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I'm a Crazy FoKer

Warning: This post is a long one and contains gushing reviews of my all time favorite sci-fi erotic series and author and maybe a few rants.


The erotic sci-fi/ fantasy novels with a more an explicit 'omph' getting noticed always tend to be vampire, werewolves and shifter series. Ladies and (maybe some gentlemen), vampires, werewolves and shifters are great, but what about aliens?! Oh yeah, they have super hot sex too.

There is nothing I love more than the idea of burning up the sheets with some foreign bodied alien on a planet far far away. And there is no one who writes panty dripping alien sex better than Tracy St. John. She is, hands down, my all time favorite sci-fi erotic author. I adore Tracy St. John and every single alien book she has ever written, but I'm not biased or anything. It's just that, every idea/scenario that has ever given me a mental hard has appeared in her books.

Seriously, it's as if the woman is in my mind rooting through my naughty files for material. No sooner than I think, Oh man, that would be so hot, and boom, it's in one of her books. And I have some pretty wicked thoughts people. I'm pretty sure my first pubescent panty tingle was caused by the thought of Lieutenant Worf and Leonard Nimoy's Mister Spock getting it on.

Seriously, how hot would that be?

As if all that weren't enough to recommend her, she's got amazing page turning stories that have much more to them than just explicit material.

I was half way through re-reading all of Tracy St. John's Alien series for the third time when I realized, I may be a super fan. Like a show up at comic con wearing fangs, a form suit and two dongs super fan. I adore her books and I haven't missed a day of Shailia's Diary (online story featured mon and thurs on her blog site).

Yep, I've eclipsed rational fandom. My husband is concerned but I'm embracing it. In all dorky honesty I don't think I could keep myself from seriously geeking out over anything Kalquorian. <---super hot alien race, I'll get to that in a minute. I almost called this blog I heart Kalquor, and if SnorgTees made Kalquor memes, I'd have a t-shirt, a pull over and possibly a hat.

Star Trek fans are Trekkies, Harry Potter fans are PotterHeads, Twighlight fans are Twi-hards, Karen Moning fans are Moning Maniacs and the list goes on and on. Hell, there is even a name for adult fans of My Little Pony, Bronies! So does this make me a St.John Slut? Eek! Matarra Mama? Kalquor Klinger? Kalquor Klingon? Clannie? Nope, we my fellow fans are the Crazy FoKers, aka; Friends of Kalquor.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tracy St. John, she is the author of the sci-fi erotic Alien series (Clan of Kalquor). With her Alien series she has created a space age universe where future dystopian Earth is ruled by religious zealots with a tri-relgion faith base of Judaism, Muslim and Christianity. There is no sex outside of marriage. If you are caught having sex outside of marriage your genitals with be cut or burned off and you will be put in a work camp where you will die. This includes victims of, as well as perpetrators. This makes for some extremely victimized and repressed Earthers.

The poor females of Earth are especially treated harshly. This is no suprise with the belief women are the ultimate evil fleshy temptation being regularly taught through out the world. St.John's depiction of her dystopian Earth interwoven into the stories along with the resulting human's mind set is really well done.

Besides misinformed Earthers, Tracy St. John has created quite a few different intriguing alien worlds and species in this series but the main group shaking things up is the Kalquorians. They are on the prowl to find a race they can mate with. The Kalquorians have been going extinct since a virus swept through their world hundreds of year ago altering the female genetic DNA of there people. Women are rare and women that can produce babies are even rarer. These guys now clan in groups of three. A Dramok or clan leader, a Nobek, the clan protector and the Imdiko the nurturer. (After reading these books you'll find yourself placing every man you come in contact with in one of these groups.)

The Kalquorians themselves are an average height of 6'5'' to 7'. They have dark Arabian skin, dark (usually) long hair, purplish cat eyes, hard muscled bodies (eight pack of course)and a need to dominate. I think of this as being a nice blend of middle eastern and viking warrior.

Besides being sexy as hell they have rattle snake like fangs that can unhinge from the roof of their mouths to inject a delicious intoxicant into their most willing (or unwilling) sexual partners, making the experience something to remember. Everything about the Kalquorian male is designed for sexual pleasure from their ability to sense arousal to there self lubricating cocks that taste like cinnamon & spice, making these guys the hottest species in the universe.

You may have caught the willing or unwilling bit. Yes, about three out of the eight books in the Alien series feature some forced seduction at it's finest. Nothing crazy! We aren't talking anything scary or vulgar, but you wont be able to read a review with out realizing that it's in there. Two books in particular carry the most mixed reviews, complaints ranging from 'too much sex' to wishing Ms. St. John would lean heavier on the romance spectrum, easing her characters into sexual congress with gentle consideration. 0_o Gentle consideration? I think they are missing the point!

