Monday, January 6, 2014

Two Dongs Are Better Than One

For those of you who read my blog, you know that some of my all time favorite books are erotic sci-fis featuring double dicked bisexual men. I'm of course referring to Tracy St. John Clan's of Kalquor books and Morgan Hawke's Victorious Star.

All these delicious double wanged bi men are featured in sci-fi books. They are made up, sexy aliens, born of wicked women's wet dreams and salacious fantasies. Figments of the imagination, so unlikely they might as well be unicorns.

But what if there was a man with two dicks? Could reality be better than fiction?

When you hear about a guy with two dicks in real life, you probably wonder if the second is just a little gimp. A finger like stump. Some non-functioning entity that should have probably been removed at birth. I know I did.

Then I found out about this guy who has two penises. If you've been online at all the past few days you've probably seen this guy. I saw this Jezebel post,, I freaked. This is the greatest thing I've heard about, ever.

He's dubbed the Double Dick Dude, a nick name he carries from high school. He has two fully functioning decent sized, decent looking dicks.



He favors his right one, the left needing constant stimulation to get as hard, but his left has all the feeling and capability of his right. The right is roughly seven inches, the left is six, making a total of thirteen inches of cock stuffed into this gentleman's pants.

He has a split urethra, so he pees out of both and he cums out of both. He has a much larger prostate so he has to cum at least once a day and drain the prostate, (I believe it has to be physically milked) once every few days, so it doesn't get inflamed. His erections last around two hours and when he cums he could drown a puppy. I'm paraphrasing the last bit, but you get the point.

Now, all that would be spectacular on it's own but he's also a good looking fellow who is in a monogamous poly relationship with a woman and a man.

That's right. This glorious man doesn't only have two dicks and the sexual prowess of a gorilla on Viagra, he's bisexual.

All these things and so much more can be found in his Q&A session on @
It's fascinating. I read the whole thread. You couldn't have peeled me away.

I'm giddy as a blushing school girl with her first crush. I've never been so happy for another human being. He's got two dicks and he's not wasting one ounce of cum stored up in his over full sac. No, he's proudly exploring all the possibilities out there for a man with two dicks. 

My only sadness is now I know he is out there, in the bright beautiful world, having super crazy kinky sex and he refuses to do porn. He doesn't want that kind of notoriety and he doesn't need the money. I get that, no one wants to be a novelty, yet I'm still so disappointed. 

We, my fellow readers, will never see his magnificent cocks in action. That is a travesty that should be mourned. Just a little.

His existence however is a wondrous thing that should be celebrated.

How marvelous is it that we now can have contemporary erotica featuring a doubled donged bisexual fellow, and it would be completely with in reason?  Yes. It. Is.

I believe InscrutableTed wrote it best on;

Just to summarize what we've learn't. 
He's bisexual. He's attractive. He lives in a threesome. He likes fisting others and being fisted. He likes putting things down his urethra. He casually mentions the time six people had sex with him simultaneously. He shoots 12 times when he cums. Strait men magically turn bicurious around him.  
And on top of that, he has two penises. 
Well played God. Good to know you didn't waste that extra penis on a prude. 

Well played, indeed.  


  1. I'm loving this post- Oh the possibilities... seriously he could be a celebrity! Mmmm mmm mmm.

    1. Right?! Woulda, shoulda, coulda. He just wants to be an average two dicked Joe, saving his kinky sex for his girlfriend and boyfriend, in private. Without the web cam on. :(