Friday, January 16, 2015

When A Man Loves A Woman-Taming Kat


I've done hot and sexy teases but I felt like I should share a little sweet and gentle to even things out. And well...Caleb *sigh I can't think of Caleb without thinking about how much he adores Kat. I HAD to share a little of that.

Caleb lay in bed just staring at Kat's delicate form. He had been having a dream where he was stuck in some godforsaken country doing a recon. He was stuck between two buildings when an explosion went off in front of him, and gun fire came from behind. His unit disappeared, it turned to night and he was kneeling over Kat. She was bloodied and sobbing. The dream version of Kat had been in much worse condition than how he had actually found her last night. He had picked her up and she disappeared. He'd woken reaching out for her.

He'd been awake ever since. Afraid to go back to sleep. He had stayed over at Kat's to help her fight her demons in case she got scared in the night, and he ended up fighting his own.

He lightly traced his fingers over Kat's bruised cheek, more green than purple. Her hair looked like a river of fiery satin in the morning sun streaming in the past the blinds on her windows. Although she had red hair, her skin was creamy and devoid of freckles. With or without makeup she was gorgeous. 

He thought about what she had said about herself the night before. He was surprised to find his feisty little spit fire doubted her self worth. It seemed her confident shield was just a defense. Hell, her defenses could rival the Death Star.

She blinked awake while he was lost in thought, still tracing the bruise on her face. Her amber colored eyes rested on him in sleepy contemplation. She grabbed his fingers in a light lazy grip, resting their hands in front of their faces.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a sleepy voice.

He had been thinking about the many ways he could disembowel the man that had attacked her last night. Instead he said, “Has anyone ever told you, you make the weirdest little chipmunk noises when you sleep?”

She giggled, then groaned. “If I didn't know better I would say Del put you up to saying that.” 

Del, or Delia, was his best friend Jake's wife. And she used to be roommates with Kat. Obviously Del had complained about the cute little noises Kat made when sleeping. He was surprised by how much he liked sleeping with Kat, and even more, liked waking up beside her. He had never been one to stay the entire night with women but never bemoaned a woman in his bed, as long as they were happy to part ways in the morning.

Over the years he'd had 'mutual understandings' with a few women. They wanted to entertain themselves with the military man/cowboy, and he was happy to oblige. They had wanted to commit to a relationship even less than he did. Kat had been correct about the one-night-stand drill. He would have appreciated her forethought to make herself scarce before he woke up. He would have, had it been anyone but her. Now that he knew how warm, cuddly, and adorable Kat was first thing in the morning he felt extra cheated she had left the last time they were together.

*For everyone who is reading, or plans on reading Taming Kat, I give a big THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy it. I had so much fun writing it. I hope every who is buying and reading it is able to feel that.
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