Monday, February 17, 2014

Tessa Freakin' Bailey

Say Tessa Bailey three times, 
into a mirror, in the dark, at midnight, 
and the next man you sleep with will talk dirty to you

*Side Note; dirty talk not guaranteed,
you'll probably just end up creeping yourself out, 
but half of you reading this will still try it 
and I like that about you

For months now, I've been seeing recommend after recommend from Joe Shmoe to Shirly Bobby, and everyone else in between for Tessa Bailey.

Tessa Bailey, Tessa Bailey, Tessa Bailey. After about the 500th post on my FB feed praising Tessa Bailey I figured I see what all the hoopla was about.

I downloaded a sample of her first book, Protecting What's His. Which, I believe, is her first published book ever. Then, after devouring the book, I downloaded the sample for the next book, then the next, and the next, until I had bought and read them all.

I have to say, I get it now. I would easily rate all her books four to five stars, without hesitation. In short, I would totally recommend Tessa Bailey.

Her books are contemporary romances that have a distinctly erotic vibe. She's made dirty talk into an art form. She should write instructional manuals and give classes. She doesn't use very many blatantly vulgar, dirty words. Yet the words she throws together make for some filthy, low down, nitty gritty phrases. It's like a decoupage of Barry White and Nine Inch Nails songs. Part melting slow jam, part raw, hit you over the head and drag you to a cave, flagrant sex.

Tessa Bailey gets that

Her heroes are dirty talking, cunnilingus loving fellows.

Also, (God bless her) I believe we have a case of an author who would let her spanko flag fly if she didn't have to keep it mainstream. She has some hot aggressive spankings in her books, and I get the feeling, if she could have gotten away with it, one, or five, of those books would have featured cover to cover stinging red bottoms.

The heroines are cool chicks, you can happily imagine yourself as. And her heroes are, quite plainly, the kind of guys you want to fuck. They are the big sexy types of guys that want to knock out their woman and drag her to their cave, but always end up saying just the right thing in the end. Not to mention the incredible dialogue that comes out of their mouths when they are anywhere near their ladies. (Tessa Bailey = Dirty Talk Champion Of The World)

So, obviously I'm not reviewing these books. I don't think any of these books need to be read in order, but the last three books are about three best friends, so they share many character references and appearances. 

Warning; book content may raise your expectations for dirty talk in real life and ruin you for reading dirty talk by any other author.  

Thank You Tessa Bailey!

Tessa Bailey can be found on FB and twitter. 

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