, but they both like it. Watch her. See how she’s becoming aroused?”

The woman glistened between her legs, which were spread across the bench and fastened down at the ankles. Myka couldn’t believe she was watching a naked woman in real life, discussing arousal levels.

“She loves this,” Gabriel continued. “They play this way often.”

The man slapped the woman’s left ass cheek with his hand, making her cry out in surprise, leaving a bright red mark that faded quickly. He rubbed it for a few seconds, then slapped the other, hard. The woman whimpered, wriggled in her bonds. Myka could see her trying to rub her clit against the bench.

The man noticed too, spoke to her sharply: “Jessica. You know better.” He raised the paddle and brought it down hard, making the cheeks indent and bounce back, and the woman cried out; before she was even done with her sound, the paddle hit again, and she choked out another cry. The paddle continued to slap at her ass, lower, higher, left, right; the uneven rhythm beat a staccato tune that made Myka’s nipples peak and ache. She shifted, uncomfortable with her own hunger, even as she could see the woman’s stimulation growing.

The paddling seemed to go on forever; Myka watched, mesmerized, as the stiff leather hit hard into the soft flesh. Jessica’s body seemed to learn the rhythm after a while, the slap, hard indentation, the retraction. Her gasps indicated that although the paddling hurt, she was also enjoying it.

At first Jessica’s skin showed a few bright red marks from the first paddle blows; soon the entire surface of her cheeks was a bright pink with patches of redder skin here and there. And as the spanking continued, her entire bottom became a shiny, painful-looking red.

Finally the man dropped the paddle with a clatter and said, “Enough. Do you agree, Jessica? Answer me.”

“Yes, sir!” Jessica wailed. “God, please.”

“Do you want me to fuck you, Jessica?” the man asked her, teasing her wetness with his fingers. “I think the punishment turned you on.”

The woman moaned, but didn’t answer; she pulled at her bonds, trying to entice his fingers closer.

“Do you want to ride my hand? Should I bring my fingers closer and let you enjoy some pleasure, now that you took the pain for me?” He stroked her with one hand, and inserted the other one beneath her chest to play with her nipples.

Jessica whimpered, “Please, Brett. Sir.”

Brett removed both hands and stood. “Did I tell you to speak?” He picked up a cane from beside him on the floor. “You know what happens when you disobey. Five strokes, hard ones. Any noise and I double it. Understand? Answer me.”

“I understand, sir,” the woman said with a small sob.

Myka turned to Gabriel, pulling his arm. “Is he—is he going to really hurt her?” She didn’t realize how tense her hand was until he gently pried her fingers out of the tight clench.

“No more than she can handle,” he murmured. “She hasn’t said her safeword, Myka. She wants this.”

“But how do you know? How does he know? It looks so awful.” Myka’s voice started to rise despite her intentions, and she put a hand to her mouth, remembering the rule about not disturbing.
Gabriel led her a distance away. “Does this scare you?”

“Yes. No. Yes. I—A little. It hurts her. What if she’s only taking it because she thinks she has to? Because she’s broken inside? Because she’s turned into a zombie?” Myka’s hands clenched again, nails digging into her palms.

Gabriel tapped her hands. “Relax, Myka. When she’s done, we’ll talk to her, to them. You can ask her. Yes?”

“God, I don’t know. That would be so… weird. Wouldn’t it?” Myka glanced back over in time to see the cane swish down onto Jessica’s skin, hard. Jessica made a high keening noise and her whole body tensed up. Myka’s did too, when she saw the bright red stripe across the Jessica’s already marked buttocks.

Gabriel put his hands on Myka’s shoulders. “Do you still want to watch?”

Myka nodded, unable to look away, even though she felt a kind of terror. The cane fell again, again. Again. Jessica’s body quivered and shook, but the only sounds she made were tiny high-pitched squeaks and squeals. Myka had no idea how Jessica was managing not to scream. Again. Each stroke left a new red stripe, delineated and raised, and Myka could tell that those were going to last for a while. Finally Brett dropped the cane, and Myka breathed out a shuddering sigh of relief.

Gabriel was watching Myka, not the couple, his eyes thoughtful. “He’ll give her the pleasure now,” he whispered, touching Myka’s arm. “Watch.”

And Myka did watch; she stared as Brett knelt down and used his mouth on Jessica, his hands stroking her breasts and her skin; she looked on as the woman exploded in a clear burst of ecstasy, her whole body shaking, screams of pleasure bursting from her throat, an endless song of joy, several full minutes of whole body arousal. Myka felt sweat bead on her forehead, her own breathing quicken, and whether it was from Jessica’s exquisite pleasure or the smell and warmth of Gabriel beside her as well, it was hard to say.

By the time Jessica stopped orgasming and collapsed back into herself, Brett bent over her, whispering to her, stroking her, Myka’s fingers were in her mouth and she stood entranced. When Gabriel brushed her shoulder, she started, but followed as he said, “Come with me.”

He led her out of the main room into a smaller one, empty, and closed the door. This room had a large bed, but Gabriel directed them to a soft couch. He handed Myka a bottle of water. “Drink it all,” he ordered with a smile, “and then we’ll talk.”

Myka frowned, but realized her thirst; after the alcohol and the stimulation of watching the couple, she was parched. She drank deeply, handed him the empty bottle, and looked at her hands in her lap.

“It’s intense, yes?” Gabriel asked her.

Myka nodded. “I wanted to see this, I’ve been so curious. It’s much harder than it sounds in books. Rougher in real life than in videos online.”

“Also more arousing.” Gabriel’s voice was curious. “I think watching that scene turned you on, Myka. Am I right?” When Myka didn’t answer, he tapped his finger under her chin. “Myka. Answer me, please.” His eyes were trained on hers, waiting.

Myka flushed. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Do you want to try that with me? Let me bind you, punish you, bring you to ecstasy?”

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About Alexis Alvarez
Alexis Alvarez is a romance writer, a photographer, an engineer, a dachshund owner, a mother, a reader, and the kind of person who enjoys inappropriate jokes with her family.  Her romance book heroines are strong, intelligent women who enjoy submission on their own terms and do not compromise their integrity and feminism.  When she’s not travelling or taking pictures, you can find her in her home office, drinking La Croix water and dreaming up new novels. 

 Thanks so much for having me on your blog! 
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