Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bringing New Meaning To "Get Lucky"

Has a man every nick-named your you-know-what? Do you have a special name for 'downtown,' 'hooha,' 'lady'? Caleb has a special pet name for Kat's happy place, and it isn't 'kitten'.


“What about you, kitten?”

 She rolled her eyes at the nickname, even though it warmed her inside out. When she didn't say anything right away he reached across the consul and squeezed her leg, saying, “Come on. I told you about my dad in prison and you're about to meet my...colorful mother. I've met your sister, she seems nice. I certainly like the way you bristle when she calls you Katherine Rose.”

She gave an involuntary shiver, bristling just hearing him say it. “Ugh, I can't hear that without hearing my sister and mother's voices in my head.”

“I'll make a note of that. Wouldn't want to accidentally call out Katherine Rose while in the moment.”

Her eyebrows went up. “And who says there are going to be more of those kind of 'moments' between you and I?” Arrogant man.

He gave her a look that caused a slow melt inside her and chuckled. His laugh was deep, and when at her expense, often promised wicked things to come. “They'll be more moments, kitten. Besides you have my lucky little leprechaun.” He wiggled his eye brows comically.

She laughed despite herself. “You can not have a pet name for my hooha. That is wrong on so many levels. You especially can't call it your leprechaun. I'm not even Irish! I'm Scottish, French, and English!”

“My pussy. I can name it what I want.”

“It's not your anything.”

“I beg to differ. And if we had time to stop I'd prove it.”

Kat rolled her eyes, “Pa-lease.”

He cut his eyes to her, and she felt the change in him. The air shifted from carefree Caleb to demanding intense Caleb. “Undo your pants and pull them down.”

“What?” They were on a country road, but she couldn't just pull her pants down in the truck.

His voice went deep and stern when he said, “Kitten, you better unzip those pants and have them down by your ankles or I'll pull this truck over. And kitten, if I pull this truck over and have to take those pants off you, I'll whip your bare ass with my belt. I'll do it out in one of those fields, for God and anyone driving by on this county road to see.”

She gulped, heat going straight to her core at his words.
Moving halfway across the country to work part-time at a ranch had been a rash decision on Yankee city girl, Kat Martin's part. She understood that. She had just needed to get away from her pesky mom and older sister telling her what she should be doing with her life. She had no idea her bold move was going to put her in close proximity to her one and only one-night-stand, Caleb McCrae.

Kat may not know what she wants to do with her life but she does know she needs to stay well away from sexy neanderthal Caleb, who had strutted into her life and ripped her pants off.

Caleb is officially done with military life and is ready to settle down. He's bought a stake in the ranch he grew up working at and is building a beautiful house. Now all he has to do is wrangle the one that got away. Kat Martin has been haunting his thoughts and steaming up his dreams ever since she skipped out on him after one of the hottest nights of his life. She may be giving him the cold shoulder now, but he knows just how to heat her up.

Warning: Contains one crystal ball reading mama, one gal with commitment issues and a sassy mouth, and one cowboy that believes his belt was meant for more than holding up his pants. 

*Contains graphic sexual content, including anal play, anal sex, spanking, bdsm elements. If these things offend you, this book is not for you. 

I had a blast writing Kat and Caleb's story. I hope you have as much fun reading it! Please feel free to leave a review either way.


  1. Oooh Caleb sounds like my kind of man, Aubrey!

  2. There is something deliciously wicked about a domineering man :D