Monday, September 30, 2013

Triad Rule

I've never been shy about the fact that I love triad stories. LOVE THEM. Common story lines often involve a long time couple adding a third and or someone discovering they are bi for the first time. No matter how the threesome is composed it's a complicated dynamic to maneuver, and when dishing it out in erotica I have one major rule; OVERWHELMING DESIRE.

That's right! Keep it strong!!

Whether the character is strait discovering a desire for the same sex or is gay noticing a person of the opposite sex for the first time, they have to have overwhelming desire. Overwhelming desire to touch, taste, and feel every inch of that other person. Especially the genitals.

For a couple to want a third they both better be dying without that other person. That sexual desire for the third person better be incendiary for that couple to risk the stability of their relationship.

And here is the really import part.

They must experience these feelings within the first 25% of a full length book. The first Twenty. Five. Percent. Any story under 200 pages needs to have to feelings percolating in all three characters by the half way mark. I don't want to read Chasing Amy. This isn't My So Called Life. I need to feel the tension trickling down my spine. I need the shiver effect. I need dirty thoughts going through my character's minds.  If I were signing up for a New Age Reality Bites type book, it would be okay for the slow route.

Not okay when in an erotica.

My vagina grows hostile when face with that much angst.

I've mentioned these books before, and I would like to mention them again. These are some of my favorite triad stories and the authors who rocked the triad.

Tymber Dalton,  Love Slave For Two; made me want to stand up for poly rights

Emma Holly, Bad Boys Billionaire Club; constant pantie drip

Samantha WaylandWith Grace and Destiny Calls; some of the hottest sexual combustion EVER

Which leads me to Kate Pearce. I Simply adore Kate Pearce. My first foray with Kate Pearce was her sci-fi Valhalla series. These book are fun and romantic. When I began reading her historical novels I didn't actual think it was the same author. These books are much more emotionally charged. I've now read most of her erotica and my favorites have always been her books featuring steamy m/m/f action.

The thing is, she's never written a triad book. Not that I know of. The featured m/m/f activities in her books have always been interchanges along the road of a couples sexual journey.

Until now.

The Power of Three by Kate Pearce

Soreya Lang has never met a male telepath before, let alone one who is willing to die for her on an interplanetary mission gone wrong. Risking everything, she acts on her instant telepathic and physical connection with Esca and encounters a level of psychic power she never knew existed.  
Esca can't believe he's finally met the female who will complete his sexual telepathic triad. He promises himself that if they survive, he'll take her back home, introduce her to his enigmatic First Male, Ash and pray that biology will do the rest. 
But nothing is ever that simple, and Soreya, Esca and Ash will have to find their own way through the ties of family and tradition to experience the full telepathic wonder of the power of three..

My first triad with Kate Pearce went very well. ; ) The chemistry between all three characters simmers throughout the book, the overwhelming desire becomes palpable as the story goes on. However you pair these three, the hotness factor will leave your panties dripping. I had to stop myself from openly drooling at more than one point in the story.

The Power of Three is light but is in no danger of being fluffy. I felt like Kate Pearce did an excellent job of combining the lighter feeling of her previous sci-fis with some of the emotional pull of her historicals.

The overall world building is kept at a minimum, but Kate Pearce makes up for this with her perfectly placed verbiage, such as frek, meershit, and oh Gods instead of God. They also used shuttles and big space ships. She has two distinct groups of people, the Estruscas, whom deplore any form of telepathy, and Pavlovans whom are a telepathic based culture that mate in groups of three.

I felt she dropped the ball only once, minimally, in one scene they ate fish and drank wine. Not flaky fresh basq from the nearby Pavlovan sea, with a bottle of sweet muki, but strait up fish and wine.

With that being said, when it comes to sci-fi I'm probably a harsher judge than most. I'm not big on Earth-isms blatantly being used unless the people or planet has an explainable link to Earth. ie; ancestors of Earth, etc.

That slight miss can be easily forgiven due to a great story and the fact I adored the use of telepathic links. To me there is nothing cooler. Being able to transmute your thoughts into someone else's head and or skim thoughts from someone's mind is just awesome. If I could have a super power that is probably the one I would choose.

Well, that or being able to eat whatever I want and still stay at my optimal weight, with all my fat distributed evenly between my ass and boobs. As opposed to now which is evenly distributed between my belly and upper arms.

don't I know it

I was sad to see the story end. This book is only 134 pages and whetted my appetite for more. I would definitely love to see Kate Pearce write more hot triad stories based in this universe.

134 pages

Warning: This book contains delicious m/m/f, m/f, m/m, m/f/m sexual situations. A change of panties may be required. 

P.S. This book has been filtered by the nit-picky bastards @ Amazon, so make sure to click the link on my page or Ms. Pearce's if you want to check it out on Amazon.

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Thank You Kate Pearce!!!


  1. It constantly annoys me when amazon decides to filter the books. Thank goodness for people sharing reviews of books that will make you slide off your seat! You never steer me wrong.

  2. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  3. Wow, I have read her Simply (House of Pleasures) series and had no idea she wrote sci-fi as well. Talk about a jack of all trades. I'll have to check this one out :)

    I love poly books as well, but I much prefer reading the m/m/f variety. I like my romance, and the 'love' just seems more realistic when everyone is involved.

    1. LOL, now I feel like a dirty bird. It's my favorite b/c I like to vicariously live through the girl in between the two hot guys making out!