Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Starve For Your Art- I'm Eating For Mine

If you've been keeping up with my Facebook status you know I've begun Operation Fit-Back-Into-Pants. This is because I've been eating for my art. A lot.

No one tells you the dangers of snacking while writing. I'm going to tell you now. Sometimes your brain is so immersed in the story you have no idea you ate all the food in your house.

Yeah, Barbie blackout binges too.

It all began during the editing process of Chasing Delia I may have done some stress eating.

And it's not like those 
bourbon pecan bars are going to eat themselves

The eat-a-thon carried over into the writing of Taming Kat. I've never eaten more than when I was writing the first draft of Taming Kat. Oh, wait. No. I ate even more the first half of the first draft of my current WIP.

Mmm, I love these characters. And cake. I should eat cake.

And when you're sitting in yoga pants typing away at the keyboard you don't notice things like gaining copious amounts of weight. Then boom. You're going out and need to put on real pants and all of the sudden it's the battle of the bulge. Also known as,

My pants were rejecting the amount of body being stuffed into them. I feared the button would become a projectile that could blind an innocent bystander in it's efforts to hold strong.

For real

I was out of control and greatly exceeding the proportions of my pants. Quite honestly they were being stretched in ways no decent pair of pants should be stretched. I knew what I had to do.

Easier said than done. 

I changed out the Cheetos, (ate them *ehem) chips, and biscuits for raw veggies, fruit, and hummus. I mean, I'd been an eat clean girl for years. How had all the junk food made it's way into my house? I wasn't only blackout eating, I was blackout shopping! The madness had to stop. For the sake of my pants.

It wasn't a day in before the hanger pains began.

I was getting adequate caloric intake, but my stomach was shrinking down from buffalo gut to that of a 5'4'' medium framed woman. I'd been eating like a 6'5'' trucker for months. My stomach didn't want to hear my excuses about wanting my waist line back.

I had to remind myself twenty times a day I wasn't going to eat for my own amusement.

Meal time was a sad affair 

I'm now into week two of making good choices--food choices. The hanger is gone. I've come to a place of peace and understanding. Or at least I'm no longer licking the walls and wanting to punch people. I'm fitting into my pants a little easier each day and have gone from muffin-top to small homemade cupcake without the frosting. 

That's adorably inspirational. 
I almost don't want to set it on fire just to watch it burn.

Okay... maybe I'm still a little hangry. 

So, I'm getting back into shape. Or at least a shape that fits comfortably into my pants. Same thing, right?

Do you binge eat while writing or is it just me?


  1. Aubrey, you CANNOT wear yoga pants while writing! You must wear jeans. Tight ones!! Although I've now taken to staying in my pajamas and get really annoyed when I have to get dressed because the kids have friends coming over. Anyhow, seriously, no soft waistbands when writing! None!!! And 50 squats a day. And warm lemon/cayenne water to start your day. I eat chips. they're my downfall. Plain old Lays. I love them. God how I love them. I hope the operation is a will be. and please keep posting about it! You make me laugh!!!


  2. Don't listen to Natasha about warm lemon/cayenne water- she does weird things she reads on the internet... I don't even think that is a real thing!! Anyway, I make horrible food choices when writing/editing. And I always end up eating random things that make my stomach hurt. One day I ate cheddar cheese, olives, beef jerky, and a brownie. All within like 10 minutes of each other.

    Yes, I think the trick is having good stuff available, because if you get hungry you are just going to reach for whatever is easy. And OMG chips are my downfall! But luckily they don't last long- if we have a bag here it's gone within hours because someone (me) eats them 'before they get stale'.

    You can do this! At least you recognized the problem and are working to remedy it, and I say kudos to you for making changes during the holiday season. I knew you were crazy! :p

  3. LOL- you both are crazy! I'm actually more tempted to indulge during the summer than any other time. Ballpark hotdogs, beer, burgers, and FroYo are my downfall. I can cut back during the holidays and not feel it too bad as long as I don't make cookies. Next week may be my breaking point.

    Natasha- You'll be happy to know I've been walking and doing my butt enhancing exercises and squats!! But I can't do them daily. I have inverted duck butt. If I do squats daily my ass disappears like a turtle going back in it's shell. All my jiggle is in my middle!! :/ It's all core fusion for this gal.

    Casey-That's totally something I would have eaten but instead of beef jerky it would have been bacon and I would have been curled in a ball going "It hurts, and I have the meat sweats" when my husband came home and he'd know I ate something stupid. I've so been there! I'm glad I'm not the only one eating crazy stuff when writing!!

    Thank you for the words of encouragement!