Monday, December 8, 2014

Show YOU Some Love

If you grew up before 1990, or just have throw-back parents, you may have heard all the warnings and scare tactics about masturbating.

Society made it into something unacceptable, and something you only do if you have no other options.

And here she always assumed masturbation was created purely for pathetic losers.
-Jessie from Best Friends Share Everything 

Jessie is a twenty something vanilla girl that discovers the wonders of masturbation, m/f/m threesomes, anal sex, and her boyfriends bisexuality all in a six chapter short story by Miranda Stowe. It's a cute story. I liked it okay. But that's besides the point. What really surprised me is the   maybe   accurate representation of the non-masturbating female.

I recently saw a chart. Females are not big masturbators  which I find kind of sad. I'm not sure how anyone can make it to their twenties without exploring self gratification. Yet I know it happens all the time.

I don't even remember when I started masturbating. As far as I know I came out of the womb masturbating. (sorry for the visual) We females, as a whole, need to start masturbating more. For me masturbating can have nothing to do with sex, or being horny.

Sometimes it's just about a little stress relief.

It's a scientific fact that a little orgasm can go a long way to helping relief stress, hypertension, and help you get a good nights sleep.

Anyways, who are these women that don't masturbate? I'm going to assume they aren't erotica readers. Although, I have a friend that hates romance and erotica, but she's a diligent night cap masturbator. There are all kinds of masturbatory moments; the morning pick-me-up, the shower quicky, the hot bath unwind, the make-a-night-of-it, and the night cap.

There's many more, but those are just the most common.

Sometimes you just need to rub one out. And sometimes you need to spend the day with a vibrator and dildo, then take it hard later on. Those are "it takes a village" type days. I guess my point is, if you don't use it, you lose it.

Don't lose it. Rub one out.

I'm sorry I missed this in May!!

There are more health benefits than not. All the benefits you get from sex, you can get from masturbating.

Did you get all that? 
Seriously, why aren't we all masturbating right now?

Don't be shy. Take charge of your orgasms. It's nice to have sex. It's awesome to have sex, but life happens. If you're worried your significant other will be offended, just tell him that sometimes you got to rub one out. And yes that goes two ways. 

Okay, quite honestly this may be new territory for some couples. I'm very open, and casual about these things, therefore my husband is too. 

And, if he's around I give him the option of joining in. I've actually said, "Hey, I can't fall asleep. I'm going to rub one out to see if that helps." And from a dead sleep he mumbled, "Cool, can I watch?"

That of course turned into more. But that's just the beauty of masturbation; it really does improve intimacy. And according to health experts males and females are supposed to be having five good orgasms a week. Five. Unless you and your significant other have pretty clear schedules, and no kids, your going to have to take your health into your own hands. 

Personally I've always enjoyed DIY projects. So, while you're at the office,

Happy Masturbating Everyone!

Do you get in five a week, or does that seem impossible? Or have you gotten in five today?! Please feel free to share. We're not shy around here. ;)


  1. That was awesome. The pictures were great. Happy Masturbation!

  2. Yes I get at least 5 a week and all the sex I can get from the hubby. I am a big erotica reader and if you read it masturbation will came. ;0)

  3. Five in a week is not enough. Why limit your fun.

  4. Thanks Megan!!

    LOL Vickie H, if you read it, you will come! Love it.

    And Ashalka,no one should limit orgasms, unless they're into that ;)