Monday, January 5, 2015

Shhh, Mommy's Listening To Audiobooks

Much of the live and let live days of my youth were spent in the car. My parents worked in Chicago. We lived in Bumfuk Wisconsin--nearest grocery store thirty minutes away on clear roads. If we weren't in the car we were on a train. As if daily life didn't keep us locked in a vehicle enough, we also took many road trips.

To pass the time we listened to comedy shows and books on tape. A favorite of my mother's was listening to romance novels. The type that would later make the Hallmark Channel the heartwarming festival of tender moments it is today.

Now that I live in a three mile radius from everything in the known universe I could possibly want or need, I spend as little time as I can traveling anywhere.

I do happen to spend a lot of time by myself--not counting the people in my head. To keep from crawling the walls of loneliness that my hermit lifestyle may invoke, I listen to a lot of music and comedy shows on Pandora.

Or at least I had until one fateful day Natasha Knight  posted she'd made Taken by the Beast into an audible.

My excitement level about this was and still is; OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS, I NEED THAT NOW!! I had that puppy downloaded and on my phone within seconds--thank you smartphone--and have been listening to this naughtiness every chance I get. I'm on my second go around now.

My husband has even listened to the dirtiest bits of it.

he found it enlightening as well as inspiring 

Like many out there, I've discover the only thing better than reading naughty fiction is listening to it. Words cannot describe the awesomeness that is listening to someone else read--out loud--all the titillating details of spankings, and dirty, naughty, dirty sex.

Warning: Listening to Taken by the Beast will cause spontaneous blushing, stammering, and serious lady part titillation.

It makes my soul so happy. I listen to this book when I'm cleaning my house, doing laundry, cooking dinner... the list goes on. It's emotionally fulfilling in a way I didn't even know possible. How have I been accomplishing menial household tasks without this in my life all these years?!

I hope converting to audible form is a trend more erotic writers pick up. I of course will be expanding my collection.

Have you experienced the joy and wonder that is Audible? If you haven't, what are you waiting for?

Right now your soul could be as happy as mine, and mine is like a fluffy rainbow-bunny-kitty.

outside of naughty audiobooks

Make your soul happy!!

*This message is in no way sponsored by Audible, but if Audible wanted to pay me--like with audiobooks--for my enthusiasm in promoting Audible, I'd be down with that.


  1. It's totally awesome but I'm afraid to take that leap for fear I will never take off my headphones! Some of the producers have uber sexy voices.....

    1. Taken by the Beast is one of those books that could be read by Alvin and still be super hot! And you would be living in your headphones Adaline!

  2. Ohh, I got my shiny new Kindle Fire for Christmas I can probably listen on that, right? I don't even know how to work the damn thing yet.
    Taken by the Beast is one that I have re-read, a few times.... I might have it book marked in places.

    1. You can!! The volume and headphones plugin is on the top. The long button on the left is the volume. You can download the audible app just like you would on a phone. It's one of my favorite books and when I was listening to it, it was even naughtier.

  3. I'm cracking up! I saw that sign up there about the family road trip and thought 'oh no, she didn't listen with family, did she?? Inappropriate!' OMG you had your husband listen!! I haven't let mine yet. I turn completely red listening to my own book!! And my narrator was awesome - but I like the comment up there about Alvin. Thank you <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


    1. ROFL, I did. I packed everyone in the car and was like, "You're going to learn today!" How traumatizing would that be? "My mom is cracked. Do you know what she had us listen to on the way to Four Corners Peak this weekend?!" LOL

      Let your hubby listen! My hubby loves listening to naughty radio shows on podcast and SiriusXm, so I knew he was going to love it.

  4. Haven't done audio books yet. I need to look into that.

    1. They're so much listen to! I have no idea how much work they'll be on your end but I would love, LOVE, the Breeder series on audible!!