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Stockholm's, Captives, & Sadists, Oh My

Guess who has been on a dark captive fantasy kick? Rev up your Stockholm Syndrome, I have two books I couldn't put down. I believe dark captive fantasy fans will enjoy. They are more than worthy of their warning labels.

ARe;Make me Yours Evermore - All Romance Ebooks

Make Me Yours, Evermore Pierced Hearts-3 by Cari Silverwood

Chris has always had some dark and twisted fantasies. When the object of his obsession uncovers things that could destroy his friend's life, he decides to make his fantasies into reality. What he doesn't count on is his best friend, Andreas, tagging along, trying to play savior.

I'm going to get into your head right there. 
Where you can never ever get me out.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this book. I had actually passed this title up many times thinking it was a vampire book. It was the Evermore that threw me off. When I realized it was a contemporary dark captive fantasy, I jumped right in.

The story opens from Kat's POV. Kat wakes up in a box, all tied up with a gag in her mouth. She knows two things, she's been kidnapped by Chris and she can't breath. I was, of course, immediately pulled into the story. I was already emotionally drawn in, panicking right along Kat.

Each chapter is a different character's POV. This makes the book even harder to put down because you want to know what's going on in the other persons head. The way the story unfolds makes you feel like you are experiencing it right there with them. I was a fly on the wall and I wasn't about to leave.

What are five things you'd most like to do that are illegal?

Chris and Andreas may be the best captors, ever. Andreas tempers Chris and keeps him from going too far. You know, besides kidnapping Kat. That is nonnegotiable.  They play off each other well, in a bad cop/good cop, good cop goes wicked, kind of way.

Chris is the perfect amount of  crazy, but you know right off the bat Andreas's has twisted depths that are just waiting to be brought to the surface. Andreas genuinely wants to save Chris, but discovers a part of himself in the process that he can't deny. In a way Andreas does save Chris, but not in a traditional sense.

Cari Silverwood does a magnificent job with so many elements of this book. The twisted love scenes that are mostly told from Kat's POV make for optimal arousal, that will keep your panties wet throughout the story. There is a cage but it's not overly described. The reader can use their imagination and fit it to their comfort levels.

The characters of this book pull on your emotions. Chris is a sadist, but isn't so sadistic the reader get's jolted out of the story. Yet, Chris is sadistic enough to do creatively fucked up shit to captive Kat, without mercy. In other words, Kat is 110% helpless, things are forced, but lubrication is involved, and female orgasm is achieved.

The end switches gears and we get more emotion from Chris. There is no declarations of love, but there are declarations that made me melt. He also makes it clear he doesn't want Kat's love, he wants her submission. He wants to own her, mind, body, and soul. Sexually the last part of the book tapers off. Their is another character introduced, that livens up the excellently played out plot. I don't like or trust this new person and they made me wonder what's going to be happening in the next book.

This is book three. There are thing in book three that made me want to check out book one and two, but I don't know if I will. The first book is a m/f story, but then the same m/f are the characters in the next book, which is m/f/f book. This makes me leery of where the story is going to be going for book four. I'm not a fan of f/f action. I'm okay with it in small doses, but I'm much more of a m/m, m/f/m kind of girl.

Cari Silverwood is known to write plenty of, highly rated, m/f/f stories. Although Make Me Yours, Evermore is a very hot, very well done m/f/m (no titillation between the guys), I believe that dynamic may have been an exception to her norm. Which of course is a bummer for me, but great news if you are a fan of m/f/f books.

294 pages

Warning: Capture fantasy; dubious consent, anal play; strap-on, M/f/M and f/f scenes; BDSM themes including caning, spanking, bondage, piercing, as well as some upside down naughtiness. 

Thank You Cari Silverwood! 

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The next book greatly contrasts Make Me Yours, Evermore and has been out for a while. It is a literary erotica and if you haven't read it yet you're in for a treat. It's a mind fuck of a treat.

*The term 'literary erotica' actually encompasses all written erotica, but in this case means, although it involves a lot of sex, it's not necessarily designed to arouse.

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Emily Vargas is an out going, intelligent woman, that makes her living public speaking. When she's captured, she learns the power of silence and that she will do anything for human contact. 

