Thursday, March 14, 2013

Glorious New Erotic Fiction

I'll read what she's reading.

love erotic fiction and I believe I've read just about every different genre of the erotic fiction out there. Erotic fiction encompasses explicit love stories with HEA, (happy ever afters) along with sexy fictions where a HEA may not be part of the story at all. Quite a few erotic fictions have HEA, but they aren't anywhere near what would be considered normal or romantic.

I've read erotic books so chilling and fraught with constant horrific trauma I didn't find them the least bit sexually appealing. I've read playful humorous stories with multiple cowboys in love with one woman. I've read books like RobinSchone's The Lover and Gabriel's Woman that are so masterfully arousing and heart achingly beautiful that I still get tears in my eyes and damp in the panties just thinking about them over a decade later! Gabriel's Woman, most beautifully written erotic fiction EVER.

I've also read the sex for delightful sake of sex books like Sharon Page's Sin. Quite honestly if that book had a plot beyond taking a virgin to an orgy and introducing her to every known naughty act, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I do however recall some deliciously wicked things they did with a curved glass dildo that I'm pretty positive wasn't period correct for regency England. Worth reading, yum!

I am a most willing erotic culture armchair anthropologist.(ECAA) I know it's a mouthful but that's me. I do enjoy a mouthful. ; o

 I love taking in all the written decadent possibilities, relishing each new tantalizing sexscapade authors have to offer. Over my years of reading erotic fiction, the books that keep drawing me back are the books with in-depth worlds. The ones that really transport me to another place and give me a living breathing alternate universe with the power to suck me in, push past the boundary lines to flagrantly dance on the other side. Those great boundary breaking books that step away from the norm are the books I love.

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I'm Feeling Lucky!!!

My Kalquor wear came and so did I!

 Yes, at this very moment I am a Hot FoK relishing in Tracy St. John's latest release, Alien Refuge

Out Now!

Monday March 18th, I will saddle up and ride with Unbridled Temptation, throwing my head back in ecstasy of Elle Saint Jame's new book in her Montana Double Riders series. 

March 18th
(May be available early)

I should be beyond orgasmic by the time Beyond Control, Kit Rocha's second Beyond book, comes out on March 19th. 

March 19th
(May be available early)

Remember my fellow FoKs, you can also go on erotic adventures with Tracy St. John while having your chest proclaim you to be as Hot as you are Crazy. Just visit for all your Kalquor desires. 

Okay, you naughty readers, maybe not all your desires. For those double the pleasure roped up inclinations visit #iheartbuylocal

Now go forth and read! Read until your eyes cross and your panties dampen, then read some more!!!

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