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TBR...Beyond A Badass Book

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I'm always looking for my next read and I've always got my fingers crossed it will be good. For me there are two types of good stories whether fiction, romance or erotic.

One, the kind where I become the enthralled observer. I love  the heart pumping fiction The Straw Men by Michael Marshall. There is no way in hell I would want to be a part of that story, but I was drawn into that book right off the bat.

The second type is my favorite, it's the book I want to be a part of. I've moved into another world, I adore the characters, I want to be their friend, I may be mentally role playing one of the characters as I read, and there is usually someone in the story I want to fuck.

The second type is why there are so many different author/series fan clubs. Having a story that sweeps us up and away, resulting in an emotional investment in the character's well being and happiness is what we the reader typically crave.

Books are like friends. And like friends we are more connected to some than others but we always hunger for that deeper connection.There is nothing I love better than getting that giddy tingly feeling of excitement when reading a book. I read a lot and not all erotic but, each time I start a book I have hopes that this book will grab me by the horns or sweep me away. 

Like going on a first date or joining a new social group I start every book a bit nervous and optimistic. I think that's why Amazon and Goodreads now act as the of the book world, giving us suggestions based on preference. Even with technology the way it is a good book is hard to find. Sometimes the best books are the ones I've stumbled upon quite by chance.
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 Kit Rocha
Two Women One Amazing Result

A few weeks ago I had just finished a book with so much potential in the first half it made not reaching that potential in the second half that much more keenly disappointing. Having raised expectations for a book can be unrealistic and a bit silly, so to the TBR list I went in search of my next read. That's when I found it. My favorite type of story. The book that gave me tingles and everything. I can't believe I had put off reading this one.
I'm not sure what I was expecting but Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha was beyond it. I loved Beyond Shame and I didn't want this book to end I was so into it. The more I read Beyond Shame the more I wanted to be an O'Kane in sector four hanging out with the women, slinging liquor and throwing myself at Bren's feet like a pathetic groupie at the end of a cage match in hopes he would rip my panties off and fuck me right there in the...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Beyond Shame reads like a fiction but is strongly sex driven. The back drop is a future dystopian earth setting where the city of Eden rules. The sectors are the slums and outside of the sectors are the communes where the farms are. People there are owned and bred to make more workers.

Humans outside of Eden can be bought and sold as well bartered along with goods and services in all the sectors and communes. The laws are fierce in Eden and things like fornicating and drinking alcohol can get you kicked out.

That's what happens to our female lead Noelle, a high society daughter of a councilman. After two strikes she's kicked out of the city with out money or hope of survival. Jasper is the right hand of gang leader Dallas O'Kane the king of sector four. Jasper is hard bodied, hard hearted, sexy as hell and wants nothing and everything to do with the naive out cast Noelle.

 Jasper's not sure Noelle can survive in the sectors. Life is hard in sector four. They brew illegal alcohol and protect there assets and asses. They have gritty cage fights and sex parties to blow off steam. Technology and electricity is limited to Eden, so sometimes the power goes out. Tattoos are a must for decoration as well as social standing. O'Kane's bare a specific wrist cuff and if you are in a permanent relationship you are marked. In sector four they live, fight, drink, fuck, and love hard.

Noelle and Jasper may be the core of this story but there is a bigger plot and a host of awesomely bad ass characters interwoven throughout Beyond Shame. The characters have the feel of Sons of Anarchy only much sexier.

Sex is enjoyed freely so expect plenty of hot shameless scenes. Noelle is tasting her freedom and experimenting sexually with everything, so there are scenes where she gets...and is with....and
it was during...mmmm...Well, I wont divulge any details, but it's good.

How Noelle found her groove.

 Noelle is on a sexual odyssey to self discovery. A big part of that is Jasper pushing her limits but holding himself back, afraid she will end up hating herself and him for enjoying all the different sex. Noelle does find herself and I'm happy to say it's a natural progression, not annoyingly sappy, or a cliché light bulb moment.

I ended the book hungering to learn what was going to happen with all the secondary characters I had come to love. There is a lot happening in Beyond Shame, and I'm delighted to say it's just the beginning. I was thrilled to find out that Beyond Control, the next story in the series, is coming out March 19th with yet another Beyond due out in the fall!

This book is full length 355 pages and is a ninja erotic fiction shockingly coming without warning, so I'll give you one.

Warning; This book contains explicit sexual matter, m/f/m, f/f/ m/ff/m and some anal play, light bdsm and language some readers may find offensive.

If you end up enjoying this book as much as I did make sure to check out Kit Rocha's fabulous fan page at and her facebook page where she posts excerpts and teasers for her up coming Beyond books.  Thank You Kit Rocha!  I for one can't wait until March 19th.

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