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Putting The Fun In Dysfunctional

Women have been attracted to assholes since the beginning of time. I can just hear Adam saying, That crazy bitch Eve made me eat the apple. She's out their all day talking to snakes and shit. What am I supposed to do? Then he still talked her back into the sack, even knowing having children was going to hurt. 

And that's just the first chapter in history of women. Even when our options broadened we still went for the wrong kind of guys. After centuries of heartache, and many times being left to raise our children on our own, we ladies started making great strides to knocking the misogynist out of men. There will always be a little misogynist in every man, but the good ones reel it in.

I've had this talk with myself. I've had this talk with my girlfriends, ages 26 to 43. I've had this talk with my nieces and they've since started making better life choices. (they are 20 &22, but I should have done it at 16) So I'd like to make it a public service announcement, because this bears repeating. 

Don't mistake an asshole that's good in bed for being an alpha male worth your time. Some men are good for fucking with a condom on, but you don't get on that ride twice. You don't date them and you certainly don't marry them. Good orgasms trick the mind into thinking it's love and women are just as likely to think with their vagina as a man is to think with his dick. 

Be strong. Don't let your vagina do the thinking. If yours is anything like mine she's got some strong opinions and has made some horrible choices. My vagina got me stranded in a ghetto in the old country of Mazatlan Mexico at four am. Mine moved us into a hot messed up asshole's apartment across the country, whom we had only known a few days. 

There is a difference between good in bed and good to you and good for you. Don't settle for only one of those. A man worth keeping around is all three. 

On a side note; let's all remember fictional characters are much more likely to redeem themselves and a lot less likely to have STD's. And always, always remember to wear a condom. 

They're more comfortable than herpes, 
cost less than a baby, and are less traumatizing than an abortion.

So I read it. Last week I discussed Undeniable (book 1) by Madeline Sheehan and was unsure how I felt about it being a series. I felt Undeniable was untoppable, yet I felt compelled to read the second one. 

I was right, Undeniable was and is untoppable, but I still enjoyed the crap out of Unbeautifully. Only for slightly different reasons. 

Where as Undeniable was more of a not so loving love story, Unbeautifully unabashedly celebrates the love. Now, I say that directly after reading Undeniable, which I believe desensitized me quite a bit. Compared to other books it is a bit more off beat. Understatement.

Unbeautifully is the story of Danny, Deuces upbeat cheerleader daughter and Ripper, the Sergeant of Arms in the Hell's Horsemen MC. Madeline Sheehan again begins the blurb with a warning label, made specifically for this story, which I adore.

Warning: This is not a story about fate or destiny. This is a story about pain, sorrow, and suffering. This is an impulsive whirlwind romance between two lovers that are not meant to be together. Theirs is not a world of sunshine and roses. Instead their love blossoms in a secret world of crime, violence and death. Their story is about what can be born from nightmares. 

We meet Danny and Ripper in book one. Danny is a painfully young sixteen year old. She's nothing like Eva, who grew up in the MC and a part of the crime business, where as Danny is completely shielded. Other than having messed up parents she's leading a bubble gum life style. 

Bubble gum life style meaning, sweet, pink and changes as soon as it loses flavor. 

Book two Unbeautifully opens to an older more angsty Danny. She's been dealing with the aftermath of what happens in the end of book one and is stuck between bubble gum and jaded, not really fitting in to either. Then at eighteen her world flips end over end until she lands firmly in broken but still breathing. 

Ripper is more of an actual hero and kind of the opposite of Deuce. He grew up in a good home and a stable family. His parents die when he's seventeen and that's when he begins his life of crime and debauchery. He's seen love and goodness, he just doesn't recognize them in himself until Danny. 

When he realizes he loves Danny he embraces his feelings. He wants them to grow together, even knowing it's a bad idea. Then of course, shit get's real and the couple is separated. This gives still young and sweet Danny time to go really dark and angsty. When they do finally get together Ripper is far less gruff than Deuce. The role of faithful cherishing husband fits much more comfortably on Ripper than any other characters with 'old ladies' we've seen thus far. 

Unbeautifully spans over three years to the epilogue from book one, then keeps going into an epilogue a year out. We get a lot of secondary stories in this one. Something I really enjoyed yet at the same time felt they took over and drew away from the emotional integrity of Danny and Rippers story.  

Madeline Sheehan does a great job showing and telling us Ripper's pain and past traumas, but we really only see Danny's trauma. We don't get her chapters of nightmares, devastation and self destruction from her ripped out soul. We just see her fall apart and I didn't really feel her guilt or sorrow. I needed that.  By the time the epilogue rolled around I felt cheated out of a chunk of Danny and Rippers story. 

Don't get me wrong. I still fucking loved it. Couldn't put it down. 

With that being said, Unbeautifully is set up in a way that it fills in the missing pieces between other characters from Undeniable since that book's epilogue is five years later and Unbeautifully begins three years before that epilogue. You get a lot of the dysfunctional MC family life in this book, and really drawn into the characters that will be in future books. 

Overall a bit of a lighter feel to this book. You have to have read book one to understand that. There are a lot of scenes between Danny and Ripper that are scorching. Everyone experiences a lot of growth. Definitely not a stand alone. 

362 pages

Warning: Vulgar language, strong violence, and enough misogynistic fuck all to have your inner feminist concerned by the number of young women who love these male characters. Including myself.

Unattainable (book 3) is newly released and even better than I expected.

Thank You Madeline Sheehan!!

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