My minds telling me no, but my boday, my boday is tellin me yaa-eesss!

I know quite a few people out there don't care for the yes means no, no means yes scenarios that has cum dripping down the uncertain female lead character's thighs as she pants for more. For all of you, please quite down and don't ruin it for the rest of us. Those are some well done hot, hot scenes!!
* * *

This past 2012 was a busy, busy year for Tracy St. John. She released not one, not two, but FOUR full length (quality) Kalquor books, making her my personal hero. If you aren't sure how impressive this is, sit down later and try typing a page about your day. Add some stuff to try to make it interesting. Then read it to yourself. Chances are it's crap and trying to get your thoughts together was like chasing monkey farts. Seriously, she's amazing!

Not only has she been releasing books like crazy (Alien Refuge due out in March!) she's also started Shalia's Diary, a continuation story that is featured every Monday and Thursday and is as addictive as soap operas to a 1970's house wife.

Now let's talk about some of these books.

Alien Embrace is book one. This book sets the premise for the entire series and is staged on Plasius, a sexually free peace loving planet. Amelia Ryan is an artist hired by the Plasians and is enjoying her time away from Earths trauma. One chance encounter with Clan Rahjir leads to an explicit night of loving that sets off a chain of events that end in the love of four and two worlds at odds with each other.

This book is 234 pages

Warning: This book contains Mild BDSM (bondage and spanking) with Captive situation/forced seduction, mm/f/m, m/m in memory sequence, rape in memory sequence but not by the heroes, sex with alien cock.

Alien Rule, the fan favorite. This book is just delicious. Here we meet the princes and go from Plasius to Kalquor while delving into the hierarchy of Kalquor. Jessica McIness is off Earth and she wants to stay that way. She's found sanctuary on Plasius but desperately needs to find a loving Kalquorian Clan of her own. After being played false by Prince Clajak Jessica swears off all clans. It will take the men from the clan of the man who hurt her to make her realize a love that's worth fighting for. Even if that love means starting a war between two worlds.

This book is 234 pages

Warning: This book contains mild BDSM, mm/f/m, and sex with alien cock.

With book three Alien Conquest we are introduced to the casualty of war Matarras or the Nuns of Europa. This story starts off on the moon colony of Europa that is a convent. Cassidy Hamilton is as intelligent as she is ripe for the plucking. Unfortunately for Cassidy her evil grandfather has sent her away for his own nefarious reasons. Clan Tranis is manning a spy ship when they find an undisclosed colony with a certain Earth General they've been hunting. All the women on the colony are a huge bonus and considered spoils of war.

This is the smallest book in the series at 196 pages and I believe this book got the most flack for too much sex and not enough action to the plot. *hand to forehead

Warning: This book contains Mild BDSM (bondage and spanking) with Captive situation/forced seduction, mm/f/m, and alien cock.
Side Rant; The story is an EROTIC sci-fi (not a sci-fi romance!) where a space ship full of male Alien spies invade a convent to steal nuns to mate with. Plus the warning of this book states captive situation with forced seduction and bondage....In the words of Bill Engvall, There's your sign! For those of you unsure this is a mostly sex based book with some hot no means yes sex. There is also my favorite clan (Clan Tranis) and some large plot twists for the entire series in this book. It's also one of my fav's because I'm a dirty girl.

Book four Alien Salvation takes place on post-Armageddon earth and features the sister and family of Jessica from book two. This book is also a fan favorite and carries you through emotional highs and lows that will have you wishing the book didn't end. There is a search party scouring south eastern America desperate to find Empress Jessica's family. Unbeknownst to Lindsey McIness the young clan she has offered up her self to for the survival of her family will not be a clan she's allowed to keep. Or will she?

This book is 202 pages 

Warning: This book contains mild BDSM, mm/f/m, and sex with alien cock.

Alien Slave book five is fun fast passed with a ton of action and sex. She is a sex slave. Dani our impetuous heroine has sold herself to a Dantovon brothel to get off her Earth and save her from the savage Kalquorians. I love a impetuous female lead character. You know they are going to get themselves in some very entertaining trouble. Dani doesn't disappoint. As the spoiled/rebellious, yet neglected daughter of a high ranking politician on earth Dani has gotten away with a lot more than the average Earth girl. She's had sex and never worried her father wouldn't be able to get her out of any trouble. Sex never carried the same traumatic stigmas it carried from the Earth women we've seen thus far.