This book begs the question, have you had your mind fucked today? Emily's captor doesn't talk. He touches. If she denies his touch, he leaves. Then she is alone in a cell without any comfort. No window, no mattress, no pillow, no blanket. No sound, other than her own voice. Just her, a toilet, and four walls. She gets three meals a day of chicken soup with crackers. If she's good, he'll feed her and stroke her face. 

She tries to hold herself apart from him, but she soon finds herself leaning into the touch. 

She has no idea who her captor is. He seems to know much about her interests, so she assumes he's a stalker. When the intimacy begins, it's told in third person. As the reader you feel the shift in the experiences as she is unknowingly removing herself. 

Every horrible, twisted thing he does, any pain inflicted,  Emily has to ask for. She has to ask for it, and accept it. If she does, she's rewarded. If she doesn't she's sent back to the bad cell. The book is brilliantly done, with mind fuck after mind fuck. 

Comfort Food is very different beast from Make Me Yours, Evermore. In Evermore you get a glimpse of sadist, Chris's soul. Emily's 'Master' is a sociopath worthy of the most twisted psychological thriller. You wont be sure if he has a soul. In fact, this book reads more like a psychological thriller that will have your mind reeling. You know Master is Emily's puppet master, but you don't know how tight a hold he has on her strings until the very end. 

I felt a little traumatized after reading this book. If you are looking for dark arousing titillation, this is not the book for you. If you are looking for something different that gets in your head and leaves you visibly shaken, sitting in the corner, thinking that was some fucked up shit, this story is perfect. 

Waring; Comfort Food is a literary erotica that explores the power dynamics and psychology of ownership. This is NOT a romance. This is not a book about consensual BDSM. This is a story about actual slavery. If reading erotic without a safeword makes you uncomfortable, this is not the book for you. This is a work of fiction, and the author doesn't condone or endorse any behavior done to another human being without their consent.

This book contains BDSM elements, master/slave dynamics, dubious consent, psychological conditioning, oral and anal play. 

Yeah, so, if the three page warning isn't a clue. This book is pretty fucked up. Proceed with caution. 

I do have some more Kitty Thomas on my TBR list. Tender Mercies being one of them. She does have dark erotica and 'lighter' dark books that are more designed to arouse. Her short novella The Auction involving monster aliens is a favorite of mine.

Thank You Kitty Thomas!

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  1. Anna Zaires, author of The Krinar Chronicles (it's a alien/human romance trilogy) has a dark captive read coming out on the 11th (Twist Me). I'm about to start it today, I'll let you know how it goes :)
    I really liked her other books (well, it had aliens, so, duh. lol) but I'll let you know how this one turns out :)

    1. I forgot to update you on this one... It was okay. Def more for the 'captive' newbie. There was a pretty intense scene at the beginning, but it got pretty light after that. The heroine was also a bit young for me (she JUST turned 18!)

    2. I totally get that. Every year older I get it get's harder for me, or at least less enjoyable, to read about the ultra young heroines. Their are only so many of those I can take now, before I start face palming through the whole book.

  2. OH and speaking of captive stuff, have you read Jet Mykles Dark Elves series? They interesting.
    Only ebooks that I own that came with illustrations. LOL

    1. I actually bought those when they first came out, before they were illustrated!!! LOL The first two are awesome. The series kinda fizzled out. I think I've actually posted about them at some point, at least in passing. Those books are the epitome of dark captive fantasy. I think they may have been the first, true dark fantasy, books I've ever read. Let me know about Twist Me. Always love a good dark fantasy recommend!

    2. I bet you've read this one, but just in case, have you checked out
      Deadly Captive by Bianca Sommerland?
      Talk about intense. But in such a yummy dark way. lol

    3. !!! I missed this one!! I'm so excited. Thank you. Just put in on my TBR list. I had been recommended Bianca Sommerland for her Dartmouth Cobras series, but I had never gotten around to it. I hadn't even heard about these books. Looks like I'll be reading the Deadly Captives first. The description sounds right up my alley.

    4. It's a pretty crazy book. I know she pulled it for a while. (Can't remember why) I'm not a huge sports fan, so I've never read her Dartmouth series. :)