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Trillionaires, The New Billionaires

I don't usually talk about three star books. In fact this will be the first time ever. I enjoyed the books but there were things I didn't like at all, yet I'm strangely addicted to them with all their faults and foibles. I found myself liking the things that annoyed me because they were so damn consistent they gave the books a campy appeal.

Honestly, I've bought and read them all. When the next book comes out I will buy and read that one too.

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Married To The Trillionaires, Menage For Mankind, Book 1 by Ella Mansfield

Married to the Trillionaires is about real estate guru Bill, foot ball player John, sports agent David, and token black guy, botanist Steve.(all the books have one black guy) They are long time friends and all live in the four penthouses at the top of a building in Dallas. 

April Moore is getting sold so her dad can remarry and retire. It's a cold thing to do, but hey, it's all in the name of love right? Dutiful daughter April is hurt but incredibly understanding. 

This book probably has the most plot outside of sex. 

79 pages

Taken by the Trillionaires, Menage For Mankind, Book 2, by Ella Mansfield

Taken by the Trillionaires is about one armed Travis, hunky Austin, basketball player (token black guy) Cody, and game designer Bo. These guys have always been friend and come together to buy their bride. They buy a huge mansion further out from the city, in anticipation of winning the auction.

Erin is getting sold because her parents have lots of kids and they just heard about the amazing out come of Mr.Moore selling his daughter. (they all live in the same religious group) Yep, auctioning off your oldest daughter is trending on the commune. Apparently selling your daughter to repopulate earth is a worthy enough cause not to have any moral backlash. 

This was actually my favorite book. This is closer to four stars for me. The plot (or lack there of), dialogue, and flow of the story felt the most organic even though it was the shortest. Erin never breaks character. She never says words or phrases that make the reader hiccup in disbelief. The sex was the least uber porn gangbang, but the husbands were the most lovable. Bo is a freak in the sheets and I adore him.  

With that being said, there were some snags. Erin brushes her raven hair in the beginning of the book, then wishes her plain brown hair was darker for Bo, who dresses her up as Princess Peach.
(FYI Princess Peach is blond)

She visits April and April's twins, named Sally and Sabrina after the woman who helped her and her mother in book one, are changed to ridiculously religious Rebekka and Rehab in book two. Also, John is mentioned as April's black husband, when Steve is her black husband. 

It made me wonder if Ella Mansfield is just a pen name for a publishing house that contacts out different ghost writers. 

87 pages 

Sold to the Trillionaires, Menage For Mankind, Book 3, by Ella Mansfield

Sold to the Trillionaires features rancher Gunther, one eyed, black, car salesman Leofred, Olympian Rodrigo, and mine owner Mitchell. They are acquaintances that become friends in order to buy a bride. They build a very polygamous compound on some of Gunther's land. 

Book Three opens with our heroine, nineteen year old virgin Amber, getting frisky with two boys in her religious commune. After a lot of heavy petting the three are caught wet handed by three leaders of their community. The boys are punished and married off and Amber is put in a chastity belt to await her auction. She is to be sold to the highest bidder, the money will go to the community she sullied with her loose morals. 

This book features the horniest bride and the most gang bang per capita. Amber is also the most bipolar bride. You think she's into the uber sex, but then you're not sure. She says she's not into it, then she's begging for it. One minute she's all "no more," then the next minute she's all "fuck my ass". It was still fun. 

 ::Series Overview::

Every one of us will be inside you before the night is up. 
There is nothing to be shy about around us.
-Married to the Trillionaires

Okay, so when a series is titled Menage For Mankind, you know the plot is going to be strongly sex based. I wasn't disappointed, the characters of these books are indeed fucking to save the world, but I was pleasantly surprised when these books offered more than a quickly plotted cheesy porn. Not a ton more, but more none the less. 

What intrigued me?

These books are three hundred years in the future, 2310. One hundred years before the stories begin the government decides it's inhumane to put women through natural childbirth. They've developed a system of growing the fetus from a woman's egg and a man's sperm in a pod, then made it illegal to have children naturally. They had taken the eggs from only the most intelligent women and the sperm from the most intelligent men to make babies. 

The system turned out faulty. There were more male pod babies than female and the females came out sickly. The females that did survive proved sterile. All of them. By then it was too late. There were no more eggs to harvest from natural women.

The stories open up one hundred years after the pod baby disaster. Women are rare. Natural born women who can still conceive are even rarer. They are women born on communes, in religious communities that refused to conform to the unnatural pod procreating laws. Luckily for the few strait men left, if you have an insane amount of money, one of these commune girls can be yours... and three others. You just have to promise not use protection, have lots of babies, and repopulate mankind. 

No pressure.

It's not explained whether this pod baby craze all began because the world was over populated or not. I assumed that was the case since they only accepted the sperm and eggs of the most intelligent men and women. So far the girls have all come from the same uber religious compound in Wisconsin, and the trillionaires all live in Texas. This actually made perfect sense to me. 

There is already a lot of wealthy people in Texas and I'm originally from Wisconsin. We have a lot of communes and religious nuts up there. We also have quite a few free love type communes and a disturbing amount of swinger organizations, but the repressed virgins that live like the Amish are a lot more fun to send to a gangbang. 

I get why the author went that way. 

What kept me interested? 

All three books have a polygamous set up to the relationship that differs greatly from most menage books. All the guys live separately together, so that their wife can easily travel to each of the men's domiciles for sex. Instead of sister wives, they are brother husbands.
The auctioned off bride has one main husband, and mainly goes back to sleep with him, after all the fucking is done.

I was surprised by this. Partly because I felt there could have been a better emotional connection with all the guys if she slept each night with a different one, but largely because the guys paid equal amounts to share the bride. Why wouldn't they all get equal night time with her. 

This is addressed in book two and three. All the books have the bride automatically become attached to the main husband but then she has to go be of service to the other guys. 

What makes these books kind of campy? (and I'm using 'campy' loosely here)

The outlandish plot and character changes go without saying. The fact that the world is full of these over these over the top gay guys in three hundred years is a plus. Of course the strait guys have this great, 'slavery is bad, but buying a woman who we will be forced to service all our sexual needs is completely legit', mentality. I think the guys even say something like that in book one or two. 

That mentality gives the books a bit of a 'call girl' feel. The brides really are tired and sore for some of those fuckings, but they are all good wives. They hang in there and ride, or are ridden, out to the very end. 

The religious commune the girls are from get's stricter with each book, while the demands from the husbands get more outlandish. Each group of guys all find reasons to spank and punish their bride. Poor horny Amber gets it for masturbating while the guys are at work.

A few of the occupations the guys have seem a stretch for a trillionaire, even in three hundred years.Plus all of the trillionaires conveniently live in Texas. Really? So, I guess trillionaire in 2310 is what millionaire is today. 

The verbage is often over the top. Also there is a lot of spurting and spraying. I think the term spraying was most prevalent in book three.
They all had champagne blast orgasms constantly inside and outside their bride. How they didn't black out from their explosive sperm spraying, is beyond me.

In all three books, the brides go for their nightly fuck visits in a specific order, and that is the order they always fuck in, except for the group free for alls.  All the books have one token black guy and all the books have one guy that is really bad at sex, except book two. Book two has Bo. 

I love Bo. He is beyond a doubt the most creative, fun character of the entire series. And I say that knowing that says some fuck up shit about me. 

Over all, a three star series that will have me coming back for more. They were lovable okay books that had an originality that many lack. 

Be sure to check out the newly released book 4,

  Bedded by the Trillionaires Amazon link; ,

Thank You, Ella Mansfield

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