Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Guide That Will Set You Free

Amazon and I have had a tumultuous relationship this past year. Although AMZ has always been there for me when I didn't want to put on pants to go shopping, AMZ has been cock blocking my book searches and started an annoying habit of showing me every author BUT the author I'm looking for.

What the fuck Amazon? 

Turns out Amazon can't figure out how to put an Adult Setting under Manage Kindle on their page. 

Now if I can't remember an erotica book title I'm left scrolling through pages upon pages before, maybe, finding even one book by the author I'm looking for.

I haven't been this frustrated since I was a kid and my brothers played keep away, holding my favorite things just out of reach. 

Way to bring back the trauma of my youth Amazon.

What is more, I like to buy local and shop small businesses. Buying from All Romance, Ellora's Cave, Bookstrand, Loose-Id, Smashwords, Evernight Publishing, ect really appeals to me. These are the e-tailers that have been supporting erotic writers from the beginning.

I really wanted to buy from other e-tailers but I didn't know how and Google wasn't being very forthcoming with the ebook conversion information I was seeking. Amazon (of course) didn't exactly have a step by step guide either. If they do I couldn't find it.

I'm the least tech savvy person I know and my Kindle was the first of it's kind. She's been through a lot. I've had to piece her back together after more than one bad spill and lately I've had to 'sync and check for items' for every new purchase.

I adore my Kindle (Princess Buttercup) so much that I sucked it up and embraced the fact that I was going to have to buy all my books from Amazon.

I was complacent for a while. Then I started noticing a lot of the authors I like release their new books on their publisher's site before going to major e-tailers like Amazon and B&N. Totally understandable but I'm an instant gratification girl. I want it the second it's available from where ever it's available from. Not to mention the missed freebies.

After much research and found threads on authors FB pages I grew bold enough to try a download. I 'bought' a free book I wasn't emotionally invested in just in case I couldn't figure it out. I'm glad I went this route for the test run. It took me a couple tries to figure it out and I would have been screaming in frustration had I been trying to upload a book I'd been longing to read.

So for all of you with ancient Kindles or like me are not tech savvy, this is for you.

How To Transfer A Book Purchased From A Random E-Tailer Onto Your Kindle Guide

  1. Go log onto your 'Amazon Account'. 'Manage Kindle'. 'Manage Your Devise'. Find your Kindle's email address. Example: PrincessButtercup_19@kindle.com. Write it down for later.

  2. Go to 'Personal Document Settings' under 'Your Kindle Account'. Under 'Approved Personal Document E-Mail List' mark your personal email approved. If it's not present click, 'Add New Approved Address'. Put the email address you will be sending the book from. Most likely your person email.

  3. Now you are ready to buy the book. When given the format option, like on Loose-Id you want to 'select format' choose Mobipocket-prc, or just prc. They will send you an email in which you download the book onto your computer from.

    Some sites like All Romance, you buy the book in all formats, then download it on your computer directly from the site. It will convert for you when you download. No need to choose prc.

    Bookstrand takes a little longer to set up an account and purchase the books, but you type in your Kindle address when setting up the account. Make sure to add @bookstrand.com to your 'approved email list' on your Amazon account. Then you get the option of having the book downloaded directly to your Kindle and or Kindle account. Word of warning, make sure @bookstand.com is on your 'approved email list' before you buy the book if you want to use this method.

    Every site is a little different but no matter what, you'll get your book.

  4. Now that you have the book on your computer, it's time to go to your email. Send the downloaded book as an attachment to your Kindle email. In the subject box put 'convert'.

  5. Go to your Amazon account, 'Manage Kindle'. The book should be in your library. It can take up to three minutes for the book to show up in the library. On the right of the book title is an 'Actions' button. Click that and then click, 'Deliver to my Kindle'. 

    Make sure the wireless connection on your Kindle is on! If it doesn't show up with in 30 seconds hit 'sync and check for items'.

    Side Note:  When you are done reading and remove book from device, it will  delete book from Kindle device.  No need to worry, the book may not show on your devices archives (depending on your model) but it will still be in your online archives.

    That's all it takes. If I can do it so can you. Any further issues you can email Amazon Kindle tech support or ask me. I'm kind of an expert now. ; )

    To start out, download a couple free reads from few different e-tailers to get the hang of it. Once you do, you'll find it's really quick and easy. 

    Go forth and try it out my newly liberated readers!!

    Here's some e-tailer links to get you started.

    Changling Press LLC @http://www.changelingpress.com/

    Liquid Silver Books @http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/

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