Monday, December 1, 2014

The Secretary--Why Wasn't This A Book?

I have a confession. And no, this isn't one of my TMI posts. It has nothing to do with my vagina or anus. I still have both, and they're doing well. No, I'm confessing that I had not seen The Secretary with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in all it's entirety, until quite recently.

 <gasp, shock, outrage>

 I know, I can't believe it either. It's iconic.

I remember my besty calling me right after the movie was released on dvd, ten or so years ago. She gave me the "Oh my God, you have to see this movie" speech. My interest was ho-hum at the time. I was busy planning my wedding and beating my head up against a wall. (just a little something about me; I hate weddings, even my own)

One thing led to another and I forgot all about this film. Sure, people referenced this movie plenty of times over the years--it just never clicked that I wanted to watch it. Fast forward to about a month ago. I was sucked into one of those YouTube binges.

You know the ones. You click on a clip on someone's FB wall and one hour later your still on YouTube.

I instantly went to Amazon and bought Secretary on blue-ray for $5. A week later I had that baby in my hands. Only problem was I had already started writing a book with a boss and an employee.  

I'm one of those weird people that cannot read or watch anything that may correlate with a story I'm writing. My current WIP has a heroine who works for her hero in an office setting. I had to get past all the office sex scenes before I could watch the movie.

I  made popcorn and made my hubs watch it with me.

I totally get why it's a classic. I wished this movie had more depth and couldn't help but feel like it would have been even more spectacular in book form. Yeah, that's taking "the book is better than the movie" to jedi levels.

I felt the book--not even written yet--would be better than the movie.

And because it's everyone's favorite scene...

So, anyone else ever watch a movie they thought would have been even better as a book?


  1. OK, I loved this film. Oh, I'm not answering your question but carrying on with my thoughts, FYI. The first time I saw it - I can't even remember why I did - maybe a you tube thing like you but I wasn't out yet and when my husband and I watched together (I think I was hinting at him and he was totally missing any hints), he was absolutely unfazed by anything while I was sweating beside him. I told spanko friends about it but they were not as enthusiastic which I found disappointing but maybe it's an American thing? Who knows. Yes, the book would have been good but I'd also take a much much much more detailed film with many more spankings and explicit shots. Ok, just read that back and sound like I may be asking for straight up porn version of the Secretary... so book and porn. I'd like both please.

  2. LOL, It may be a British thing too, since Mr. Grey (James Spader) and his secretary did technically get put in a book.

    I'm so obliviously unfiltered, even before I was out to my husband. I had not idea I wasn't supposed to be into spanking or that it was weird. It always seemed to me to be such a natural sexual thing to be into. I'm sure I would have been all over him with "That was hot, don't you think that was hot?!" and then been all ass hurt if he was "meh."

    That's what happened when we watched Along Came Polly, with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. Ben gives Jens but a smack and I was all, "You should do that to me, but for real. And harder." And my hubs grunted and avoided conversation.

    He's come a long way. I totally got spanked after we watched The Secretary.

  3. $5 on blu ray you say? I need to go shopping! I don't think my husband has ever seen this movie. I watched it in college with some girlfriends and was sweating bullets- horny as hell and they were all just laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

    Aubrey I love your convo with your husband about that ass smack. I believe I commented it on it as well. I think I said something like "I would probably be okay with that.." I got a similar response.

    Things are much different now. In their defense I don't think they get how big a deal it is until we state out in simple terms- this is kind of a big deal!

    Any other movie I thought would have been a better book? I don't know- I'll have to think about that.