Now as a sex slave she's rolling with the punches and not crying over the not so great situation she's got herself into. That is until the very Kalquorians she sold her self to escape from buy her indenture service!She refuses to be owned by the enemy even if they are the most beautiful men she's ever met. Through a series of running and mishaps Dani finds her self stranded on a forsaken moon with a swamp that rivals the Princess Bride's Dark Black Forest with even larger, scarier creatures and league of Tragooms out for blood. Will Clan Gelan find there Earther in time and will they win over this madcap fighter they have purchased?

I absolutely love this book. It's everything I could want in a sci-fi space adventure with tidal wave sex that will sweep you under, only allowing you a breath before taking you under again. The sex is incendiary. You may feel like an exhibitionist if reading this book out in public because hot and bothered doesn't even begin to describe how you'll feel.

This book is 204 pages

Warning: This book contains mild BDSM, mm/f/m, and sex with alien cock.

Alien Interludes is a grand epilogue book, featuring a story from all previous clans. This one also has character and plot set up for at least two future books. I didn't want book four to end and dying to know what was going on back on Kalquor with the clans from past stories. This was perfect!!

This book is 316 pages

Warning: This book contains mild BDSM, mm/f/m, and sex with alien cock.

Alien Redemption is set completely on Kalquor and is was a thrilling read with a bit of a different feel than the other books. We meet our Matarra for this story Rachel Hick in Alien Interludes but I believe this book is set up to be able to read like a stand alone.

Clan Erybet is a clan torn apart by the horrors of war. Now their clan has come up in the auction and can start dating willing Matarras. Erybet believes a Matarra is just what they need to break down the barriers they've put around themselves. Unfortunately their Imdiko Conyod thinks a Matarra is the last thing they need to add to the mix even though he has already fallen in love with Rachel, his patient whom he can not date! Meanwhile a serial killer is on the loose terrorizing the Earth Matara's of Kalquor and wants nothing more than to get his hands on Rachel.

Alien Redemption is full of damn hot scenes and some really great twists that had me on the edge of my seat wanting to skip to the last page!

This book is 482

Warning: Mild BDSM, including spanking, anal play/intercourse, bondage, dom/sub play, forced seduction, voyeurism, multiple sex partners mm/f/m and homoeroitc situations m/m

To Clan and Conquer  Tracy St.John's first homoerotic novel is possibly my personal favorite. No ladies in this one, yet just as hot. The fact that the guys have sexual relationships with each other is only touched on and implied in all the other books. I personally would have loved to see a Kalquorian man train with a Matarra on top but I understand why the prior books were all about the Matarra. That didn't stop me from wishing and hoping for some Kalquorian man love and Ms.St.John delivered!

The fact that Tracy St. John decided to do Clan Tranis as her first clan beginning book just makes me love her all the more! I fell in love with sexy roguish Tranis, spiritual savage Lidon and incorrigible warp humored Degorsk in Alien Conquest. In To Clan and Conquer we get to see how (my favorite) Clan Tranis met and formed into the deliciously wicked clan they are.

Nobek Lidon is getting pressured daily to clan by his long time lover Captain Dramok Piras. Lidon has his heart set on Degorsk, an Imdiko Piras wants nothing to do with, and Lidon needs more from a Dramok than Piras can offer.

Enter Dramok Tranis, a young studly First Officer who is trying to build a career and a name for himself. Clanning is the last thing on his mind. That doesn't stop him from craving a reluctant Imdiko Degorsk and the captain's Nobek.

Lidon thinks he's too old to attract the attention of young Tranis and Degorsk isn't sure if he wants the attention of either men, but in the end the realize they are the perfect trio.

Again, I loved this book! The space adventure is fast paced and sucks you in from the start and the chemistry between these guys is scorching hot.

This book is 286 pages

Warning: This book contains BDSM, physical discipline, anal play/intercourse, bondage, dom/sub play, forced seduction, multiple sex partners, and yummy homoerotic situations, m/m/m.

Although Tracy St. John writes quite a bit of playful bondage and domination, it can also be forceful and a bit more edgy. She rides the line between the two types of BDSM quite gracefully. I respect her for being true to herself and I adore her for the wonderful characters and fantastic worlds she has created. If and when she ever writes a story in the direction of full tilt BDSM I have no doubt it will be an absolute show stopper that will have all reviewers with delicate sensibilities in a tizzy. I however will be cheering loudly from the sidelines!
THANK YOU Tracy St. John!!!
What's next? We Crazy FoKers are eagerly anticipating Alien Refuge out March 15, the first clan story that features a single mom and is set on a post-Armageddon Earth colony.

You can see even further into the world of Kalquor and get to know Tracy St. John @ and catch up on Shalia's post-Armageddon story @

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