Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#WIPitUp Wednesday-Taming Kat Is Coming!

I'm excited to announce this  #WIPitUp Wednesday, TAMING KAT comes out in two days!! Kat has gotten herself in trouble with Caleb a few too many times. She's naked and about to pay the piper in more ways than she's aware of.

Kat stood under the shower spray a little longer than necessary. She couldn't get a read on Caleb and had no idea how she should proceed. After she got out of the shower and brushed her teeth, she contemplated putting on her stinky clothes but decided against it. 

She could feel her pulse pick up. She wasn't sure if she should be anticipating or dreading whatever awaited her on the other side of the door. Wrapping the towel around herself, she stepped into the bedroom.

Caleb's bed had a slat framed headboard and no baseboard. A warm light brown masculine comforter covered the bed. The objects meticulously spread out at the bottom of the bed made her gasp and take a step back. Her core heated a little more with each item she scanned. Cuffs, plug, lubricant, ball gag. The belt he'd tied her up with last weekend, her teeth indents perfectly marring the center. 

Turning her head, her eyes locked on Caleb sitting in the corner looking like lord of the manor under a reading light. The sleeves on his chambray shirt were rolled up showing off powerful forearms stretched out on the armrest. His knees spread wide. His black hair shone in the light. It was getting long and roguishly fell over his forehead. His eyes were nearly black and the look on his face was intense and watchful. He reminded her of a panther. He looked careless, relaxed yet ready to pounce.

She rubbed her thighs together and knew he caught her movement when his gaze dropped to between her legs. She clutched the towel tighter as he stood in one fluid movement, that shouldn't have been possible for a man his size. A few short steps and he was in her space. She had to tilt her head back to retain eye contact.

He divested her of her towel, stripping it from her clutching fingers. He walked her over and stood her in front of the bed. Wordlessly he picked up the wide leather cuffs and buckled them on her wrists one by one. He clasped them together behind her back. Her heart rate was picking up every movement he made.

“Caleb, we should talk. Let's talk about this—”

“Are you safewording?” He had the gag in hand and paused in his movements. 

She looked at the gag, then at him. “I—well no—but—”

He cut her off by shoving the gag in her mouth and snapping it on behind her head.


Moving halfway across the country to work part-time at a ranch had been a rash decision on Yankee city girl, Kat Martin's part. She understood that. She had just needed to get away from her pesky mom and older sister telling her what she should be doing with her life. She had no idea her bold move was going to put her in close proximity to her one and only one-night-stand, Caleb McCrae.

Kat may not know what she wants to do with her life but she does know she needs to stay well away from sexy neanderthal Caleb, who had strutted into her life and ripped her pants off.

Caleb is officially done with military life and is ready to settle down. He's bought a stake in the ranch he grew up working at and is building a beautiful house. Now all he has to do is wrangle the one that got away. Kat Martin has been haunting his thoughts and steaming up his dreams ever since she skipped out on him after one of the hottest nights of his life. She may be giving him the cold shoulder now, but he knows just how to heat her up.

Warning: Contains one crystal ball reading mama, one gal with commitment issues and a sassy mouth, and one cowboy that believes his belt was meant for more than holding up his pants.



  1. I'm so excited this is coming out soon...very soon! Caleb is sexy as hell with that longer bit of hair over his forehead. Love the way he silences her apprehension when she says they should talk about this. ♥

  2. Caleb sounds yummy! Great excerpt!

  3. hot! I love the moment of his asking if she was safewording :)

  4. Congrats on the new release!! :-)

  5. Congrats on the upcoming release. Love this scene. :)